eBay Bans Negative Feedback For Buyers; Everyone Be Good Now

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eBay has been making some changes lately that aren’t sitting well with eBay sellers. First, it announced fee changes that initially were promoted as “lower fees,” but the details showed were only lower for goods that didn’t sell. The fees on sold goods were actually higher. Now, the company has banned sellers from giving “negative” feedback on buyers. This is quite an interesting move. Years back, eBay was often held up as the epitome of user feedback/rating systems. However, over the years, problems have cropped up, leading to questions about how effective the system really is, as it’s often been gamed. A specific complaint is that many buyers are afraid to leave negative feedback, as a seller can retaliate and provide a similarly negative response to the buyers. The hope, then, is that by not allowing negative feedback, buyers can start being more honest about sellers. Of course, from the sellers’ standpoint, it also means it’s much more likely that buyers can now be problematic, without worrying about a response. eBay claims that it will now personally handle complaints from sellers about problem buyers — which seems like a pretty big undertaking for the company. Either way, there does seem to be something silly in having a company offer a feedback system if you can only say positive things.

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Comments on “eBay Bans Negative Feedback For Buyers; Everyone Be Good Now”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Yah! Nochild leftbehind finally made its way into companies!

This is a sooper idea. Its effects are wide ranging. Dumb people do dumb things and dumb people shouldn’t be publicly mauled, No not at all. Where’s the responsibility these days?

Can’t wait until this idea trickles to FICO scores, and we all can pay the same interest rates! Here it comes. Grab your ankles and brace for it!

zm says:

Once bitten....

I felt this firsthand, so there is some sympathy for the cause here: I once left a *positive* feedback to the seller, but in the comment mentioned that the shipping cost was a bit high. The seller retaliated with a negative and a comment along the lines of “you agreed to the shipping and now you comment about it?”. eBay said they wouldn’t interfere. The same seller was leaving negatives to his buyers with the comment “unnecessary neutral feedback received”.
IOW, the feedback should be about the transaction, not about the feedback. And since eBay cannot enforce that, they will try other methods. Will see how that will work.

joshua says:


i recently had an incident where i wrote to ebay, detailing why negative feedback for buyers is ludicrous.

my frustration stemmed from the fact that if a buyer leaves a negative feedback for a seller, it is VIRTUALLY INEVITABLE to expect negative feedback in return, even if as a buyer, you do nothing wrong.

I recently won an auction on ebay. I had tried contacting the seller to ask a question about the item 4 days BEFORE i bid…no response. I won the auction, and 3 days AFTER, i had STILL RECEIVED no response from the buyer.

So, I left a negative feedback, truly expecting never to hear from the seller again. I left feedback essentially stating that the seller had poor communication.

Low and behold, the next day, I receive the FIRST contact I had received from the seller, stating he had NO CHOICE but to leave me negative feedback…not because i had done anything wrong, but as a retaliatory attack on the negative feedback i had left for him. Of course, his utter lack of communication was deserving of the negative feedback, while I had done nothing wrong.

Negative feedback from sellers for buyers is WORTHLESS. all a buyer needs to do is to pay on time…that’s it! What ebay needs to do, (since they already own paypal this will be easy) is to denote on average, HOW LONG IT TAKES PEOPLE TO PAY for goods they have won…end of story.

I complained numerous times to ebay’s customer complaint people after this incident a week ago…guess they got my message.

Sherrie says:

Re: Re:

There are bad sellers, YES ,but there are also good sellers who answer emails and have good customer service. It takes a lot of time to create auctions . It takes alot of work to keep a good Feedback Score.
We deal daily with individuals that want to bid and not pay. I am extremely uneasy about 0 to 10 Feedback buyers. I have too many playing games.
Leaving Negative has never been our first choice but after going through EBAY the slotted time frame, we have left a few negs to non paying buyers,Someone has to warn other sellers of these game playing jerks. We go through EBAYS channels to get refunded the final Value Fees. We eat the listing fees!. I feature alot of auctions and a nonpaying customers joke will cost me $20-$30.
But thats over now. They are free to destroy what took so long to build. I have welcomed the Good Buyer but Dreaded the bad one. Please remember, There are more honest sellers than the dis-honest one and the same for buyers BUT THE scale has tipped in favor of the buyers and the end for honest sellers in EBAY. Our hands are tied. I am jumping ship before it capsizes as are most of the others honest sellers who have been EBAY members longer than I have. All that will be left in EBAY will be the bad sellers. Take Care and good Luck .You’ll need it.

Bill says:

Re: eBay Feedback

Joshua – Your story rings true with me as I’ve also experienced retaliatory feedback. Based upon what you have said, I would agree with everything you said, except one thing: If the seller did not respond to your initial inquiries, then why did you place a bid in the first place? A seller not responding to simple questions in a timely fashion is a sure sign of what will turn out to be an unsatisfactory transaction. Did you ever receive whatever it was you bid on?

Iron Chef says:

Flawed system- valued volume and not revenue

This may just be a wild generalization, but I the problem is think is too many people complain about low value transactions (i.e. $1.00 cell phone chargers and cases)

I imagine the level of effort and staffing required to mediate these types of loss-leading transactions make the transaction a substantial loss from eBay’s side.

My typical eBay transaction is somewhere around $250.00, which probably isn’t typical, but if I go online and buy a $500 unlocked phone, and it doesn’t show up, I think others would like to know of this experience before they “Sit down at the table”.

Maybe you’ve seen it: People with 100bazillion feedback points for selling “Junkdrawer Items.”

Maybe feedback based first on buyer/seller’s ability to resolve themselves, or allow positive/negative feedback if the transaction amount is over a certain amount, say $100?

If the conversation goes on back-and-forth for a while, then the feedback has a higher absolute value when the buyer posts it.

I remember when you could post non-transactional feedback, or pull up a seller’s contact information and call them at home. Have things changed…

Mojo says:

Good, this is a step that should have been taken a long time ago.

There are sellers who say IN THEIR LISTING that if you leave them negative feedback they will AUTOMATICALLY leave it for you; that’s ridiculous and there has been no way to fight it.

I’m in the same boat as many others, my negative feedback has been mostly from disgruntled sellers looking for revenge.

A system that allows this is useless and I’m glad they are taking steps to fix it.

Celes says:

Re: Re: Re: How stupid

Rather than doing that (it IS possible for people to forget), how about this?

Feedback from one side is not made publicly available until a) the other side also leaves feedback or b) the time period for leaving feedback expires. At that point the feedback is added to the parties’ scores and the comments are available for viewing.

Of course, if this were implemented, they would have to look again at the length of time available to leave feedback – what is it now, 90 days? That might be too long under such a system.

Jordan says:

Well it's about time

It makes perfect sense. If I pay with paypal the second I win the auction, there is no reason for the seller to give me negative feedback. However if it takes him 2 weeks to send my package and it shows up with missing parts, I still have to give him positive feedback so he doesn’t retaliate and give me bad feedback too. Hopefully this will weed out all the lazy sellers out there.

SmellyG says:

This is really the best solution?

I can understand/relate to the Buyer’s problem, and yes, it is annoying receiving negative ‘retaliation’ feedback.

But what about non-paying buyers? There are lots of them, and as Mike points out, that is a lot of complaints for eBay to take on, including the number of complaints and issues they already have to deal with. It takes effort and money for the seller to list things, so that is equally annoying having the do things twice.
The amount of non paying buyers also could go up if theres a small likeliness of repercussions from doing it.

Like its been mentioned a few times in these comments, not showing each others feedback until both sides have commented seems a better solution. Maybe not perfect, but better than stopping negative feedback.

What is the point of buyer feedback then? If it can only be good, whats the point of giving it?

Thom says:

Not exposing doesn't work

If you don’t expose buyer feedback until the seller leaves feedback then you haven’t completely solved the problem Ebay is trying to fix. A scam seller will keep up their crooked behavior and never leave feedback so complaints against them will never be seen by others. A vindictive seller will go ahead and be vindictive as always since they’ll know the buyer has already given their feeback and can’t change it. Remember if the seller can’t see the feedback then no-one can or else the seller could just log on under another name or as a guest to view pending feedback.

What Ebay really needs is a multi-step feedback process. Once an auction is won both buyer and seller are presented with questions: Did buyer complete payment? Was payment on time? Did item arrive on time? Were all items included? Was item(s) as seller described? Was item well packaged? Was communication required and did buyer/seller respond in a reasonable time? There should also be follow-up questions available later: Did buyer file chargeback? Did item turn out to be fake? etc.

These questions shouldn’t be available all at once but timed appropriately. Buyer can’t answer item is recieved before seller claims it was sent. Items with shipping costs can’t be marked recieved quicker than say 2-3 days after auction ends and so on. Then this series of answers could be used by Ebay support during disputes, be available to viewers of feedback, and even used to “score” the probability of feedback being fair or retaliatory and control whether it is displayed.

Celtic_Fiddler (user link) says:


I never gave a negative to any of my buyers, even the few that went NPB. But not being able to is not acceptable.

Now that there is no protection at all against scamming buyers, and eBay has once again increased fees (calling it a decrease), I no longer sell on eBay. My last listing will expire in a day or so.

I make more money with less work from my own website, with an occasional sale from Blujay.com (which has no fees).

Nothing wrong with eBay that a healthy dose of viable competition wouldn’t cure in a heartbeat. I may take a look at Amazon — unless they buy eBay, in which case all of the grief will simply have a new URL.

Steven says:

Too Little, Too Late!!!

eBay is merely applying a band-aid to a great big wound…

I once used eBay quite a bit and had many good transactions. About half of mine resulted in no feedback whatsoever from the Seller even when I left positive feedback for them.

Once, I too got retaliatory feedback from a seller for a true comment I made in feedback which made me very gunshy. However, the worst was yet to come.

I made a purchase from a Hong Kong seller that went bad. As I tried to work things out with one-on-one email then moving up the chain, eBay ignored the problem and let the problem stand.

I finally posted negative feedback against the seller as I had promised him in my replies and he of course retalitated. The real insult was that he not only posted negative feedback but that he lied and said I had not even contacted him. This was after a month of trying to work it out with him. To make things worst, he moved to extort me to remove my negative against him immediately after he posted the negative against me.

I began to work through the various dispute resolution shell games that eBay has in place that all in all amount to absolutely nothing it a hostile dispute with an unreasonable seller. He would only insist that I remove the negative feedback with no consideration to my issue. eBay did nothing to assist me all the way up the ladder and I finally got to something that wanted me to pay $30 to not get what I was already not getting… resolution.

As a last ditch effort, I disputed the transaction with the credit card company and provided more than 70 pages of documentation of the transaction gone south. The charge was reversed by the end of the day. We were both barred from the payment service for my “abuse” of the system. Interesting.

eBay gets paid by the seller and does not really care about you or your transaction. The feedback system is there to give you a false sense of security that the system is safe, however, eBay stands back and waves its hands when there is a real dispute indicating that they cannot take sides for legal reason.

I did consent to remove the negative feedback to help my feedback score only since it did not matter what the seller had to me at that point. eBay had proven to me that there was absolutely no integrity in the system anyway. I had to sit and watch the seller continue to defraud buyer after buyer and I was totally helpless to help any of them. He moved from Hong Kong to Singapore and it was many months before he was at last banished for whatever reason.

Bad sellers will continue to find ways to ruin it for everyone and eBay will continue to insist they need to make more and more for providing less and less. I have found that eBay’s support ends at the cash drawer and you are very much on your own to deal with people you will hopefully never meet in real life. eBay lacks my eTrust!

Thanks for reading…

ummm says:

how stupid

this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen. The entire point of the feedback system is simple, did your transaction go well and are you satisfied. If i bought something off ebay and the seller did not respond and the transaction did not go to MY liking, then i should have the right to let other ebay’ers know. Same as the other side as a seller, if i take the time to list an auction and the buyer didnt pay there by leaving me out from someone who would have paid, i have the right to spread the word to other sellers. What is the point of having a positive only feedback system….YOU CANNOT HAVE GOOD WITHOUT THE BAD…plain and simple. Scammers are part of any system, that is life get used to it. How about going after the scammers instead of doing something stupid like one siding the system. Just another example of corporate doing something stupid without really fixing a problem. I will never use ebay again to sell or buy.

Justin Bianchi (user link) says:

Substituted Reality?

How many times have you stayed clear of a seller with a low feedback score? Or one that has many *recent* negatives? I sure have. Heck even been burned by a few. And no, eBay was never there for me. I was out a few bucks here or there. Even had a few experiences where the process was sour but the seller and I agreed to both post positive feedback to maintain our high rating – which, interestingly, seems to be defeating the overall purpose of the rating system to begin with. Brent, nice call. For the marketplace to stay fair & balanced, a self-regulating system needs to be in place — and hiding one’s feedback from the buyer/seller until both parties have left feedback is just the ticket.

Ken Hanscom (user link) says:

Now add guaranteed bids to complete the loop.

To completely fix the loop here, bidders should guarantee payment at the time of their bid. PayPal, Credit Card, ACH debit, etc. If the buyer’s payment is guaranteed — in most cases, the seller would have little reason to leave negative feedback. Then, of course the buyer is free to leave candid and accuarte feedback.

Ebay Powerseller says:

You simpletons don't really see the big picture.

The feedback issue is only one tooth on the sprocket of converting eBay to the online wal-mart. The new boss Donohoe recently complained that ebay was still like a flea-market. Now combine what you already know about the feedback change with the requirement of paypal and its new 21 day hold on funds for sellers that don’t meet no less than 5 separate criteria and you will understand that ebay is looking to scratch the unprofitable segment of their 80/20 rule. One of the rules for instant funds availability is your rolling 30 day feedback must be at least 95 percent positive. This is no big deal in today’s environment, but when the changes take place, ebay will be holding a ton of dough for 21 days.

