Russia Won't Recognize The Pirate Party Because It Doesn't Like The Name

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I’ve made it clear in the past that I’m no fan of The Pirate Party’s name. While I agree it draws short-term attention, I think it’s long-term limiting, and makes it quite easy (even too easy) for people to misrepresent what the party appears to actually stand for. And, apparently, in some cases, it also means that it’s cut off from the political process. Apparently, Russia has refused to recognize the Pirate Party because the Justice Ministry doesn’t like the name:

“piracy is an attack on sea of river craft, which is a criminal offense.’

Why, yes, it is. Now will the Russian Justice Ministry claim the same thing the next time the entertainment industry comes calling about infringement?

Of course, the real issue is that the Justice Ministry apparently is unaware of how irony works, or at least doesn’t believe that political party names should be ironic. Of course, now the rush is on to come up with a more acceptable name for the party. I vote for the “Party Names Aren’t Literal” Party.

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Comments on “Russia Won't Recognize The Pirate Party Because It Doesn't Like The Name”

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crade (profile) says:

Even if the party were really about attacking sea or river (never heard of a white water rafter getting hijacked but ok) I don’t see how they shouldn’t have the right to have a party supporting it.. Maybe the majority of the people in Russia support attacking sea and river craft and think the laws should be changed so it isn’t illegal.. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to vote for such a change?

Andrew Norton (profile) says:

"WHY" the party got declined

Had you read the article, done some research, or even asked the Russian Pirate Party people, Mike, you’d have maybe come up with the reason.

It has something to do with declining parties and trying to find a reason to do so, to limit electoral competition. Nothing to do with the name itself, it’s just an excuse.

Andrew Norton
Former chairman of both US Pirate Party & Pirate Parties International

Capitalist Lion Tamer (profile) says:

Of course, there's always...

Nick Cave’s The Birthday Party, which is not nearly as fun as it sounds. In fact, for most of the kids involved, the pinata and ice cream was greatly overshadowed by Nick Cave’s birthday toast, which highlighted their father’s murderous past and their mother’s earlier years as a junkie.

On the other hand, the lucky birthday boy was thrilled with his gifts, which included a Bible, a handgun and a bottle of whiskey.

Jeff (profile) says:

My vote for a new name would be….
Freedom Without Absurd Poltics (FWAP)

In my opinion, the pirate party will prevail as generations progress. The current models exists simply because you have people in power who barely understand how to operate a 25 year old VCR. How do you expect them to have an actual grasp of net neutrality and DRM?

You can’t stand on the shoulders of giants when the giants are throwing lawsuits at you. Thank you politicians for slowing down the progress of mankind; and diminishing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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