DailyDirt: High Tech And Rose-Colored Glasses

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Virtual reality or augmented reality goggles are getting a lot of hype, but some of us who need to wear glasses all the time just to see normally are probably not looking forward to wearing bulky electronics on top of regular eyeglasses. Unfortunately, VR/AR goggles tend to cater to people with 20/20 vision first, and then provide some footnote about how corrective lenses might be compatible in the future. Well, if we’re all going to be wearing glasses someday, how about making them a bit more useful?

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Comments on “DailyDirt: High Tech And Rose-Colored Glasses”

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dar (profile) says:

re: Pinhole glasses

Well, this ‘pinhole’/auto mechanic/BA, has been using these silly lenses for 5yrs, for a mere 5-10 min p.d. & after *12* yrs finally went in for an eye exam: the doc’s jaw dropped when he realized that the eyesight had Improved so much that the prescription lenses would have to revert to those of 30 yrs ago…Y’all can dis stuff, but unless you’ve given it a proper hands on roadtest,it’s just words…Try it,then give a critique. Buy a pair & put them on when the eyes get tired & you’ll feel the relaxation response. [FYI ,pinhole glasses get banned in the USA every dozen or so years…which begs the question, if they’re so useless…]

JoeCool (profile) says:

Better use for autofocus glasses

Bifocals or trifocals. Duh! I’ve gotten old enough that I need two sets of glasses (or bifocals): one for long distances (like driving), and one for up close (reading or monitors). Autofocus glasses would be a boon for folks like myself in having one pair of glasses do everything without having sections of the lenses themselves being different.

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