Now since eBay has decided that their buyers are much more important than their sellers, they are happy please them at expense of the seller. What they seem to have forgotten is that the sellers are the ones providing 100 percent of their revenue.

If you really want to understand what is happening, look at these links and see what’s happened over the last couple of years:



Now don’t be surprised that the number of listings on eBay is skyrocketing right now. Many sellers are quickly dumping their inventories before the seller strike planned Feb. 18-25. and are claiming (at least) that they are shutting down for good. Check it out on ebay forums seller central if you don’t believe me.

It appears that eBay’s management has a new direction in mind and they think they can drive everyone off the cliff with them. They are wrong.

I like many others are seriously pushing our wares at:

There are almost a million listings on that site and this free store front feeds straight into google base and google products. It also seamlessly integrates google checkout for credit cards. When people figure out how to search google products more efficiently, eBay will locked into it’s death spiral.

This is a development that is not only healthy, but necessary to level the online marketplace playing field over the long term.

For companies like M$ that say they want to master search, what they need to do is master product search and it will be as if they own amazon, ebay, bidville, ecrater and every other podunk e-commerce site on the net.

Power Seller says:

There is a bigger picture to be seen

The feedback issue is only one tooth on the sprocket of converting eBay to the online wal-mart. The new boss Donohoe recently complained that ebay was still like a flea-market. Now combine what you already know about the feedback change with the requirement of paypal and its new 21 day hold on funds for sellers that don’t meet no less than 5 separate criteria and you will understand that ebay is looking to scratch the unprofitable segment of their 80/20 rule. One of the rules for instant funds availability is your rolling 30 day feedback must be at least 95 percent positive. This is no big deal in today’s environment, but when the changes take place, ebay will be holding a ton of dough for 21 days.

Now since eBay has decided that their buyers are much more important than their sellers, they are happy please them at expense of the seller. What they seem to have forgotten is that the sellers are the ones providing 100 percent of their revenue.

If you really want to understand what is happening, look at these links and see what’s happened over the last couple of years:



Now don’t be surprised that the number of listings on eBay is skyrocketing right now. Many sellers are quickly dumping their inventories before the seller strike planned Feb. 18-25. and are claiming (at least) that they are shutting down for good. Check it out on ebay forums seller central if you don’t believe me.

It appears that eBay’s management has a new direction in mind and they think they can drive everyone off the cliff with them. They are wrong.

I like many others are seriously pushing our wares at:

There are almost a million listings on that site and this free store front feeds straight into google base and google products. It also seamlessly integrates google checkout for credit cards. When people figure out how to search google products more efficiently, eBay will locked into it’s death spiral.

This is a development that is not only healthy, but necessary to level the online marketplace playing field over the long term.

For companies like M$ that say they want to master search, what they need to do is master product search and it will be as if they own amazon, ebay, bidville, ecrater and every other podunk e-commerce site on the net.

Debi says:

It's not a good thing...

Ebay also just announced that there will be no more listings for under 1.00… The sellers will have to go through their stores and re-list their items at a higher price…
I see a total collapse to this Ebay… They are a company that is driven by greed…
They have changed the feedback policy so that the buyer is the only one who can leave a negative comment to the seller… This gives the buyer the edge and gives him the ammunition they need to hold over a sellers head to get them to reduce shipping charges, or say they receive an item they don’t care for and want a refund, they can request that the seller refund and if they refuse, then leave negative feedback…
When a sellers feedback score goes down (as Ebay is counting on) then the sellers FEES GO UP!! This will encourage all kinds of crooks to bid and then not pay, with no recourse what so ever for the Seller…
The fees were already too high from the hike they added last year, but this whole new system takes the cake…
It’s unbelieveable… Then they tried to sell it to the ebayers as a “bonus for them” Ha… LOL… What a joke…
Many stores are already going out of business on there and there will be a strike by sellers from& nbsp; (Feb. 18-24)… As an ebay store owner and also a purchaser myself, I will join in the effort to have the “powers that be” listen to us… We are all searching for another venue to place our goods where everyone is treated fairly… I have been a registered ebay member since 1981 and have enjoyed both being a buyer and a seller… It’s not a good experience anymore…

Scogostology.com (user link) says:

eBay Bans Negative Feedback For Buyers; Everyone B

I have read and heard that for many years a few people have made fortunes doing auction business at eBay. 2 yrs ago, I tried it and eBay ripped me off by charging me twice for listing my product once and refusing to refund the second fee back to me. They have no phone where you can contact customer service to resolve any problems. If you send e-mail to them, you would receive a computer generated reply that is so stupid it would make you to fall down on floor laughing all day, assuming that you are unable to cry from frustration that they cause you. Many people may disagree with me, but conviction is that eBay is the most terrible online company in the world, and my money that they stole would be the cause of their demise in a few yrs.

Iron Chef says:


On another note, it would be nice to see eBay take a proactive stance against e-fencing.


At one company, there was a problem with people selling SIM cards on eBay. When eBay was contacted, they essentially told us to go away.

Eventually, one of my colleagues started bidding and buying the SIM cards, and that’s when the heads starting rolling… Because the best run companies run SAP, the ability existed to track serial numbers back to a customer and a transaction. (Helps to have a great BI system, you-know-who you are).

So last year, I saw a CNBC program on this same problem we had, and it brought back memories. I felt somewhat disappointed that eBay gave them the same cold shoulder.

What eventually happened? Well, a consortium of retailers decided to pursue it through legislation action.

Who was the winner? Not the customer of established Brick-and-mortar retail (who has to pay higher retail prices to cover shrink costs), the buyer (who is receiving stolen property) or eBay (who could have assisted, but will now is looking at having to comply with new legislation.)

So when the lawyers get involved, it gets exponentially more difficult.


Twinrova says:

Ebay blows now - go to Amazon

I find it laughable that eBay’s increase of fees (but stated as lower) and removing negative feedback to buyers all comes because eBay feels it’s not “expanding” fast enough.

So the solution is to screw the very consumer that put eBay on the map to begin with.

Without negative feedback to the buyer, sellers are screwed. If you people think that “instant retaliation” is what sellers do just because they got a negative, just wait until you see negatives running rampant because sellers can do NOTHING to protect themselves.

As a buyer (sometimes seller) on eBay, I take a look at the feedback of negatives. I can very easily spot those that are legit and those that are based on stupid people who don’t have a clue.

Many sellers often do this as well. If a buyer places a bid on their item, they’ll research the feedback and will quickly dismiss “seller retaliation” replies.

Now that eBay claims to be “in the middle” of disputes, sellers are going to have no choice but leave eBay for another option because eBay is absolutely WORTHLESS in disputes, and when they do get in, often side with the buyer.

eBay is in serious need of restoration. Buyers failing to pay and sellers screwing over people with extortion-style shipping and handling.

Oh yeah, now I remember why I no longer visit eBay and have returned to Amazon.com.

JustMatt says:

Couple of comments

First, re: the AC who posted “You’re the one not thinking through things.” I believe the intent of the comment was that feedback would not be visible to anybody until both sides had left feedback, or time to leave feedback had expired.

Second, sure, there are a lot of crooks in eBay. There are also scams to run up positive feedback (nobody buys 500 items from an account set up a month ago, until you look and see they are all for a penny and to the same couple of sellers). I think this is a step in the right direction. Another way to accomplish it would be to require the seller to leave feedback as soon as the payment clears (e.g. right away for Paypal payments).

JustMatt says:

Couple of comments

First, re: the AC who posted “You’re the one not thinking through things.” I believe the intent of the comment was that feedback would not be visible to anybody until both sides had left feedback, or time to leave feedback had expired.

Second, sure, there are a lot of crooks in eBay. There are also scams to run up positive feedback (nobody buys 500 items from an account set up a month ago, until you look and see they are all for a penny and to the same couple of sellers). I think this is a step in the right direction. Another way to accomplish it would be to require the seller to leave feedback as soon as the payment clears (e.g. right away for Paypal payments).

Anonymous Coward says:

What was the point before?

I admit my naiveté, but what was the point of buyer feedback in the first place? I mean… OK, so, a seller puts up his listing. If he has a good record, people feel confident bidding because they trust they’ll get what they expect. if he has a bad record, people won’t buy from him. But… Is the idea that you don’t *sell* to a buyer with low feedback? I didn’t think that was an option. They bid and win, you sell them the item, right? What am I missing?

Overcast says:

That’s just plain stupid. If you can’t get a fair review on a buyer or a seller, eBay’s value as a service goes WAY down. There’s already a lot you need to be careful of.

It impacts buyers too – not just sellers. Now some nitwit can bid on items and not buy, or whatever they may think up – with a high potential of impacting other buyers.

But… Is the idea that you don’t *sell* to a buyer with low feedback?

I could go bid on items I can’t afford, or just refuse to pay. If I didn’t like a seller, for whatever reason, I could go jacking up the price of all his auctions… etc, etc.. I’m sure there are many ways to muck up things. The buyer having to stick to his commitment is as much a part of eBay as the buyer’s sticking to their commitment. It’s a two way street.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

But if you’re just a bidder, and not a buyer, then the seller isn’t RATING you. And jacking up the price, in a way, HELPS the seller: if someone has bid, the item sells. It’s been my understanding that placing a bid represents a commitment to pay, by the terms of use for eBay. How can you refuse to pay? Doesn’t that at least warrant sanction from eBay, for not playing by their rules? How does any of this have anything to do with feedback on buyers?

dturnersan says:

eBay fees and feedback changes

eBay fee changes are an increase for me. I resent the news stories that are promoting the fee changes as decreases. Did eBay write those stories themselves?

As for the feedback changes, they are the death knell for eBay as far as this 10 year veteran is concerned. I am one of the small old timer sellers who specializes in the cool, unique, collectible, hard to find stuff, and I will be out of here in short order.

I’ve been hearing more and more reports of buyers leaving neutral or negative feedbacks for sellers or threatening to do so. Same people are shocked when the feedback they leave is reciprocated by the seller. Apparently many people think the feedback policy change is already in effect and don’t realize it won’t be until May. Then they threaten to report the seller to eBay because “seller’s aren’t allowed to leave neutrals or negatives anymore”.

2/3’s of my activity is as a buyer. I have never withheld feedback from a seller after I got the goods and was pleased with it. I have never threatened a buyer with a negative when they had an issue. I have always accepted returns from anyone dissatisfied. However the unspoken threat of receiving a possible bad feedback has probably held some nuisance buyers in check.

I truly believe that most people are good, honest folks who just want to buy or sell a widget. However there is that annoying small percentage of both buyers and sellers who can make your life miserable.

I keep track of my auction stats so I know this much. I have about a 4% NPB rate. Overall on eBay is 10%. In addition I have about a 2% PITA buyer rate, folks who cannot be pleased no matter how hard you try, or don’t read or understand the auction description, or want to change my TOS, or renegotiate shipping costs post auction end etc. Only their reluctance to receive a negative has kept those people in check.

I figure anyone who sells on eBay in the future will be receiving negatives on a minimum of 6% of their transactions. In addition, if the seller doesn’t immediately leave positive feedback for their buyers as soon as they pay, those sellers can expect to get negged by a lot of buyers for that as well. If the seller files NPB against a slow paying buyer they can expect a neg too. yet eBay is encouraging sellers to file such complaints.

Up until now anything less than a 98% positive feedback rating was considered pretty sketchy. What will the new “good seller” percentage be? I am betting it will fall to around 90%. How comfortable will that make buyers about shopping on eBay?

I really think eBay did not fully think through all the ramifications of these feedback changes. I do not see it as being positive for either individual sellers or for eBay as a whole.

So 60 days prior to the May change in policy is my cut off for selling on eBay. I don’t feel comfortable selling in an environment where I can be unfairly chastised with a negative feedback without having much recourse. I’ve worked too hard with excellent customer service to achieve my 10 year good feedback record to allow any passing newby to chuck a rock at it.

Dan says:

the solution is easy...

Hide all feedback until both parties have left feedback. Display how much negative, neutral, positive, and unreciprocated feedback a buyer and seller has. This will keep the system workign somewhat like it has and provide input as to how many potential negative feedbacks could be lurking that the seller/buyer chose not to leave feedback.

4-80-sicks says:

It's not a good thing...

This gives the buyer the edge and gives him the ammunition they need to hold over a sellers head

Without negative feedback to the buyer, sellers are screwed.

Sellers have been holding feedback over buyer’s heads for years. They refuse to leave feedback until they get it, despite the fact that they must receive payment before sending an item. Why is the onus placed on the buyer to leave feedback first, when he’s sent money first? I think the seller should be forced to leave a comment first, and before a buyer can post negative, there has to be proof of communication in an attempt to resolve the issue. This might require customer service and human review though, and we all know eBay is just terrible at that stuff.

I remember a while back there used to be the option to put a followup comment to the original comment…what happened to that? That’s the perfect way to say “This guy doesn’t leave any feedback.”

I have been a registered ebay member since 1981


As a buyer, I do not recommend Amazon for non-new items. I’ve tried it twice and been burned twice.

M Cooper says:

Re: It's not a good thing...

As a former eBay seller, I always waited on positive feedback from the buyer.


Because the transaction is not completed when you are paid. There is the possibility that your funds get tied up in PayPal due to some erroneous complaint, that you get scammed with a fake check, that any number of things go wrong after being paid.

When the buyer posts positive feedback, you are then able to say that it was a successful transaction.

Sellers take all the hits on fees, etc. – they should control the feedback process.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

A couple of years ago I found my first vindictive seller. I was wanting one of those 3M privacy filters that you slip over your monitor to keep people from seeing what you’re working on, and so I started watching ebay for a good deal. I found and won an auction for about 1/2 the retail price. I immediately sent payment and waited.

