AP Apparently Less Concerned About Others' Copyrights; Sued For Infringing By Courtroom Artist

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Why is it always the case that the strongest defenders of copyright law seem to pop up in cases involving them being accused of violating the copyrights of others? The latest, as pointed out by Paul Alan Levy, is that a “famous” (in the right circles) courtroom sketch artist — who has sketched people at many very famous trials, is now suing both the Associated Press and Getty Images for reselling her images without a license. The artist, Patricia Ann Lopez, who’s been doing this for decades, says she always works as an independent contractor for publications and has made sure to always retain the copyrights. She does license her images regularly to news organizations, but that license doesn’t include the right to then resell it. However, the Associated Press is apparently moving on and selling her images despite a lack of license.

Now, you may recall that the Associated Press is one of the more aggressive news-related organizations out there in screaming about the importance of protecting copyright. And, remember how ridiculously aggressive it’s been in suing lots of people and companies over their usage of the Obama “Hope” poster images — which were loosely based on an AP photograph. So it seems a bit ironic that the AP would then not properly clear the licenses, and then seek to profit directly from the copyrighted works of others… I guess, as we’ve seen before, when it comes to the copyrights of others the Associated Press has a very different standard…

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Comments on “AP Apparently Less Concerned About Others' Copyrights; Sued For Infringing By Courtroom Artist”

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Capitalist Lion Tamer (profile) says:

About AP

The Associated Press (?AP?) is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news and lawsuits from every corner of the world to all media platforms and courtrooms. On any given day, more than half the world?s population sees news from the AP, whether they want to or not. The other half uses Google News or webscrapers.

Founded in 1846, the AP today is one of the largest and most trusted sources of independent newsgathering (or “aggregating,” in layman’s terms) and unauthorized re-licensing. The AP considers itself to be the backbone of the world?s information system and a world leader in double standards, serving thousands of daily newspaper, radio, television, and online customers with DMCA takedown notices involving text, photos, graphics, audio and video.

The AP: 49 Pulitzers. A million lawyers. Zero common sense.


Anonymous Coward says:

I’m awaiting to hear that the DHS is seizing associatedcontent.com. After all, they are illegally selling copyrighted material they have no right to sell. Surely the DHS and Justice Department will be swooping in any minute. Yup. Very soon. Is that them now? No? Well, I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it soon.

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