Is Amazon Getting Ready To Take On PayPal?

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Plenty of other companies have tried to take on PayPal and discovered that it was a lot harder than it looked. Even though there are a lot of folks dissatisfied with PayPal, most attempts to compete with it have fallen flat. Even Google’s efforts haven’t really made a huge dent. However, could Amazon shake things up a bit? Over the years, it’s done a few things to put its toes in the water of personal payment systems, and now some are predicting that it’s gearing up to launch a full on PayPal competitor in the next few months. The analyst who wrote that report notes that Amazon isn’t “just another” PayPal competitor, suggesting that its knowledge and experience with online retailing will allow it to create something better. It would certainly be an interesting fit with other “web services” that Amazon has been offering lately — and would even tie further into Amazon’s existing knowledge and scalability. That said, for whatever reason, this market has been a tough one to crack, so we should probably wait and see what the specifics are (if any) before determining its likelihood of success or failure.

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Comments on “Is Amazon Getting Ready To Take On PayPal?”

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Doug (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Huh? For me, paypal has nothing to do with not giving out my credit card number. With paypal I can accept credit cards as payment from anyone with a credit card. Without paypal I would need a credit card merchant account to do this, which is far more expensive than a free paypal account. When you just sell something every once in a while on ebay, and want to accept credit cards, paypal is most assuredly the way to go.

Wesha says:

Re: Paypal is first and foremost the money transfer service.

I mostly care about it as a way to send and receive money to/from my friends, fast and easy. Don’t care about giving my CC # to anybody — with the proliferation of virtual CC #’s and strong “100% no responsibility for unauthorized purchases” policies, I no longer worry.

Mike B (user link) says:


Paypal can enable people to accept donations or credit card payments without having to setup an entire credit card processing system.

Setting up CC processing on your own is a PITA, and has lots of little fee’s, where Paypal makes it fairly easy to deal with for anyone.

That said, I would gladly welcome another service as long as it has the same ability for donations. Google Checkout fails in that regard which is why most websites have stuck with Paypal.

JBB says:

Pay Pal Loves eBay

I do not see even the great Google really doing much in this area thanks to Pay Pal’s integration into eBay and tons of other online vendors. What makes Pay Pal useful to buyers is that a lot of vendors, even small time eBay vendors, can accept credit card or bank account payments through Pay Pal. What makes it valuable to vendors is that nearly everyone and their dog has a Pay Pal account now. I think the only way Google is going to do much in this area is if they can bring on a huge online vendor, like say Amazon, or to offer some substantial perks that Pay Pal can’t match.

some old guy says:

Re: Pay Pal Loves eBay

What makes it valuable to vendors is that nearly everyone and their dog has a Pay Pal account now

Your world is an extremely narrow subset of the entire world. I know more people that refuse to even touch paypal than I know people with accounts.

You are right about the fact that ebay made paypal successful, but you seem to not realize the fact that ebay owns paypal… And that ebay actively prevents other such services.

Rose M. Welch says:

Re: Re: Re: Pay Pal Loves eBay

I have a PayPal account and they certainly don’t have my social security number.

Just to make a point though, I would never, ever, ever, ever use PayPal to shop online. Ever. However, I built a site for a non-profit organization that had no credit cards and no bank account, so I linked it to my business bank account so that they can take cc donations.

TRV says:

Re: Pay Pal Loves eBay

Pay Pal is the pits. I used ot be an ebay seller until I was forced to use Pay Pal – which charges more fees on top of ebay fees. I guess since ebay owns Paypal, it’s really all ebay fees. By the time an item is sold, the seller is getting a minimal amount for all of the effort/time to list, answer questions, package, and send.
In any case, I hope that buyers on ebay don’t use PayPal.

Haywood says:

As an early adopter

I have my share of problems with Paypal, but it solves more than it creates. I am happier shopping New Egg & others, knowing they accept it. I detest getting into databases, the central nature of Paypal is a huge plus. Opposite to the folks who won’t touch it, if a seller refuses to take Paypal or requires me to go through an alternative checkout, they better be offering something no one else has, that I really require. I gladly pay a few dollars more rather than go through some unknown checkout with questionable data retention policies and security.

Roger says:

Good deal for Amazon

While I’m sure Amazon has as favorable an arrangement with the credit cards companies as possible, setting up their own direct payment system would alleviate the 1-3% fee they pay on each CC transaction…this could be a significant savings for them.

If Amazon does this right (limited liability in case of fraud, net-30 payment arrangement, awards programs, etc) then I’d definitely be interested.

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