And waited. And waited. And waited. 8 business days later and I don’t have my screen and I have received zero communication from the seller. I send off an e-mail via the “ask seller a question” link and finally get a response that he accidentally “scratched” the filter while packing it and was going to refund my money. I wrote back and said that was fine, but it would have been nice to know that a week ago so I could have looked at other auctions. I left neutral feedback stating that “Seller had 0 communication. Broke item before shipping – all money refunded.” which in my opinion is more than fair.

His response was to post negative feedback about me (and this is a cut and paste quote) “Refunded money to avoid problem later, Sellers beaware!!, selfish person.”

That’s right, I’m selfish because I wanted the product I paid for and I wasn’t willing to wait any longer than 8 business days before contacting him… beaware!

M Cooper says:

I don't sell on eBay anymore.

eBay will offer virtually zero protection for sellers, charge them exorbitant listing fees, take an exorbitant cut of what your final sale price is, then take another cut through their subsidiary PayPal when the buyer chooses to go that route.

Amazon will cover your shipping costs via credit, offers a protection policy, and basically looks after both buyer and seller.

Sure they take a cut – but you have more protection in the process.

eBay is run like a cartel. They have set up a system where buyers can claim they didn’t get an item, trash you with negative feedback if you report them to eBay, and eBay offers no recourse outside of a ‘3 strike’ rule against buyers to kick them off eBay, where they promptly sign up again.

Screw that noise.

Pete Pomeroy (profile) says:

This is a good thing

This is a good thing, although Dan’s ‘easy solution’ may have also worked. I have been burned by this twice in the past – purchased an item from a Power Seller, paid within hours, and did not receive the item until 6-8 weeks later with no explanation / communication from seller. When I left negative feedback, the seller recipricated and it hurt me much more than him.

Also, sellers are somewhat protected from bad buyers – THEY DON’T SHIP THE ITEM UNTIL THEY RECEIVE THE PAYMENT. The only exposer the seller is subjected to is an irrational buyer that leaves negative feedback even though the item was good quality, as described, and shipped promptly. The folks at eBay should be able to identify these irrational buyers based on some automated algorithms that look at the amount of negative feedback left by a buyer as a fraction of their overall volume of feedback, and also by looking at the number of times the buyer leaves negative feedback for a seller that has otherwise received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Thanks eBay!!!

Jaymes says:

Just like any other seller...

All of you sellers who are complaining about this need to get a grip (in my opinion, of course). You are a seller. Have you never seen other systems that allow buyers to rate sellers and NOT the other way around? You can visit any number of sites where you can rate your buying experience at WalMart, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc… What you don’t see are Best Buy’s comments regarding their CUSTOMERS.

News flash: The buyers are your customers. Talk bad about your customers, lose business. I’m pretty sure this is Business 101 stuff here.

If anything, I agree that the system should automatically apply some rating/listing to indicate how quickly the buyer posted payment, maybe an average would suffice. That’s really the only job of the buyer.

M Cooper says:

News Flash

News Flash: Individual sellers on an auction site being compared to WalMart/Circuit City/Best Buy/etc. is retarded.

When I sell something on eBay, I pay a listing fee, I pay fees for whatever features, I pay a final transaction fee, and I pay a cut to PayPal if the buyer pays through that route.

eBay’s policies leave me virtually unprotected *except* for the ability to leave feedback to a purchaser.

I’ve never gotten bad feedback as a buyer or seller. I’ve never left bad feedback as a seller – but I have as a buyer.

Ultimately if eBay had the same protection guarantees if a buyer is a deadbeat and scams you out of money – I’d be fine with not being able to leave feedback.

However, I no longer sell on eBay because of that.

“Power Sellers”, i.e. real businesses can still afford to.

Borrowers/Sellers who leave frivolous feedback are a problem, but that problem was manageable because they could both leave feedback.

If scammed by a borrower – I could post on his profile “SENT FRAUDULENT CHECK/BEWARE” and this protected other sellers.

How is this any different than a business posting signs of someone caught shoplifting, etc. to other businesses?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: News Flash

I’m the naive one above, but no one’s addressed my question: how does leaving negative feedback on a buyer accomplish anything but give you a warm feeling? Is there some way for a seller to say, “He won my auction, but I don’t want to deal with him because he has a low rating”?

M Cooper says:

Re: Re: News Flash


I spend $3 of my money listing a $10 item.

Buyer wins auction at $8.

Buyer decides he doesn’t want item.

Buyer doesn’t pay.

I just lost $3.

I leave negative feedback: “Buyer did not pay, refuses to respond to emails.”

Other sellers then vet the buyer prior to allowing them to bid. Buyer can’t get on some auctions he wants to get on because of the number of sellers complaining about not getting paid.

Free Market FTW.

Jaymes says:

Re: News Flash

Hey, M Cooper, you’re right… “How is this any different … to other businesses?” I think that was exactly my point. Thanks! …though, odd that you’d say that right after saying that to make that comparison is “retarded”. But thankfully in America, you can call yourself whatever you want. Yea America!

You think retail stores don’t pay to list things for sale? Come on… please think about your responses, folks.

Personally, I mostly stopped dealing with eBay when PayPal use became such an issue with them. Too much inbreeding. I’ll only resort to eBay in the most dire of situations now, as a buyer or seller.

In Mourning for Days Gone By says:

Stop focusing on JUST feedback, it's the least of

But please do remember that back & forth feedback was part of the whole eBay COMMUNITY – buyers and sellers are often one in the same, especially in the niche/hobby areas. But the new CEO, Donahue, has said quite frankly that eBay is moving to the Amazon model; large Power Sellers with new goods only.

They want the small/sporadic sellers (even smaller Power Sellers) gone – no more garage-sale-in-the-sky.

The eBayPal monopoly (and it is one – if not by legal statutes then certainly by the constraints they have and are soon imposing) has been moving in this direction since eBay bought PayPal … remember when it was X.com and didn’t charge?

It’s all about the bottom line, the community aspect has been slowly moved out from around us and people are looking around and realizing only the barest trappings are there.

Feedback is the least of the issues change-wise; it’s mainly a smokescreen in that people are focusing their enraged emotions on it … the real issues are the fee increases (http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/pages/feecalc), the fact that small sellers will be pushed lower in search results, and the whole escrow issue with eBayPal transactions that have been deemed risky*

This last issue is where the FB change comes into play as more than a smokescreen; your DSR (star) ratings will have a bigger impact now – they will soon show only the last month’s ratings … the lower your ratings (or none if you haven’t sold in over a month) the more at risk you are to have your payment funds as a seller held in escrow – however, you still need to ship the item and will have nearly zero recourse if buyer claims not to have rec’d. Many are already questioning the legality of this as eBay owns PayPal and forced escrow is only supposed to be held by a neutral party.

The sad thing is, a lot of small sellers – good & honest people whose eBay sales are their income – are already getting threatened with negative feedback by “buyers” with an agenda. The agenda is either one of stupidity (thinking that already sellers cannot leave even valid non-pos FB in return) or one based on terror; telling sellers that come May they are going to use their several IDs to neg them until their star-ratings are so low they’re thrown off of eBay entirely.

How is that right???

Sherrie says:

Re: Stop focusing on JUST feedback, it's the least

You are right.There is more going on than Feedback change. This is aimed at the small seller. They don’t want us.They want to keep the buyers happy, To Hell with the Sellers.!!

I am a honest seller that bends over backwards to please my customers and to keep a 99.6% feedback score. (The 4% I lost to negative feedback, Non-paying Jerks)

If EBAY doesn’t want me, fine. I’ve already closed my store and my auctions end this weekend. If the honest sellers are leaving than all thats left are the bad ones. They’ll get what they deserve. So will GreedBay!!I’ve supported them long enough. The ship is going down, better jump before it sinks!!!Take Care and Good Luck !!!SDB

MIke says:

If it's broke, break it some more

Great, so eBay takes their absolutely horrible feedback system and decides to make it even worse. I am glad I decided to stop using eBay a little while ago.

While there are lots of completely honest buyers and sellers, the 3-5% of users who are either scammers, or just PITA(buyers and sellers) brings the entire site down. Their system is broken, and has been for a while. Now under the guise of “fixing” the issues they are actually making things worse.

DA says:

Some sellers game the system

There are some eBay sellers who game the system. They’re on the fringe of fraud. If the buyer leaves a neutral or negative feedback, these sellers leave horrible negative feed back and then immediately offer mutual feedback withdrawal. So, these sellers preserve a positive rating that is totally false and undeserved! eBay had to do something, but I think this is the wrong approach, some buyers deserve a negative rating.

Coaster says:

some buyers aren't nice either

I’ve sold jewelry that came in three specific sizes, and I told buyers right on the auction to MEASURE ACCURATELY. The first I hear of a problem is not an email from the buyer, but a neg stating that it didn’t fit and the item was misrepresented. There are also buyers in certain collectible markets that are known for non-payment, and for leaving negs when you don’t meet their demands after the sale. There are buyers who will post negs when it takes a long time to get the item, when it was themselves who gave you an incorrect address to begin with. Many people will not buy from someone without perfect feedback, but being able to mark irresponsible buyers as such is a boon to small businesses and occasional users.

burntBySeller (user link) says:

I totally understand why they are doing this. This is the basic rule that I found out the hard way. If you use your eBay account to sell stuff. DO NOT leave negative feedback when you buy something with that same account. I had terrible service, from an eBay seller known by tauntonmassmaninhouston (cincinnatiscifi) left negative feedback and received retaliatory negative feedback and this reflected on my seller and buyer reputation. For someone who has worked hard just to build up few transactions and good rep this seriously messed with my feedback rating. Do a search on him, the guy is awful he’s got pages and pages devoted to him and his service.

alsoburntbyseller says:

Re: Re:

Also burnt by tauntonmassmaninhouston aka animegamingccgministoysnmore aka cincinnatiscifi aka sildog
If ebay is cracking down on leaving negative feedback he & others like him are the reason.
Slackers that ignore you untill you leave a negative and then they lie, slander etc to try to get you to mutual withdraw. The comments stay so why give them what THEY want?
Google ANY of his names and those stories come up.

kiki jones (user link) says:

and the Arbitration system blows chunks

eBay doesn’t seem to understand that integrity matters. I went to arbitration once with a bad seller and basically they were given an automatic free pass. No seller integrity, no eBay– I stayed away for a long time. Larger sellers seem to be their target audience these days, but the real nuts and bolts of the service was connecting individuals. Finding an antique guitar from someone on the other coast was compelling, but those garage sale kind of sellers increasingly just stay away. What’s not compelling? Yet another way to find a store that sells crap through page after page of automated listings. eBay is obviously building their business to service other businesses.
If craigslist would establish some kind of credentialing between individuals, eBay would go away pretty fast. Forehead SMACK!! THAT’s why eBay bought craigslist– to make sure that craiglsit transactions stay anon so they will always come with 10 flakes for every done deal.

kiki jones (user link) says:

Re: and the Arbitration system blows chunks

from USA Today: “Online auction listings down 13% in boycott of eBay.” I’ll guess this will take a couple of years to really start hitting their bottom line. eBay doesn’t care if listings are down– as long as dollars sold stays steady. The policy change really lets the small sellers know that volume buyers of listing count more than they do. Which is weird, because selling at a lower price to the volume buyers really doesn’t help the company remain profitable– they are getting in line to sell to their worst customers AND eroding the end customer’s confidence.

beakmur (profile) says:

ebay feedback

How in the world does eBay really KNOW there are so many skittish buyers who are deathly afraid to buy from the site? If this is really a problem, how about some data to back up sweeping policy changes? I plain don’t trust the intel on this. This issue is a false one, IMO, made to cover up substantial rate increases for the little guy. We’re getting the bum’s rush. I personally liked the online flea market atmosphere. Donohoe and GM will be selling used cars together now, the entire inventory. What other shock and awe has Donohoe got for us ? A previous post said eBay is becoming an online WalMart. I agree. When Sears bought Land’s End, I stoppped buying their stuff. eBay is going upscale. What a dumbass idea.

Shaun says:

I am going to come at this from the seller side, I have been selling on ebay for 6 months now, but been on ebay as a buyer of various things for 7 years now. So i look at this from both sides.

But at as a seller, I cant express to you the frustration with buyers that just dont take the process seriously, I am not a retail store, nore to I have unlimited time and resources, I am a guy that is selling on the side for a small business or maybe liquidating personal belongings, I dont have the time nore the energy to deal with people who dont pay, or buy the item and then tell you, ummm you know what, I dont really want the item anymore, or umm could you lower the shipping. 1 out of 7 is this type of buyer. And they cause me the most stress, and i am sure other sellers as well. Ebay has not address the problem with unpaid items and the feedback associated with it. I think a seller has the right just as the buyer to rate the other party, if someone doesnt act within reason or just doesnt care, its not worth risking a retalitory feedback. What should happen is there should be a 3rd party ensuring the claims made by one side or the other.

I as a seller would pay 1 or 2 % insurance to protect myself and my feedback reputation from people who act in a harmful manner.

As a seller, I just wanna sell, and make money. Free Market Forces will dictate who will survive as a seller and who wont. All I ask for is a fair level playing ground and that everyone follow the rules and be held accountable for not.


J. Brown says:

How can sellers block bad buyers?

I plan on leaving nothing but negative comments to shove this in ebays face.

Let’s see what happens when all the feedback I leave is negative.

With the old system, If I had left 100 negs, I’d get 100 negs.

Now I can leave 100 negs and still have 100 positive feedback.

I will complain about everything.

Box was dirty.

Color is light purple; looked dark purple in picture.

This is going to be fun!

rofflez says:

this is retarded.

main things that gives sellers bad rating:

*selling something they do not have.
*selling something that suck, not as advertised, etc.
*slow shipping.

