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Posted on Techdirt - 12 February 2011 @ 12:00pm

Vivaelamor's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week

This week’s “favorites” post goes to regular commenter vivaelamor, who seems to have a way of providing logic to detailed comment threads that otherwise had started to spin out of control.

Picking favourite posts is harder than I thought it would be. First I went through all the weeks’ posts and bookmarked the ones that I thought would be worth mentioning. I soon realised that I was marking nearly every story and needed to change tact. Due to this unforeseen effort I am calling fellow Techdirt commenters to form a union and demand Mike pay us, much like The Huffington Post should be paying its bloggers. The second most important post of the week is a great case study and insight into a niche market where the CwF + RtB formula is working wonders. It scores bonus points for being written by Nina Paley, who continues to entertain us with topical cartoons. If they were available digitally then I might be looking forward to a Mimi and Eunice quilt. Which barely segues into one of my favourite topics: logic and critical thinking. Argumentum ad temperantiam is Latin for argument to moderation and sounds way better because temperantiam sounds like temper tantrum and ends in rantiam. Julian Sanchez raises this logical fallacy in the context of zero sum economic theory. The thing that annoys me most is intellectual property interfering with medicine at the expense of the poor. And sexism. OK, maybe I should just skip the Monty Python skit and say that amongst the things that annoy me most are stories like this one. Now pretend that Neil Gaiman is a unicorn and that Techdirt is BoingBoing and call this heartwarming tale a chaser. If that doesn’t cheer you up then you may be glad to know that despite the efforts against Craigslist, prostitution hasn’t gone away; it just moved to Facebook. If you didn’t take a cold shower after visiting Facebook then Mike’s advice to the White House may do just as well, neatly packaged into two sub 2,500 character responses to ensure you don’t accidentally overdose on common sense. Even more sobering is the chilling insight into HBGary Federal and Bank of America’s plot against Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald. Worse still is the speculation that it may be part of a larger conspiracy. In Soviet Russia government conspires against you. Wait, that joke doesn’t work. Oh well, at least it parses as a somewhat accurate statement. Russia is winning the censorship race against the US. Don’t they realise that China beat them both to it years ago? Last and least is a dishonourable mention for ACS:Law, who are such failures they can’t even get their cases thrown out.

The bonus round goes to an article I barely read. It was made worthy by Rose’s fearless work against ignorance in the comment section, where she explains why you might look stupid if you compare copyright infringement to theft, but you look like you need a lecture on reality if you compare it to rape.

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