Canada Takes ACTA Secrecy To New Levels

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We’ve covered the disturbing levels of secrecy surrounding the ACTA treaty — which is basically a way for various industries to push through new copyright laws without having to actually go through the legislative process. The most annoying part is how secretive various governments have been in crafting the treaty — basically allowing various industry groups to tell government trade representatives what they want, and then letting the governments negotiate amongst each other. This process leaves out many parties impacted by these rules (and the public!). Michael Geist has some details on how Canada has taken this process to new levels of secrecy beyond even that in the US.

Apparently, the Canadian government has created an “insider” group to work with the government on the treaty. What’s disturbing is that this insider group seems to involve mostly lobbyists who have a one-sided take on this issue. Not included are any lobbyists from industries who are opposed to ACTA or any sort of representative of consumer rights or privacy issues (which is a big concern, considering that ACTA may allow border searches of laptops and iPods). Given that the Canadian government is already getting beaten up for writing its newly proposed copyright laws in secret with help only from industry representatives, you’d think that maybe (just maybe) it would try to be a bit more open and inclusive with ACTA. Apparently not.

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Comments on “Canada Takes ACTA Secrecy To New Levels”

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Chris Charabaruk (profile) says:

Well, what would you expect?

What would you expect from a governing party that has spent its time in power bullying the other levels of government and even their own peers in the House of Commons? Now the country is going to hell and our own prime minister, the treasonous bastard he is, is selling us out to another country’s interests!

All I have to say is thanks for killing the country, Alberta. May you all be burnt to death with your own oil.

John Wilson (profile) says:

Re: Well, what would you expect?

Just what the hell does Alberta have to do with this stupidity?

Of course, when all else fails blame the West, right?

Actually, it would make no difference if it were the Grits instead of the Tories. Exactly the same thing would be happening.

Of course, then, we out here in the west (BC in my case, the REAL west — no stubble jumpers allowed! 🙂 ) could happily blame Toronto and Ottawa for screwing us again.

Come to think of it these organizations are all based in TO and Ottawa, right?

Anyway, it’s not just Canada doing this. The UK is further along that dangerous curve with the United States not far behind us or the UK or France or any other slaves of the Copyright and Patent Lords.

Where the hell is Guy Fawkes when we really need him!



Chris Charabaruk (profile) says:

Re: Re: Well, what would you expect?

Guy Fawkes? Haven’t you seen? He’s out protesting Scientology these days. Him and his clone army.

Having been a Grit supporter for a time, I’d like to think that the Liberals wouldn’t have caved so quickly to the demands of American business. Please let me have that fantasy.

The central-west gets blamed because that’s where the support base for Harper and his cronies lies dreaming (of making us the 51st state). Of course, there is plenty of blame to throw around on this side of the country too — Ontario’s economic woes wouldn’t be quite as bad if the provincial government could get out of its 19th century mindset and consider supporting businesses that aren’t primary sector or manufacturing.

John Wilson (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Well, what would you expect?

Outside of some folks in and around Calgary, and not many at that, I can’t think of many people west of the Lakehead who would welcome us becoming the 51st state.

And you are right there is plenty of blame to toss around as Ontarians elected sufficient Tories to put them on the Government benches.

As for the Liberals they’d have caved even more quickly, if that’s possible, due to the fact that their donors and the Tories are often carbon copies of each other. The Grits might have moaned and groaned but they’d have caved.

Anyway, this bill looks like it’ll die a deserving death on the order paper if the election drums keep being beaten and election fever keeps spreading.

Looks like we’ll be treading off to the polls around or just after Thanksgiving. What a fun fall we’re gonna have!



PS: for American readers we in Canada do Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. October 13th, in fact. Somehow fitting.

Thomas (profile) says:

Government viewpoint has changed

It used to be that governments were for the people, now the governments are for business. It’s what is known as the best government money can buy. It’s kind of freaky at the level of bribery that goes on in the governments. Wonder if there is a price list somewhere for getting legislation or ‘trade agreements’ passed? Wouldn’t that be a neat thing to show to the press (assuming they would print it).

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