****if eBay make these changes about feedback..

it will make the market better in some ways.
how? sellers will be forced to not sell something they do not have etc.. better competition and high profit selling popular stuff for people that do have the popular product.
manufacturers will profit this as well sellers will give better pricing to get the stuff to sell.

shipping will be changed to all sellers. which means sellers will not make money off of shipping anymore because they pay the actual shipping cost that they advertised.

the bad =[

Douchebag customers that think this is a RETAIL STORE will now leave bad rating at literally ANYTHING. 1 day late in shipping, BAD FEEDBACK. prado and advertised as prado buyer thingks its prada BAD FEEDBACK. buyer paid for shipping as advertised but then complains that its too much BAD FEEDBACK (why the hell did u buy it then?) now. its a snowball effect. one person leaves a bad feedback, and another, and another, and another, and another… next thing you know the seller hits 5% bad feedback. bye bye to you power sellers.

what ever happened over 2 years ago where feedback mattered? where people work on getting good ratings and so does the sellers. you have to look at it this way, a power seller will not be a power seller if they are not doing something right.


….OR, i may just be talking out of my a**

..lol @ j brown’s comment. pay for $1 item and be god amirite?

promo girl (user link) says:

Change for the worst

Forgetting the legitimate squabbles this pretty much ends any selling I’d do on Ebay after 8 years. Purchase prices for most goods are higher than you’d pay elsewhere anyway, but the recent changes to feedback blunt the system. I never refused to sell to a buyer with bad feedback but I liked to know in advance.

Ebay stresses in their FAQ that both parties should wait until the transaction is complete. Everyone assumes the “buyer” portion of the transaction ends with payment. It does not. How many times have sellers had buyers not pick up packages that show as delivered or request USPS only to then never be there when the postal services goes to deliver? The transaction isn’t over until after the buyer acknowledges receipt of the goods and or problems are dealt with to that end.

Rather than deal with the real problem which is eliminating both bad buyers and sellers – which would hurt their bottom line they are just putting lipstick on the pig by covering it all up.

Dbyrd says:

I agree

It happened to me today! I was afraid to leave neg feedback on a seller because I knew if I did he’d leave it for me. Even though I paid the same day auction ended, his shipping took 17 days and I complained. I gave him neg feedback and he retaliated by doing the same saying I shouldn’t have complained. Now my 100% is damaged! Thank You Ebay. Should have done this sooner.

Sam says:

new ebay feedback policy

Come May I’m closing my store.The new fb policy is a joke to say the least. JUST TODAY I had 2 buyers renig on purchases.Both said they can’t pay because they misread the size.My titles and descrips were crystal clear.Excuses,excuses,excuses.One says,”I’m retired living on a fixed income” and the other says “I just had foot surgery…..blah,blah,blah,blah,blah.Truth is they’re both low life losers who can’t pay !! I’m now out about $120 bucks and have to relist.I’ve come across more loser buyers than I care to admit.90% of my items are 2nd hand so I’m doomed.Buyers are gonna complain,whine and bitch about everything under the sun.I’m finished.Whoever is running the show over at the corporate Ebay office is INSANE!! My fees last month were/are $140.What does the average loser buyer spend in a month? COME MAY I’M DONE WITH EBAY.
Note: I’ve been an Ebay member since 11-2004 and I have NEVER,EVER,EVER renigged on a purchase!! I get screwed by Ebay buyers at least once a day and I’VE HAD IT!!

Sam says:

Ebay Fee Changes

you gotta love the new fees.”free gallery”,”wow,that’s awesome”,right? then the final value fee goes up to 8.75%!!! GIVE ME A F&*%$#@ BREAK!!! Do we all know what it feels like to be NICKLED AND DIMED TO F&*^%*@ DEATH??? Ebay doesn’t give anything to anybody for free!! I hope store after store after store after store closes. I know mine will.Oh yeah,about the new feedback thing that sellers can’t leave neutral or negative feedback for precious buyers…..if I file one more “unpaid item” report I’M GONNA PUKE MY GUTS OUT!!!!!

Dikkyboy says:

eBay anti-seller tactics

I have been buying and selling on ebay for 8 years. As a seller, they have removed my ability to indicate thru feedback when a buyer is a deadbeat or a deliberate troublemker which I have run into a number of times. Should they maintain this policy of tying the sellers hands and leaaving them at the mercy of no-counts, I forsee a mass exodus away from ebay, and I for one will be one of the first in line!!

Dr. L.H. Conroy says:

ebay self inflicting wounds

I only have 1 negative feedback that was given to me by a seller in retaliation for giving them bad feedback. Seller was easy to reach until after they rec’d my money then they disappeared. I tried contacting seller numerous times over the week and after 29 days item showed up, missing parts and not in condition as described. Seller says they were away like that’s o.k.. Most sellers are great, however the way ebay treats them they are leaving the site and it’s mostly huge powerballs sellers or bad feedback sellers. I will shop elsewhere online.

techslinger says:




Buy using PayPal. Then, after you have received the item, file a claim with PayPal and use these magic words: ”NOT AS DESCRIBED.” PayPal will immediately HOLD the money in the seller’s account–just for you. Next, send back an empty box, for proof of return of course. After that’s done, PayPal will instantly give the buyer their money back, every time. My friends and I have claimed thousands of dollars in free stuff off eBay this way.

Also, ”NOT AS DESCRIBED” works in cases of buyer’s remorse. It doesn’t matter if the seller’s item is described accurately, or even if the seller has a “no return” policy. PayPal is so stupid, they will refund your money back again, and again, and again. You won’t believe how easy it is. Thank you PayPal; you are a Pay Pal.

This is not a joke. If you don’t believe me, try it one time, you’ll see.

morality police says:

Done with Ebay

I’ve been an Ebay member since 1999 – mostly buying, but have sold a dozen or more items as well. I have NEVER had any problems as either a buyer or a bidder until my last three transactions. One of my purchase turned out to be counterfeit; another damaged and slow to arrive; and the other the seller claimed my paypal payment went to another seller and not them and to pay again (long story, but they were lying). With each of these transactions, I felt obligated to leave positive feedback to avoid retaliation. In hindsight, perhaps I shouldn’t have left any feedback at all which would have been the best option. But really, I have to admit that I’m finished with Ebay. It used to be a great format with honest buyers and sellers, but like everything else, idiots (like “techslinger” above) are ruining it for those of us with morals and integrity because they’re too lazy to get real jobs that afford real paychecks. Sorry Ebay. You’re to blame for your own eventual demise. RIP.

MGB says:

Newsflash - Some Buyers are Just Jerks.

Here’s a Newsflash for you….Some buyers are just a**holes. They get a kick out of bitching even if the seller, shipping and item were perfect. I’ve run into WAY more jerk buyers than sellers. I’m about 50-50 on eBay as a buyer and seller. So far 100.00000% Positive but this new rule has me worried.

T. says:

Not fair for honest sellers

As far as the honest sellers, I don’t think this is fair. In the past, I have seen buyers on message boards complaining about their packing peanuts not being the same color….Unfortunately, these same people will leave negative feedback (for an otherwise flawless transaction) because they got a paper cut opening their package. As a seller, I work really hard to assure everything with a sale is great for the buyer and because of this, I hope buyers will have the respect to contact me if there is a problem so that it may be fixed before leaving negative feedback just because they know they can…I would hope the same for all buyers and sellers because that is what ebay is supposed to be about!

Silverthefox says:


How about this one? As a seller of coins on eBay I had a buyer leave me a feedback claiming that my unopened sealed envelope I sent him had been manufactured by me or bought on eBay. Oh coins were great but the envelope was not original??
To top this off he sends me 15 count em yes 15 hate emails using eBays forwarding system. Of course I report them to eBay calling me everything from a crook, thief, crackhead you name it! What does eBay do? Issues a warning big deal!
If he lived in CA I could have had him arrested for cyberstalking against the law here!
So now you cannot leave a negative and these hyped up morons can leave any seller a negative that they want to with no repercussions! Nice! Well I have left eBay for another site but the sales there suck. In fact so far no sales! No traffic equals no sales! So now I am thinking of just melting the suckers and taking the profit out of that when silver goes through the roof again!
Selloff in silver and gold was bank inspired as they had to cover their shorts. Major banks are losing billions course the government will bail them out with our money!
Thanks and remember eBay sucks!

Jacko B. says:

Sensitive sellers should remember this is business

I both sell and buy on Ebay. I know from experience that there are some bizarre buyers and sellers out there. As it happens, I agree with Ebay’s new position on Limiting the negative feedback option to buyers. Here’s why:
1) Ebay is right that buyers soften their comments or just skip the feedback process because of a desire to not be slammed by ego-tripping, or ridiculously sensitive sellers.
2) An “open marketplace” should be open. Sellers ghettoize new buyers through negative feedback that is sometimes based on petty concerns and bitterness.
3) Ebay makes money from Sellers, so of course they must protect their interests to some degree and if they do not they shoot themselves in the foot. Do the math.
4) I have bought items from sellers who have engaged in mail fraud, smeared my character without cause and lied repeatedly about events surrounding several transactions.
5) Buyers have very little space to defend themselves against the lies of bullying, angry sellers.
6) Removing the negative feedback option, encourages sellers to focus on making the Ebay experience of a vast number of private buyers positive and insult-free.
7) Ebay sellers need to remember that when they go to their corner store and buy something, no one gets to publicly lambaste them. They do not hang a sign in their window, saying that customer X is a thief and a liar. If this was the case, who would want to walk into that store?
Yes there are buyers who are running scams. There is a term in business called “shrinkage”. Sometimes no matter how much you safeguard yourself, you will come out at the wrong end of a deal. This happens VERY little on Ebay.

8) Buyers make a leap of faith when buying on Ebay. Their money goes somewhere and then they wait for a seller to do the right thing.
9) Sellers set terms in their listings. Protect yourself with better store POLICY.Don’t whine for hours about the naughty buyers – come on!
10) Sellers who are tempted to use the Ebay platform to reverse the old adage “the customer is always right”. Should remember that the customer is not always pleasant, fair, or honest, but they are necessary. If you don’t like your market, find another one.

Thanks and good luck to all!

Ray says:


“by joshua on Feb 5th, 2008 @ 6:34pm

I recently won an auction on ebay. I had tried contacting the seller to ask a question about the item 4 days BEFORE i bid…no response. I won the auction, and 3 days AFTER, i had STILL RECEIVED no response from the buyer.

So, I left a negative feedback, truly expecting never to hear from the seller again. I left feedback essentially stating that the seller had poor communication.

Well no offense joshua, but it’s losers like you that do deserve negative feedback. A seller doesn’t have to ask a question about the item before you buy it, and you bought it anyways, so obviously you’re the moron.

Plus waiting only a few days for a response isn’t acceptable before you attack somebody’s feedback. You need to give people more time. If you don’t get an answer to a question you felt you needed to know, you didn’t have to buy the item in the first place. And most sellers just ship the item without telling you, and they aren’t required to ship in only 3 days in the first place.

Basically you’re one of the small minorities of idiot buyers sellers have to protect themselves from. I hope you keep your dumb ass off of ebay. And you’re delusional too thinking ebay is responding to your messages.

Stay away from human society because you’re a lunatic.

Jay says:



Yeah right (user link) says:


That’s right/STRIKE!
“It’s the sellers that make ebay NOT the buyers!
The buyersonly purchase what we sell”
So the buyers could go away and the sellers would still thrive,right?
One does not exist without the other.
True ebay is making a mistake but it is because of malicious powersellers such as this: http://toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs?User=+tauntonmassmaninhouston&Dirn=Left+by&ref=home

He had 98% positive feedback but could not properly handle his business and left malicious retaliatory negatives just to try and get buyers to mutually withdraw.
Those that received this behavior from him felt Ebay bent over backwards to satisfy the powerseller using his hotline and not helping or even caring about them as buyers.
It works both ways and now the pendulum swings TOO far in the other direction.
NOT RIGHT EITHER, but you can send your complaints to dave at sildog@aol.com

Bridger Anderson says:


I just had a transaction where I received Negative Feedback for leaving a Neutral response. The seller waited 6 days before informing me that she had auctioned an item out of stock.

I left the following Neutral Comment after receiving a refund:

Sold an out of stock item, however gave an immediate full refund.

Reply by seller:

Didn’t sell an out of stock item, you misunderstood

Follup by me:

“your order will be shipped as soon as the item is back in stock” = out of stock

Then I received the following Negative:

Thanks for your patience and understanding

Reply by me:

Seller sold an out of stock item. I paid,refunded. Seller mad over neutral feedback.

There are good and bad things about this change. Usually bad sellers/buyers don’t last long. By the new eBay policy, once this seller is ousted from the community, the negative will be removed. Honestly I think that is all that is needed. Also, blatantly retaliatory negative feedback should be against eBay policy. My case is pretty blatant.

This benefits me as a buyer, but it is also no good to me as a seller. I’ve had some CRAPPY buyers, and I’ve only sold about 25 items on Ebay. Why should I have to receive a negative comment without being able to state that this guy waited 15 days to paying me for the item and didn’t contact me before the 15 days?

Additionally, crappy buyers don’t last long either. All of the buyers/sellers I’ve had problems with have eventually had to cancel their accounts.

In 40 purchases I’ve only left 2 Negative and 2 Neutral comments. In 25 sales, I’ve only had 1 non-payer, and 1 late payer. All of these people are now off of eBay.

selling*maryville says:

i have just one question about this whole , “no negative feedbacks for buyers” change.

How are you going to even have buyers, if all the sellers get blackmailed by these precious sellers, and leave ebay??

if you don’t have any sellers, the buyers are non existent and useless.

You should REally be sticking up for your SELLERS..since THEY are the ones that pay you more than the buyers….hence the listing fees, FVF, and Pay pal fees….are you SERIOUSLY choosing your buyers over your sellers??? You’re crazy!! SO MANY SELLERS are going to leave you..this is their LAST straw with all your games!

