Before Getting Bought By Verizon Wireless, Alltel Tried To Buy Sprint, T-Mobile And AT&T Wireless

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After being rumored for years, Verizon Wireless finally bought Alltel earlier this month. However, Alltel’s CEO has now admitted that the company wasn’t just looking to be acquired these past few years. It had, itself, aggressively looked into buying Sprint, T-Mobile or even AT&T Wireless at times. In fact, it tried to buy Sprint three separate times. The other two certainly seem like longshots. Deutsche Telekom appears to have no real interest in getting rid of T-Mobile, and depending on which version of AT&T Wireless you’re talking about, it would have been difficult to convince the various parent companies involved that a sale to Alltel made sense. And that, of course, ignores the fact that T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless were from the GSM camp, rather than the CDMA camp. Still, it is interesting to see that the smaller Alltel was looking at buying its way up the food chain.

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Comments on “Before Getting Bought By Verizon Wireless, Alltel Tried To Buy Sprint, T-Mobile And AT&T Wireless”

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Sumbuddy Stoopid says:

Hey Now

I like Verizon had them for years… One day a long time ago I walked in to the At&t store I bought my phone at, and was a brand new Cingular store. My service had dropped out, I was getting other users voicemails, and my calls would not go through, A LOT!!! So I threw my phone down on the desk and said “fix it, or I’m leaving!” Ended up with me leaving. Walked right accross the parking lot to a Verizon store and have had them ever since with out a hitch. Cingusucks (now At&t -Ironic) never sent me my cancelation bill. I hope something like this doesn’t happen to my service again, at least this time I’m not with the company being bought…

Arkwin says:

Verizon OS

Verizon is good, in fact it might even have better call quality, but there phone OS looks like a kid made it. Not to mention that everything is pretty much locked down on them too. Examples, on my friends pretty expensive Verizon phone, only a blue tooth headset, MY PIX, MY FLIXS or something, I’m sorry I want my phone to look professional.

This is the reason i went with Cingular, I’ve gotten dropped calls a couple of times, but that’s been about it. Another point is that Cingular has, in my opinion, the widest selection of phones.

Verizomboodle says:

Verizon is horrible in my area.

We have terrible coverage from Verizon in my area. Where as, AT&T(Cingular) has been great. Their customer service has been responsive, their family talk plan with national coverage is a much cheaper option for me than Verizon’s plans were/are.

Better phones and accessories and with my roll over minutes, I have more minutes than I can possible use up in a month.

Nope, not going to Verizon any time soon.

Justin says:

Data Plans

I have an alltel unlimited data plan. VZW charges an extra sixty F**&^&*g bucks a month to have unlimited tethered internet, which is the whole reason I went alltel. Plus my service, cell and customer, is much better with alltel. I’ve had verizon before and it sucked balls. I hate monopolization, it pisses me off! Anybody know if we’re gonna start getting charged by VZW’s rates or what?

Cody says:

i used to have alltel before they merdged with verizon and i loved it! now that its verizon i HATE service actually got worse everywhere i went and customer service is a nightmare now! ugh! i sure do hope that someday they will split back up and alltel merges with t-mobile! *i love the phones at t-mobile but their service isnt that good* oh well. im gettng rid of verizon in decemner and im going to t-mobile anyway. 🙂

victoriak68 (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I’m a Alltel/Verizon customer also. I haven’t seen any real problems with my service since the change, but my friends have had issues. As for customer service, getting through to a live person was a nightmare, but when I finally did the rep was quite helpful and even instructed me on a quicker way to get through the next time I needed to talk to a real individual. So far I have no complaints with Verizon, but it’s still early in the game.

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