DailyDirt: Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue!

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Eye color isn’t a simple single gene trait. In a rare 1% of the population, some people have two different colored eyes or eyes with multiple colors (aka heterochromia iridum). Most people have brown eyes, but it’s easy to change your eye color with contact lenses to any color you want — even scary unnatural monster eyes. Eye color doesn’t seem to have much meaning — as long as you don’t teach kids otherwise — but genetic studies will probably find some interesting correlations in the future.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue!”

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jim says:

oh, really easy

One group, surviving a gene mutation, about 6/10 years ago. Sounds familiar, like the event that killed off the majority of the world population, then. Thee blue eye, lighter skin sound like an adaption trait that survived for some reason. Lower light level, different survival tatics needed. What driver for the adaption?

Anonymous Coward says:

Thanks for the read!

As someone with central heterochromia iridum (and heterochromia of the hair, although that’s more subtle), I appreciated the additional information. Whenever someone asks me what colour my eyes are, I just ask them to make a best guess. Upside is that I can change my perceived eye colour by changing my shirt 😀

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