MarciMarc says:

Selling & Buying

eBay has become about as user friendly as a street corner in the projects. Their methods of shielding bids put buyers at risk for shill bidding like crazy. Then they stiff the sellers by giving them no recourse against buyers who bid & win, but fail to pay.

I think the people in the Ivory Tower have gotten so far away from what it’s like in the eBay trenches, that perhaps we’re all better off just attending our local live auctions again.

troyboy says:


I like the idea of sellers not being able to leave negative feedback. forces them to be honest and upfront with buyers. plus who cares about sellers. if 1001 sellers quit today there would be 1001 to take their place tommorrow. what we need is buyers. without buyers the sellers go broke and Ebay is no more. WHO DO YOU THINK EBAY CARES ABOUT THE MOST! Exactly.

Just Me says:

Buyer Feedback

Why is everyone making such a big deal about buyer feedback? Buyer feedback does not make a difference. It only makes a difference to your ego. If you are an honest buyer and leave negative feedback to a seller accordingly based on the transaction then who cares if the seller retaliates with a negative back at you? That just means that the seller is at fault for not using the feedback system correctly which has put Ebay in the position they are in now which makes the whole feedback system not work for what it was intended for. A buyer does not get a true view of a sellers reputation because many buyers before them have been afraid to leave a negative feedback in fear of getting one in return. OMG not a negative feedback on a buyer account because that would do what??? All you have to do is have a separate buying and selling account and be both a reputable seller and a buyer who reads the listing and pays according. END OF STORY!

Just Me says:

Buyer Feedback

Why is everyone making such a big deal about buyer feedback? Buyer feedback does not make a difference. It only makes a difference to your ego. If you are an honest buyer and leave negative feedback to a seller accordingly based on the transaction then who cares if the seller retaliates with a negative back at you? That just means that the seller is at fault for not using the feedback system correctly which has put Ebay in the position they are in now which makes the whole feedback system not work for what it was intended for. A buyer does not get a true view of a sellers reputation because many buyers before them have been afraid to leave a negative feedback in fear of getting one in return. OMG not a negative feedback on a buyer account because that would do what??? All you have to do is have a separate buying and selling account and be both a reputable seller and a buyer who reads the listing and pays according. END OF STORY!

Zeropopordie says:


Same thing happened to me. My first purchase was a “Cracked” (Cracked the Code) Copy of Photoshop Upgrade.
Second, a computer which said 160G hard drive which was only 80 (He paid for Newegg purchase, but I had to pay $50 to install it).
Third a broken vacuum cleaner, which was not packed, $55 shipping when it cost him $17. Shipping back would have cost me $55 +$17, he would have made money on shipping so finally I had it and I gave bad feedback and he retaliated. My only feedback then was 100% bad and I had done NOTHING wrong.
When I see certain things selling over and over for 3x the value and misrepresented, it makes me wonder if family and friends are buying to keep the price high and pad the good feedback.

Dolly says:

Unfair to sellers

Right now, I have a bidder who hasn’t paid for their item they purchased 4 weeks ago. Now I won’t be able to warn other sellers that this bidder doesn’t pay. And where that might not seem to be a big deal, the sellers options for blocking unpaying bidders is very limited, and a recent negative is one of the few options. So now people can bid, bid and bid some without paying with no fear of the small amount of protection that sellers have at their disposal.

Dolly says:

What was the point before?

If you have recently received a negative comment, other sellers can block you form thier auctions. Sellers don’t want problem buyers and this really covers the buyer that won’t pay. Listing fees are non-refundable so if a buyer won’t pay, the seller is just “out” that money. That’s why sellers should be able to leave negatives for buyers.

ConcernedSeller says:

Feedback Now an eBay JOKE!

I just have to get on record that I am appalled that buyers are now exempt from leaving anything but positive feedback. That leaves sellers completely without rights and open for numerous negatives. When you are above the law and untouchable, then you are much more powerful. You’re right. The only thing that kept the rotten buys I’ve dealt with over the years from leaving me a negative was my ability to leave them one. I’ll bet my positive feedback may not sound so positive from now on!

karen iuppa says:

eBay feedback

I am a seller on eBay and a buyer.

Its crazy that seller’s can not leave neg. feedback. It makes me feel very unprotected as a seller.

The slow payers issue deserves a special category….as that seems to be the biggest obstacle as a seller but there are also the times when buyers can be petulant and take out their frustrations on sellers. I had one person after many emails back and forth re: a well packed but non the less broken in transit object finally tell me she had anger issues!!! And another international buyer insisting that I was making money on international shipping and letting domestic buyers skate…and this was way before our postal rate increases. I finally had to tell her that we could trade negative feedback or just let the matter drop. She ended up leaving positive feedback as did I.

I guess the feedback system has gotten kind of smarmy. Haha

Pi**ed Off Seller says:

eBaY Feedback System Changes

It works both ways. I have bought a couple music CDs from eBaY seller jomar (No Longer A Registered User, Hmm???), and paid for them within an hour of the auction ending. When I received them they were “CDRs” Recorded by him/her and being sold as new in the listing. I did the appropriate thing and left negative feedback to alert other buyers to this fact. I was left retaliatory negative feedback by the seller Jomar along with some cockamamie story about me and a buddy trying to scam him/her, My reply was “I’m not the one ripping people off by selling them CD-Rs as original CDs”

I also currently have a buyer supercoop3406 who has won an item from me in an auction which ended May 4, 2008. I have sent several invoices and have received absolutely no contact from this person. Even if they do eventually pa, wht-the-heck, who wants to be strung-out for 2 weeks or more
with no contact on a transaction?? This is a classic case of a “Deadbeat Bidder” as I like to call them. THIS PERSON DESERVES “NEGATIVE FEEDBACK” FOR THIS TRANSACTION, AND, NOW THANKS TO EBAY I AM UNABLE TO LEAVE IT FOR THEM. I want t know who’s Knee-Jerk decision it was to make these changes. The system is not perfect, but, each side has a “Fair And Balanced” chance to leave feedback for the other.

Old Ebayer says:

Ebay neagtives. How to stop it.

I sell on ebay, about 100 products a month. Ebay makes their money off of me. The buyer does not pay any fees. I do. Listing fees, selling fees, and paypal fees. Out of the 100 products a month I sell, I buy on ebay about 10 products a month. I now leave everyone negative feedback.

Everyone should leave everyone negative feedback. This is the only way to make ebay smarten up or go bust.

Ebay! You better be listening to this. It will be contagious!!!

Lynne says:

ebays negative feedback

Maybe ebay should rename itself Big Brother.
Not only are sellers not allowed to leave negative feedback, but all neutral feedback is now being used as a minus 1 deduction to the seller’s feedback, interesting!
Maybe ebay should rewrite the dictionary as well
Neutral means neither for or against.
Ebay says it means against.
What happened to freedom here?

Lynne says:

ebays negative feedback

Maybe ebay should rename itself Big Brother.
Not only are sellers not allowed to leave negative feedback, but all neutral feedback is now being used as a minus 1 deduction to the seller’s feedback, interesting!
Maybe ebay should rewrite the dictionary as well
Neutral means neither for or against.
Ebay says it means against.
What happened to freedom here?

Charles (user link) says:

Its all about the cash

Think about it, first eBay set up the new rating system then changed the way it collects its fees. Now final values fees are based on your approval rating buy the buyers. The buyers rate you and the lower your ratings the more you pay. Now they are giving the buyers a free pass on leaving negative feedback and low ratings.

Bottom line is that eBay has found a new way to make more money and increase their bottom line. It is all about the cash, not yours but theirs!!!

Tester says:

This is really the best solution?

“what about non-paying buyers?”

When a buyer is reported and confirmed as a non-payer, they receive account strikes, possible suspension and/or account termination.

Riddle me this: Do you think more scams result from bad buyers or bad sellers? This makes perfect sense to me; Although, there can never be a “perfect solution”.

captains_coins says:

Feedback,silverthefox not so nice

Hey silverthefox. That story sounds pretty spot on to me. I bought some “unopened” Peace Medal nickel rolls from you, supposedly in an unopened box too. Funny thing is, I OPENED those two rolls today and guess what I found inside? 2 Peace medal nickels, and 38 KEELBOAT NICKELS in each roll. You cleverly opened the keelboat rolls (a small slit at each end), place two peace nickels in each roll and then rewrapped them with COPIED (counterfeited!) Peace Medal wrapper. Hell, the paper you used doesn’t come close to matching what the U.S. Mint uses, and the scotch tape is a dead giveaway. This is your ONE opportunity to make this right with me, otherwise I take my evidence and go to the Postmaster General as well as the Secret Service, understand? Then, I will contact all the other folks you ripped off as i think you claimed to have like twenty boxes of them at the time. Ebay has not been contacted yet, but I know how much they frown on fraudulent coin dealers so I’m sure they will be pleased to hear from me and all the rest of those poor people that haven’t unwrapped theirs yet. If you got a pair, you can contact me at clicklube@gmail.com so we can settle this without the authorities. Oh ya. Since Ebay has crappy policies regarding contacting sellers, I have been forced to use this forum to contact you, making this post relevant.

Worried_Ebayer says:

Change is Always good

I just recently started using my ebay account to buy things. Never really trusted the thing before. I found some great deals on used laptops. And the seller’s feedback was 100%. The feedback said things like “fast shipping, Kept will informed.” Things like that make me feel all good inside about buying great deal items. I opted to Buy Now, couldn’t pass up the chance to lose out on such a great deal. Used paypal and paid right away. 2 days later with no message from the seller, I messaged him asking how soon he would ship the item. 2 days later he messaged me back and told me he would the following morning and send me the tracking. 4 days after this I haven’t received anything from this seller. I sent him another message asking if he had yet shipped again….still nothing. So tonight I gave him a final warning if he does not at least message me saying this item was shipped, I’d have no choice but to file a dispute with paypal. I have yet to give this guy my feedback in hopes his schedule has just been to busy. And although it’s taken this long, if he can validate a reasonable explanation as to what happened, I would gladly still give him a positive feedback. I feel once the seller ships the item and I recive the tracking that all has been done by the seller. If USPS or UPS ect take weeks to deliver it, that’s the their fault not the sellers, It would be a shame to ruin a sellers perfect feedback without any reasoning, Although I feel communication should be a key when buying and selling on ebay.

bill says:

this is not good...

i am both an ebay buyer,and seller.i have a great standing right now.As a seller,i need to know that i can trust the buyer.i do not allow first time buyers in my auctions,they are huge pains in my neck.I do not sell to bidders with more than one negative feedback in the last 6 months.This is my job,and how i feed my family.wasting time and money with no-pay buyers,or non-serious bids hurts me and my business.So how is them(buyers) not getting negative feedback going to help me(the seller)? Stupid move E-Bay.

Steve says:


“Nothing special about this transaction”
What is the seller supposed to do? Send the item with milk & cookies?

I have been selling on eBay for over 3 years and in that time I’ve never had a non-paying buyer or problem that couldn’t be resolved.

In the past two months, I’ve listed 6 items, and 2 of them have gone unpaid, both from buyers with 0 feedback, and I can’t do anything about it.

anon says:

Needs more work

I think its a bit unfair to the sellers. But they brought this upon themselves for leaving retaliatory feedback. I always felt scared to leave negative feedback for this reason. My only option was to not leave feedback at all. The transaction, on the sellers part, ends when they get paid. Leave feedback. If they didn’t get paid then yes leave negative. If it was slow then leave neutral. If they are honest then there’s no need for anything to go wrong. Sellers hold feedback hostage until the buyer leaves feedback first. Unfair. I don’t think, however, that this method is truly fair. There ought to be some other way. Maybe sellers should be allowed to leave negative only after x number of days of not recieving payment. And feedback should be mandatory and not voluntary. Of course, buyers should be the ones to leave it first. Buyers on the other hand should be forced to take other steps before leaving negative feedback. They should have had emailed first, and waited a few days. I think the new system is not perfect. But as a buyer I can’t complain.

Thirsty Rock says:

My 2 Cents

Heres my 2 cents worth:
I am a Store seller on Ebay for about 5 years now. I have had 100% feedback and strived to insure that I made people happy to keep it that way even when I knew that at times they were most likely ripping me off. But now with this new FB system. It is the last straw. I hate to leave Ebay but the system no longer works fairly. You always will have good and Bad sellers and Buyers. But now the buyer has an open door policy to loot the store.
1) The sale is not complete until the buyer receives of the item ! So automatically leaving feedback to the buyer after receiving payment is nuts. DOES THE BUYER FEEL THE SALE IS COMPLETE AFTER PAYING FOR THE ITEM BEFORE RECEIVING IT?
2) What use is it to set your Ebay Filter to screen prospective buyers with Negatives if the Buyer can only get a positive rating? All buyers are good now. Bad buyers look the same as good buyers.
3) Now they are charging extra to let you access the international market. 10 cents Uk etc.per product.
So now we are members of Ebay National and it costs more to be part of Ebay International.
4)Ebay stopped download products. Yes I know there were a lot of people selling 1 cent items to get their rating up. So Ebay says they had to stop download sales to stop this. Well that is not entirely true ! They could have just raised the download Min $ for purchase and that would have stopped it. If someone would be willing to buy about 1000 different downloads at $3.00 ea just to get the red star, I think they deserve it. LOL
If Ebays intentions was to stop pirated stuff being download, that makes no sense either. Pirated stuff can be copied on disk.
5) The fees have gone through the roof. Between Ebay, Paypal and the new postal fees, if you are not selling bigger ticket items, it is hard to make any money. Especially since the scammers now have a season open sign posted by the field.

I agree with someone above. Ebay is tired of the smaller sellers. I think they are trying to cut back the sellers to big sellers. The ones that make them the big bucks. Less people to deal with and people who can afford to take a loss on a deal if needed.
Ebay is no longer the philosophical “60’s Liberal Commune Marketplace” any more. It is growing up and leaving all that behind to be more like a Ted Turner or a George Soros.
Money and Greed seems to change the greatest of “Liberal Free the People Ideas”. And the little guys get left behind when the money takes over.LOL
Green is Just plain Mean.

Well all that was more like a quarters worth.

I am closing down my Ebay account this month. Had it because there is more to come down the road. And it only is getting worse for the seller.
Anyone know of any great sites that help you sell your products like Ebay or similar, I would greatly appreciate the leads.
Best of luck to all of you. And lets hope something better comes along to replace Ebay !

Thirsty Rock

Crazy like a fox says:

Free Ebay Stuff

This new Ebay policy is ridicules

???? This new Ebay policy is ridicules. It encourages the thieves to
steal. I can now order items off ebay, pay through paypal, receive the item and
then demand my money back. Then all I have to do is file a complaint with
paypal and get my money back, keep the item and give the seller negative
feedback. Not a thing the seller can do about it.


???? I agree, it?s
about money for Ebay. I don?t think they care about fair practices. So the only
way to get Ebay to change it?s policy is for enough sellers to dump Ebay. My
mission now is to spread the word on how to hose the sellers. Once enough of
them get burned, they will leave Ebay. Sellers watch out! We are coming!


P.S. Thanks for
the free stuff!

Thirsty Rock says:

A set of Rules for the Buyer before purchase

Just for Kicks I added the following to bottom of all listings till I wrap up my account.
Though not a catch all, it does provide a little more for allowing me to set the rules for the purchase. It helps me screen in a small way who I allow to shop in my store and the rules while they are there:

Here it is;
If your Purchase is declined and your money refunded:

We are not saying you are a bad buyer for declining to accept your purchase. We have reviewed you feedback and at our discretion have decided that there may be too much risk involved following through on the transaction ****
You agree that we do not need to explain why we arrived at this decision…
99% of Buyers are accepted on the average. You are most likely one of them!
If you feel you have a problem with the item after receiving it, you agree to contact the seller immediately though Ebay upon receipt of the item prior to leaving feedback. You agree to first try to resolve the matter with the seller.
Item as described:
If you have questions about a product, ask before purchasing. Do not assume anything! We make every effort to describe the item the best we can. But everyone looks for different things. So ask if you do not know.
Shipping Time:
We make every attempt to mail your product to you in 24 Hrs. Excluding weekends when the Postal office is closed and Holidays You will see the date shipped to you printed on your mailing label. We are not responsible if USPS takes longer then normal to deliver your item.
Example, first class mail in the United States normally takes a maximum of 3 days. If we shipped in 24 hours of your purchase (noted on label) and it took 7 days to get, that is the Post offices fault and you should not give us Bad feedback because we do not own the Post office or have control over your package once they have it. The important thing for you is to read the date the post office received it printed on your shipping label. You are rating us on getting the package out the door, not rating the Post Office in Feedback!
Shipping and Handling Charges:
If you feel the shipping is to high on this item, do not buy it.
Or buy more than one item and get a discount on shipping.
(Only Selected items receive a discount, read the page near shipping of the item you are reviewing to see it says a discount applies).
Every purchase you make on Ebay is a combined Price + Shipping = Total Amount for product.
So feel free to compare which gives you the best price for the product first and that you agree to.
Note: We do not pay or collect any VAT TAXES. If you feel you are subject to any VAT taxes in your country,
please contact your local Postal Office and find out before buying.

tinplatetony says:

List Disputes Opend Against Buyer or Seller

I have both sold and bought on ebay. I have had no trouble with sellers, but multiple issues with non-payers, slow payers and neutral feedback givers who think waiting for a cheque to clear before posting = slow. The slow payers usually cough up after a dispute is opened and the number of dead relative excuses is legion. So ebay simply list number of disputes opened against an ebay user – or is that too simple.

Thirsty Rock says:

No Incentive for Seller

Lets face it. There is no incentive to negotiate or even voluntarily giving the buyer back his money !
Think of it this way!
Example: A buyer buys from you, is not happy with product and wants a full refund. So you say, ship the item back to me and I will give a full refund as per the return policy in your Ebay page ad. They (the buyer) says they do not want to pay the costs to ship back. So you out of the goodness of your heart pay for the shipping and once you receive it, give the buyer all his money back.
What did you get out of it?
You ended up paying for shipping to get it back and do you think you are going to get good feedback?
NOT! So why waste the money. The buyer will say it was not as described or something.
Fight to keep the money and not throw away the extra shipping costs on your part. You are going to get bad feedback anyways most likely.
BY the way, you have to remember that some people sell the same item for years. And have always received 100% good feedback on it. Not that everyone will like it, but makes you question the intent of the individual who says not as described. Why did they not ask questions before purchasing? Did they not see what everyone else was saying in your feedback?

What fool out of the goodness of his heart would bend over and let someone destroy you and your family business over $10.00. Because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO? The right thing to do is not let the crook steal food out of your families mouth, that is the right thing to do.Fight em to the end. If you lose, it still is the same. You give em back their money, they leave you bad feedback and they may even keep the product. LOL
Gotta love disarming the seller and say play fair.

Thirsty Rock says:

Ebay Disclaimer Above by Thirsty Rock

It is under question at this point whether the seller will be allowed to actually decline a sell to a buyer. Apparently, the seller is not considered knowledgeable enough to decide whether he should sell to someone who has a bad feedback history. The thought of train on this is that you do not know if they will slam you or blackmail you like they did to others, so it may be unfair to mutually withdraw or refuse the sale. I guess the philosophy is that someone who has money are expected to be good buyers. Hey they got money, that is good. Kinda like Drug Dealers, Pimps etc. They all have lots of money, so they must be good. Dah.

The only way I know how to get a ruff idea of the buyer is after they purchase, look at feedback left for other sellers.
But if you are not allowed to base your sell on whether to deal with them after they purchase on their prior feedback to other sellers, you have no way to protect yourself. You have to wait to be burned than add to the block list of those you do not want to have buy from you. Like they really plan to come back and try and burn you again! LOL
And the buyer is not rated like the Seller. Why is this?
Oh ya, cause they have the money. So they must honest and fair. LOL

Why does the buyers feedback box at the top of their feedback page even show the negative count?
Does not apply anymore and is misleading now. You see positive but no negative unless they have had problems with selling something themselves. So maybe it ought to say Negatives left for others ! And Negatives received by others for selling.So depending on your business with them, you get a better idea if they are a good buyer and a bad seller, or a bad buyer and a good seller or just bad all over.
Ebay does not want it to be that complex, but once you start screwing with the meaning of the feedback chart on the top of the feedback page, ya have to change the chart folks.
The chart means nothing now. Except the buyer is always good. LOL

Well I started with 2 cents worth a few days ago in this post and thinking I may have put a dollar into this.

Take care sellers, best of luck, Hoping Craigs list is watching Ebay and learning, so when they are ready to blast out of the box fully, Ebay will be back to selling flowers on the street corner, saying peace and wearing physcodelic clothes again.

Thirsty Rock (user link) says:

Sample Screen Of possible Better System

Here is a suggested Screen we should see for feedback on a persons feedback page. Hey some people are good sellers and terrible buyers and vice versa. And some are both good or bad on each.
This gives a more fair picture and helps you evaluate a person as a Buyer or Seller better. At least you can identify problems more easily. I know it needs some work, but I think with buyer and seller input, it could work out to be something much better.

Scott S. (user link) says:

eBay no longer a 2 Way Street!

On May 19, 2008 eBay’s Feedback system changed and it seems to ONLY benefit Buyers.

It takes away the ability of a Seller to leave Negative Feedback even in the even a Buyer Backs out of the Auction after winning / never pays for an item.

It’s ironic that everyone here the loves the new Feedback (Looking through the Community Boards) is someone who has never sold a thing on eBay.

Most Sellers have been on both sides of the eBay Street (Buying and Selling) and have every right to comment and be pissed about it.

If you have no experience with it, you really have no right to comment.

Let me ask all you “Buyers”, what do you contribute in $$$ to eBay? What cost do you pay? THAT’S RIGHT… NONE!

This new Feedback system is fair how? My knowledge of Fair gives equality and right to all parties involved.

Feedback is an essential way of seeing who is the Honest and Dishonest on both the Buyers and Seller’s Side. I have been on both sides of this street and over the almost 10 years I have been on eBay, I have 2 negative posts left on my account. Both because the Buyer did not read my auction fully and because they felt cheated (Even though I showed them the details they forgot to read) I received bad feedback. I live I move on, but overall, I come across a lot of “Non-Paying Bidders”. I have to process at least one request a week that someone decided they are not going to pay or communicate with me. So I put in the Non-Payment Request which is a sellers right 7 days after the auction ends. The Non-Payment process takes close to two weeks overall to complete, when it is done, the Seller generally get rewarded their insert fees back and the now Bogus Buyer gets a Negative Strike on their account (After 3 eBay Suspends your account) and then I genuinely leave Negative Feedback on their account (Along the lines of “NEVER PAID, NO COMMUNICATION, AVOID ” ).

Now if I get someone that never pays, I have to be nice about it??? I will no longer have the ability as a Seller to notify others that “Joe Buyer” never paid for this item and be carful dealing with. Yet on the other and, buyers if they feel they have had some type of ‘Bad” experience with a seller, they will still be able to leave the Negative Feedback.

Again, this is fair how???

I think this could have been handled / done another way:

1. Like Sellers do, make buyers put in Credit Card information. Buyers don’t contribute any $$$ to eBay. You pay no fees regardless of winning an item or not. A Seller on the other hand pays all the insert fees and once a Bid has been placed on an item, as far as eBay is concerned, it’s sold and they take that percentage. Buyers putting in a Credit Card will solve / help solve buyers backing out. Rather then eBay loosing $$$ on rewarding me back my insert fees, they should be charge back to the buyer that backed out. Also on that, eBay should not take a percentage until the item is marked paid / sent by the Seller. You can change the system and make it almost like a wizard that a Buyer or Seller must go through to complete a transaction. From the initial bid, to communication after winning to leaving feedback. MAKE IT A REQUIREMENT ON ALL ENDS! Accounts neglecting to follow the rules get deleted after 3 months.

2. If you are going to put in this change, then there needs to be some considerations. For instance, let Sellers still leave Negative Feedback, if a Buyer gets more then 3 Non-Payment Requests or 3 Negative Feedbacks against them in the course of say 6 months / year, then the Negative feedback should show up. (eBay put something similar to this in effect)

3. Like Buyers do, we should have a “Star” System. Something that shows if the paid on time. Had good communication, Etc…

Feedback overall is based on two things:

1. A Sellers ability to provide the item as described / promised.
2. A Buyers ability to pay for the item and in the way the Seller accepts.


It is a Buyers Responsibility to Ask the Seller a Question. If you as a Buyer don’t ask, you may be disappointed in the item you receive, especially if is not what you expected. Also to alert the Seller as to when the Payment is sent.
It is a Sellers Responsibility to Advertise the item honestly and give as many details as possible, also maintain communication with the Buyer that won the item.

Do you know how many Buyers I have that NEVER communicate with me, then the minute I send a Non Payment request, I get the “Why did you do that…” The auction ended 7 – 10 days before, I have sent you several invoices and reminders and have not gotten one response, that is why. Overall, bad transactions generally happen because there is a LACK OF COMMUNICATION! I don’t care that you went on vacation… I don’t care that you only access eBay from your Work PC if you had time to bid / win then you have time to send me a quick note as to how you plan to pay for the item. It’s simply common courtesy.

I have 398 Feedback notes on my account. Most of it as a Seller, the remaining (About 37 Transactions) as a Buyer, so I have been on both sides of this street.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are as many dishonest Sellers out there as there are Buyers, for the most part we are all good and in the world of Sales / Retail, in most cases, you sell an item based on ‘Word of Mouth” (FEEDBACK)

I am sure that some of you will disagree with me and I would gather that for the most part, you are all Buyers and you have the right to your Opinion, but unless you have been both a Buyer and a Seller, you really don’t realize how unfair this is.

Comments Welcome!

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Thirsty Rock says:

Bad Buyer List

Ok, since ebay will NOT protect the seller from a bad buyer as per chat with ebay stores today. We the sellers need to create our own list.

The function to block buyers who you do not wish to deal with is there. But the problem is there is no way to add them to your blocked buyers list till they already burned you. And once they have, why block them?, they are not coming back anyways.

So lets create a list of user id’s of those who are bad buyers.
Post it on the internet so anyway can copy the id’s to their blocked buyers list. I will donate a site for this purpose.
Ideas, (Simple please) lol
Lets do it ! You can block before they come scamming to your door that way.

It si not the end all, but getting a list togehtehr appears the only way to somewhat protect ourselves.

you can email me at sitemen@cox.net

Thirsty Rock says:

Bad Buyer List 2

Forgot to add, that we want to keep it simple. Like the ids so they can be copied and pasted. Also maybe a offense catergory.
So, like un-paying category or scammer. LOl Well ya get the drift.
We need to take control of our future. To long we expected Ebay to help protect us. Now they have stripped us naked and thrown us to the wolves and still expect us to support them. Yes we are the ones paying their wages, not the buyers!

Lets start blocking the problem children NOW!

Chesapeake Bay Traders (user link) says:

Sellers cannot leave negative feedback.

But how are sellers suppose to know the buyer’s integrity?As a rule, I always leave positive feedback directly after I receive payment for an item.I feel that that is when the buyers have fulfilled their part of the Ebay contract. I don’t play the feedback game and try to provide high quality items ,affordable prices, and quick,accurate shipping.Recently I had to leave positive feedback ( as it was automatic and EBay wouldn’t even let me leave a neautral) on a customer that I had sent 16 invoices to with no response.I filed a dispute with no response, and finally filed a non pay bidder strike.When I looked at the buyer’s page none of this was ( not even the strile was listed).I went to leave feeback and had to leave positive feedback..For what? Did the buyer deserve positive? No , and future sellers need to know that I had a very negative experience with this buyer..and yet I was forced to leave a positive..By being forced to leave a positive on a non paying, non responsive buyer it makes the positive feedback that a genuine great customer recieves less valuable.

Nicole says:

Yeah, Great idea... (NOT)

Oh yeah, I’m sure it’s expected that I should agree that the ONLY thing a buyer is supposed to do to be a good buyer is pay for the item. Doesn’t matter WHEN or HOW the item was paid for (payment needs to be made within 5 days, buyer pays 3 weeks later with a bad check but yep, he deserves good feedback and I shouldn’t even think about trying to WARN other buyers that this guy sent a bad check after more than 3X the amount of time he was supposed to).

And a buyer who pays, but then decides that the item isn’t something he really needs (or something he really needs to have to pay for) so now he wants a refund on an item that is NON-REFUNDABLE. Or the buyer who refuses to return a damaged item EVEN WHEN I OFFER TO NOT ONLY PAY THE RETURN SHIPPING AND GIVE A FULL REFUND BUT OFFER AN ADDITIONAL FEW DOLLARS FOR GAS. He did however pay after the purchase so he deserves a positive RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!!?

I have an international buyer right now who received a priority mail international quote, but then demanded he only have to pay for the first class international mail because it was cheaper (when he emailed he asked about ONLY 1 ITEM then bought 3, I told him that yes I do ship internationally but will only ship Priority or Express for tracking purposes.) Not only did he blackmail me into the international mail (and the quote HE looked up and decided on) but then forced me to give him the shipping discount on an additional 2 items he bought after. 7 days after I shipped the item he opens a paypal claim against me saying the item had not arrived… of course NOT though with the Priority it MAY have. He told me he would close the dispute when the items arrived. about 4 days later he closes the dispute and I hear nothing more from him for OVER 4 WEEKS. Now he is telling me his items haven’t arrived and I’m just waiting for him to demand a refund (his order will be 15% of my average monthly income). But I’m sure I should’ve left him a positive as soon as his payment had been received…

There are idiots, scammers and jerks who can’t be pleased ever out there. I REFUSE to leave a retaliatory negative for a negative THAT I DESERVED!!! But if someone is going to USE THE NEGATIVE for me to 1) Get out of terms stated clearly in the auction 2) Get out of a sale they are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to complete just because they changed their mind 3) Try to scam me into giving them my items for free or 4) Use the feedback console as a way to communicate then they deserve a negative.

I bend over backwards to the extreme for my customers. I want you to be happy with your purchase and have gone out of my way even after I received a negative to make the customer happy. I’ve left SEVERAL neutrals for non paying bidders because I didn’t want to ruin their reputation (Non paying bidders COST ME MONEY but I didn’t leave them a negative)

But yeah, I’m a horrible seller because I wait to make sure my customers are happy before leaving feedback. I DO NOT DO IT to retaliate, I do it to ensure communication so I can make the experience the best I can for my buyers because ALOT of buyers DON’T communicate is a seller has left feedback so I CAN’T FIX ANYTHING.

TooBad says:

Too Bad Sellers! Waa Waa Waa!

I say kudos to eBay!!!!!! A GREAT CHANGE!

Waa Waa Waa! Cry me a fucking river sellers!

IF I win and auction and pay within a reasonable amount of time – I SHOULD GET A POSITIVE. PERIOD!!!!

Before I buy ANYTHING from ANY SELLER, I review the feedback the seller has given to people in the past.

If I see that the buyer left a negative due to not getting the item, very slooooooow shipping, etc AND the seller has retaliated with negative feedback – I DO NOT BUY FROM THAT SELLER! I don’t care how good of a deal it is, etc.

TOO MANY SELLERS HAVE DONE THIS! Seems to has become a STANDARD practice of A LOT if not MOST sellers.

If I pay fast and later receive crap merchandise or it takes forever, etc – I SHOULD BE ABLE TO LEAVE A NEGATIVE WITHOUT RETALIATION!

This change in policy would never have happened IF sellers did not do retalitory feedback!




Now you cannot retaliate! AWWWWWWW!

Drew says:


That is actually a VERY good point – blind feedback so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to retaliate to feedback and so the only thing you can comment on is the transaction. Another good way to fix the problem would be to only allow sellers to send negative feedback BEFORE the buyer leaves their feedback. Once the buyer leaves feedback, the seller can either only leave positive feedback or none at all. After all, the seller has NO BUSINESS leaving feedback after the buyer has paid.

Drew says:

How stupid

Yeah that’s the best idea I’ve heard. Maybe this in conjunction with the inability of a seller to leave negative feedback after the buyer has left their feedback or a couple weeks or something (essentially stop the seller from being able to leave negative feedback after the buyer has paid). If a seller is going to experience problems with a buyer it will be almost immediately, like within 7 days, before the buyer pays. Once the buyer has paid, then his part of the deal is done and there is nothing he could possibly do after that to deserve negative feedback, and anything negative the seller has to say at that point is clearly retaliatory.

gerald lowe says:

no seller feedback


ThirstyRock says:

Suggested today to Ebay to fix Part of the Problem !

This is what I sent to Ebay today to help fix some of the problems with this buyer fraud problem they have created.

“I have a few suggestions that will help build confidence and protect sellers. And at the same not interfere with buyers.
1) Since the change on the feedback system on Ebay, Sellers are open for fraud and abuse. Also there is no way to know if the buyer is a crook since they can only get good feedback and good comments. You have no way of knowing anything about the buyer and no way of blocking a bad buyer. It should be our decision who we sell to.
So here is a suggestion: We need to have a way to select at our option in our Ebay to block anyone who has left Negative Feedback to a seller in the last 30 days. This can be an option the same as the unpaid items option we currently have. It can be…Block buyer who has left a negative feedback in the last 30 days with 1,2, negative feedbacks left for others etc. And maybe even a within 30 days, 60 days etc. This allows us to at least block some risky buyers at our discretion. And the buyer even though may have had justification for leaving bad feedback on the transaction with someone else, will still be able to buy from other sellers who do not want to block someone who has left negative feedback in a certain period of time. Also it gives the buyer a 2nd thought of leaving negative feedback without resolving the matter. It will not stop them from buying on ebay, it will just keep them from buying from those sellers who choose to set this option and do not wish to take as much risk on someone who could not resolve the matter in which they gave bad feedback.

2) Another suggestion to help protect sellers and reduce disputes would be an option to require those buyers who have not ID verified with Ebay and got there ID verify icon on their ebay account.
I would like to suggest that the seller have the option to select an option in their account for those that have NOT ID verified that they are required to pay shipping insurance in their purchases. This encourages them to pay the $5.00 and be recognized with ID Verify. They do not have to ID verify on Ebay and totally is an option for the buyer, but if the buyer has not been ID verified they will have shipping insurance automatically in their total costs. Those who are ID verified will not have shipping insurance automatically added to their shipping costs. Shipping insurance will be optional for ID verified members of Ebay as it is presently for everyone Id Verified or not. This way we can clean up the buyers a little, and at least know a little more who is legit. It encourages the buyer to participate a little more in the Ebay system. And gives the sellers a little more reinsurance on transactions.

I know there is no way of completely eliminating all fraud etc. But these 2 suggestions at least give the seller more control who buys their products and also helps legitimize more buyers. And since both are options, and not required to be used. It should have no effect on disrupting the present system. And you can stop all the bad press and forums about the feedback system which is driving your sellers away.”

I suggest everyone who agrees to this, submit it through contact us on ebay. Or your suggestion. They are not going to change this buyer gets the item for free if they want policy, so we need safe gaurds that we can use if we choose to protect ourselves a little.

ThirstyRock says:

By the way

By the way, the comment further above about Ebay sellers and shipping arriving late. I think Ebay needs to inform Ebay Buyers that sellers on Ebay do not own the Goverment Postal System, or the postal trucks etc. Seems that if you ship in 24 hours and the postal service takes an extra day. The buyer is nmad at the seller. Sellers do not run the postal system. Your package has the date the item was sent at the post office. If it is first class and took 5 days not the 3 days. The seller has no control over the post office.

This suggestion is for those who need a label saying coffee is hot on a coffee cup, that standing in the middle of the freeway could get you run over etc.
There are people like that out there, the MTV generation

Ebay Seller says:

Wow…I’m a new ebayer, but this system has gotten me CRAZED!

Over the past week, I’ve been endlessly harassed by BUYERS telling me to lower my shipping costs (they’re not inflated; exactly what it costs for me to ship it off with insurance!) and to give them deals.

The icing? One buyer specifically said they were going to give me negative feedback if I didn’t lower my shipping 75%, and sent me about 4 threatening emails. I can’t even say anything about how reasonable this buyer is!

As with any feedback system, you will have scammers, and making the process more onesided doesn’t help! You just change the balance of power.

After my horrible experience this past week, I am going to a different auction site

Agent86 says:


Yeh, but what if you didn’t pay for something that you won ?

Should you be allowed to leave bad feedback for a seller that you did not pay ? Thats the real question.

A buyer should not be qualified to rate the seller in anyway if heshe has never purchased products from the seller via non payment.

This is pretty simple really I don’t know how ebay has made this so complicated.

Jane says:

Fight the ban on non sellers feedback button.

Since ebay neg feedback change taken away from ONLY sellers.I have 4 non paying buyers and 2 neg feedbacks .Ebay then lower my search ,charging me the same full amount to sell on my other listings and put me at the end on the que .The buyers do not care and they know they will not get a neg feedback and feel in power to hit the button .I think all sellers who have neg feedback form problem buyers should put the ebay usernames on a web site so all sellers can stop these buyers by putting them in the block box.
Fight the ban
Ebay play dirty ,then so should we sellers.

Mike says:

Sellers certainly do have their owed skewed view of the process. The bottom line is, in any business, is this. You either exceed, or at least meet, the buyer’s expectations or don’t expect to be bragged about.

Many sellers claim that is unfair because expectations vary from customer to customer. Too bad, Welcome to the real world.

Communicate and get the item to the customer fast. Period. End of story. And if you happen to be selling an item for $1. Big deal. You want the same good feedback, be prepared to offer the same level of service.

Bruce says:


HI – I have been on Ebay selling and buying for almost 10 years, I have always tryed to do whats right, as I would want the same. I only put my best items on ebay and always make sure that they work and would be what I would want if on the other end. Good quality items.
I sold an item about 2 months ago on Ebay and everything was good for 55 days then he decides he wants a refund. So he goes to Paypal and does the item not as described and they said to late over 45 days. So then he goes to Ebay and says the same thing and he gets no where so he drops the case and then he asked me. I had others just like it. He said it didn’t work but he had forgotten to tell me earlier. I told him It was a little late but I would trade it out. Trying to keep my perfect feedback. No he wants a refund all his money back. I’m sorry exchange only so now I have my first Negative and ebay says that the way he worded it that it couldn’t be removed. They said if your on Ebay long enough it is bound to happen. I look like a bad seller and I have done nothing wrong. Why wouldn’t you just trade it if it was bad?

DT says:


The new system is stupid. I’ve been burned buy a buyer. They won the auction (a $600 item) but never paid. I left them a neg feedback (NPB). They did the same to me, said I never sent them an invoice! What? You think I don’t want my $600???

From now on when I sell I don’t leave feedback until I get feedback. I will leave honest feedback whether it’s Neg or Positive. But, If they’re not going to gelp my rating then I’m not going to help theirs.

Nadia says:

Good sellers deserve to have a voice.

I work for a company that is an eBay PLATINUM SELLER. It is not easy to get there, but we did. You have to be great to reach that status, and this means that they should have a right to say something if they were left negative feed back unfairly.

I had someone from CHINA leave negative feed back stating: TRADE WITH DIFFERENT PHOTO. What does that even mean?!?!?!

I have had International customers pick the standard air mail choice that we clearly state is un-trackable and sometimes their orders would get lost, and lo and behold no tracking is available. We take the hit and just ship them ANOTHER order, and bam! they slam us with negative feed back.

We have huge huge inventory from different vendors, so yes, rarely, our listings are out of stock and we don’t realize until the customer buys. We apologize and offer them the world and they give us negative feed back.

Double ordered something? Oh, that’s obviously my fault. Negative feedback.

Never received confirmation of your order being shipped because the email address YOU gave us is old? Thank you for yet another negative feedback.

I am great at customer service, I always do everything for my customers, especially if this company somehow messes up an order. I deserve to be able to tell other struggling sellers if a customer is too difficult to work with.

brilliant blondie says:

Good idea, but not quite good enough...

I’ve got a fabulous idea:

When either party receives feedback, they will be notified, BUT they cannot see the feedback that was left until they leave their feedback.
That way, both parties give their honest opinions, without knowing what the other person said. In theory, this would end mean retaliation feedback…
Do it ebay! Try it, and give me the credit… I said it first!

David C... says:

Is Ebay unfair...Verdict...YES

DID YOU KNOW. There are buyers on Ebay that consistantly do not pay. They are time wasters. Because one cannot give them negative feedback, in order to WARN OTHERS the only way is to give positive feedback, and make a statement saying DO NOT TRUST THIS TIME WASTER.
BUT the unfortute happens… there score keeps rising. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANTHING BUT THEY GET POSITVE FEEDBACK.
Is this Fair…NO WAY !

Anonymous Coward says:


ebay really has become a piece of crap place .. i have been on 12 years and am just about done ..ebay morons dont realize that the money they make is because of the sellers. i just got negged by this jerkoff klundeen2400 because the item broke before i could ship it out. is it my fault my house isnt made of feathers so nothing could break.. why should i get a neg .. its bullshit .. ebay is a total joke and they refuse to see it .. shows the kind of moron idiots they have running the show ..

Row says:


“by Nadia – Dec 24th, 2008 @ 10:41am

I’ve learned that the whole “The customer is always right” thing is bullshit. The customer is rarely right.”

Bollocks – without buyers you wouldn’t have eBay. It’s ultimately a BUYERS market not a SELLERS one.

As both a ex-Powerseller and a frequent buyer I see two sides of the coin.

There are so many crap sellers out there too, selling stuff thats broken, take weeks to ship etc. etc. As a buyer I do feel more confident now that people will try to rectify a problem than before.

As a seller – yes its crap. Because there are plenty who don’t pay and nit pick like crazy – so much so that I don’t sell there any more its too stressful. That’s ebays problem because they won’t make much money from me anymore….

Richard says:

Ebay abusers' heaven

I had experienced a few non-paid items from the buyers. In the past, I can leave negative feedback. Now, all I can do is to leave no feedback or to leave “POSITIVE” feedback for an asshole who did not pay or respond to my message. That’s is really ebay abuser’s heaven. The latest abuser I got is from: ebaayluver. This asshole had 97.5% positive feedback. I now understand why she had such a high score, because you have to give positive feedback to say something about her.

Real fucking smart idea from ebay admininstration. They think with their ass.

Laura says:


I have been a seller on e-bay since 1998. I am very fair, and actually have only had like 2 total negative feedbacks… all before 2000, and both were retalitory from the buyer (they did not pay, I left them negative, so they left me negative in return).

The feedback policy is meant to show the other ebay members that you are good and safe to deal with. In order to do that, you must have input from both sides. I find it absolutely ridiculous that you can’t leave negative feedback for non-paying bidders now. How are you supposed to warn other sellers that this buyer has a history of not paying?

Now buyers can start making ridiculous demands, that is IF they send payment in the first place, and if they don’t like what you say, they may just leave you a negative feedback with no concern for their feedback score.

The feedback system is completely useless now, but that’s feebay for you.

Dan says:

Great for who?!

I can tell you’ve never tried to make a living selling products on ebay. I love buying things on ebay too but lots of buyers expect way too much and are trigger happy now that they are cloaked behind a curtain. Ebay is letting sellers disallow buyers who left more than 2 negative feedbacks lifetime. I don’t want to sell to anyone who leaves bad feedback without contacting the seller to give seller a chance to make thingas right.

Dan says:

Well it's about time

What if you win and never pay and b=never respond to sellers emails. It happens all the time! Then what? ONE WAY IS NOT THE WAY! Try selling some stuff on ebay before you make up your mind, There are risks for sellers too. ever think of that? ebay charges, needing the money for something you describe honestly and then get nothing but aggravation. it’s real, not make believe. 2 sides to every controvery!

ebuster (user link) says:

eBay is the problom

the reason we have so many scams on eBay is because ebay, along with the UK police try to hide it all under the carpet and the IPCC are also on side.

make no mistake eBay has friends in high places and if you click on my name you will see 1000 adverts we have saved where members are selling feedback and yet when we ask eBay about this , as usual they do nothing.

eBay is the problom and eBuster is the solution

Hello world says:


I think this is case-by-case basis… if a seller told you shipping is uncontrollable and you agree this point and take a deal, I think it is unreasonable to write poor feedback to your seller.

On the other hand, if the seller over-commit fast shipment but actually it is not, then you should do your best to tell people your experience.

The point is – over-commit can take more business, but at the same time make more unhappy buyer, so your feedback is important to warn the other buyer.

However, if seller best describe the shipping situation, he already lose lots of potential transaction so never put the salt to someones wound.

Of course, if you are very care the delivery time, why don’t you pay more and use express mail like FEDEX, UPS or DHL? Right?

Hello World says:

Well it's about time

Seller risk
1) chargeback (partly protected, partly not)
2) false claim item not received
3) receiving / treatened by negative
4) item shipped and returned due to unclaimed (lose the postage), buyer take money back with PayPal, and leave you negative because he does not receive the item
5) item shipped and returned due to lost (maybe you can claimed for the money), similar to 4)
6) buyer request seller to pay for buyer’s import duty otherwise negative
7) buyer take a used / damaged item and tell you item he received is not working, then return at seller cost and take the money back (otherwise negative) – just imagine if this buyer is local seller who just collect the defective item and use eBay as channel to return and get the money?
8) buyer (who is also seller) use negative or poor feedback to damage other’s business – I can see some buyer (who is also a seller) leave more than 50% negative to his seller and this is diluted by 200% positive leave to his buyer to avoid others seeing his is abusing the feedback system.
9) item shipped, buyer claim item is not received, get the PayPal money back, and re-sell this lost item in his eBay store!!!

Buyer risk
1) item slightly not as described? If he use PayPal claim, he lose the shipping…
2) item significantly not as described? nothing lose – eBay protect you
3) fake item? nothing lose – eBay protect you
4) item not received – nothing lose – PayPal / eBay protect you
any? I cannot figure out.

Hello World says:

More about seller risk:
10) item shipped, buyer tell you why delivery takes so long and tell you he need to cancel the item.
11) item shipped, buyer tell you his address is not correct and he sent it to your e-mail box immediately after payment, but you did not see this when you post the item, even you check all your message in eBay My message
12) item shipped, buyer tell you he never receive your shipping notification and ask for money back and blame for your poor services.
13) pre-order item of 30 days as listed in item description, but buyer ask why item is not shipped within 4 business days as described in your Shipping and handling section
14) buyer not pay and when you file eBay dispute, he paid and immediately leave you negative because you did not close the dispute after receiving his payment
15) when you close the dispute buyer told you he does not want the item and ask for return, you lose the FVF.
16) buyer purchase 100 of your items and ask you why your shipping cost is so big…
17) buyer purchase 100 of your items and ask you to give big discount to him…

so many…

eBuster (user link) says:

Feedback is a joke and only costs £0.01 a go on eBay

Since eBay will not address the isue of members selling feeback i have put 1000’s on-line at eBuster,co,uk complete with adverts and feedback left for others. Click my name for a link.

eBays only action is to remove posts about this subject from the forum which helps scammers and it makes it look as if eBay is saleing a lot more then it is doing.

over 2000 of our policemen here in the UK recived so called special training from eBay last year so don’t think they are going to help you and this may explain why we only had 70 convictions last year for on-line fraud.

sooner or later i beleive eBay will turn into an Enron and it need not look towards buyers or sellers for suport unless they are corporations themselves.

Jim says:

eBay Feedback is Truly a Joke

I agree! As a seller you are helpless against feedback extortion. I have been subjected to it twice already. The buyer wants a refund and wants to keep the item as well. When you tell them they need to return the items for a full refund and even offer to pay their roundtrip shipping charges, the refuse and leave you negative feedback. They like the item and want to keep it, but they want some money back as well. How is that fair to sellers or other buyers that were outbid by these morons who expect to pay less than the next highest bidder?

Omni (user link) says:

Whats the point of it now?

I can understand that retaliatory feedback was an issue. Lets face it, it was widespread and even I was guilty of it during particularly frustrating transactions!

What does annoy me now is the sheer pointlessness of leaving feedback for buyers at all as its obvious they cant be criticized in the slightest. What is the purpose of a feedback system that can only be about positive things?

Why couldn’t they have allowed sellers to leave neutral or negative feedback given the buyer met a certain criteria, such as having being found guilty in a buyer dispute, or having received a buyer strike for a non-payment?

Im all for making feedback honest and fair, but the way it exists now, you mightiest well remove feedback for the buyers side all together because it serves no purpose.

InvidiaBlue says:


Combining some suggestions here and accounting for loopholes already found… What about making feedback not only invisible to ALL until both parties have left it, but also making it mandatory so that neither can simply refuse to leave feedback? Ebay sends automated messages all the time. There would be no human efforts aside from programming that into the system. Perhaps after 30 days (longer on custom orders) they receive reminders to leave feedback, and if they dont after an allotted time the real humans on ebay get involved. If they refuse to do such a simple thing after the order is completed they can be banned from the site. Of course, if a month goes by and the item is not received, then its a matter of reporting and working it out, where you would wait til the entire thing is settled. Then, after the resolution date, there is another deadline set for leaving feedback. Anybody find any problems with this one?

As of now I am just a buyer on ebay. Ive bought dozens of items in the last 5 months (67 left for others, and I always leave it), and of those I only ran into problems about 5 times. Two were lost and the sellers were sure to contact me about it, and said theyd inform me if they found them and I received a full refund. Another was the wrong item but the seller was cooperative. I only had real problems with two. One was when 2 of the 8 pieces were obviously broken before packing and their individual boxes were floating inside the big box, which had nothing but FLAT PAPER that was somehow supposed to absorb the shock. The one Im dealing with now really takes the cake.

Other than those, I have had all great transactions. And the lowest feedback score Ive seen aside from sellers who sell only a few items a month (2ish) is probably about 94%, but those are rare and I do avoid them. Normally feedback is in the 97-100% range.

*sigh* Id love to be the CEO. If I was, Id certainly do a lot of things differently. I wish fruitcakes like Donahoe and Eisner couldnt get hold of otherwise good companies and mess them up beyond all repair.

Kevin (user link) says:

eBay bans negative feedback from sellers

I also agree, eBay is full of retards, allow buyers to leave neg feedback but us sellers are fucked in the ass. I have an aussie buyer who I have made contact with 4 times but not a single reply. Have now got the retards involved but what good is that, I can get my listing fees refunded but the scumbag can go off and screw over another seller. A more realistic approach to the whole feedback system is positive feedback option only for both buyer & seller, if not happy then involve ebay and they leave an ebay intervention feedback which would act as a warning for the guilty party, buyer or seller, this is carried out automatically if ebay are involved to settle a case, this would be fair as the buyer would have to prove they paid for an item and the seller to provide proof that the item was posted in time as stipulated in their listing with a tracking reference and photo evidence the item was posted in the condition described in the listing. If this does not work then R.I.P. eBay.

nomoreebay says:

for items already refund,no need for any feedback.

The person handling ebay feedback is stupid. For no transaction auction, no one should leave feedback since there is NO freaking money involved. If buyer not happy, return the item in original condition, seller refund and SHUT THE F**K up. I have an auction that I already told the buyer DON’T send any money and he just force to send it. I refund his F**king money right away and he left negative feedback. EBAY feedback system is a freaking joke.

Paul Nerger says:

Terrible Idea

This is a horrid idea. It makes the buyer feedback system a joke as now the only option that a seller has is to say how great the buyer was. Well guess, some buyers aren’t that great. I’ve recently sold two different items of technology that I no longer use. Both were bought on auction by buyers who reneged on the deal. One was from the far east and claims that his little brother hit the button not him (sort of my dog ate my homework) and the other was a first time buyer who after 8 days still has not responded to a single email. I suspect that the second buyer was a stolen identity since that person had never purchased anything before.

There is a way to deal with this. In the future, I won’t sell to first time buyers or from buyers from non-Western countries. Or better yet, let’s all use Craig’s List – it’s cheaper and you get to talk to a person.

Babi says:

ebay feedback

same here! I had 199 feedback (100% positive) until i sold 2 new shirts for 2 .25 dol plus 6 dol shipping (which i had to pay 10 dol at usps cause ebay didnt allow me enter with the right amount). This buyer just left me a negative feedback because she or he said in one of shirts had a “big dead stain”. Thanks God, I had a picture of this t-shirt before send it to him/her, so I had a proof on my hands that the shirt was in perfect shape, new! But the customer insists about the stain and wanted a refund. I told him/her i would refund 1.15 dol for the “damage” shirt but she or he wanted full refund…I literally paid to she to have the shirts and got a negative feedback because she wanted a full refund. Im still mad about it! Because a change my 3 years posistive feedback was ruined! Thank you ebay!

tweetledee says:

crazy buyers

sellers have no recourse these buyers can do whatever they want when they want, no rules whatsoever. Then you get these half crazed power buyers who think they are God and you don’t hear from them for days and days and days then demand you send their items after the auction has been closed & realisted..this is bullshit why would i send merchandise to some jerk off who never contacts me after 2 weeks then demands the items??? then leaves a negative feedback because he they have their head up their ass! my time is just as valuable and even more so because sellers are the ones listing the products…ebay has it’s head up it’s ass because it doesn’t want to offend these power buyers…as soon as my others listing are finished im telling ebay to F OFF~

Billie Doxtator says:

Buyers feedback!

I dont understand we sellers cant leave buyers negative feedback an buyers can. It should go both ways.
I know sellers need to be honest with their items they are selling but the buyer needs to be honest to and not be lying about the item they received is bad or not as described.When actually their is no problem. Also never responsing to emails or make their payments. But we as the seller cant leave a person like this negative feedback? How is that fair?

Ebay needs to change this back so everyone can leave negative feedback.

noBay (user link) says:

The Perfect eBay Buyer Race

New eBay policies, all sellers will respect and obey the perfect ebay buyer race, you will bow down before us, you will give us free items, you will learn to enjoy our illiterate negative feedbacks. we are superior ebay human beings, we will destroy you in every way, all ebay sellers will soon be placed in institutions and special care homes far away from our immaculate ebay buyer society, we will infiltrate other auction sites on the web and exterminate their sellers, perfect buyer meetings are held once a month at ebay’s main headquarters in San Jose, California

Agent86 (profile) says:

Ebay negative feedback club


I am starting an ebay negative feedback club.
Just to be a nuisance.

I like to buy things and just leave negative feedback for the fun of it for not reason whatsoever.

Heee it’s fun. Weeee leaving negative feedback for sellers if fun and ebay proudly supports this by protecting our club of negative feedback leavers.

There is absolutely nothing any seller can do about it.
And who cares if ebay kicks him off or looses his/her business oh well.

And if ebay charges more fees because the seller did not maintain the feedback level or DSR rating ratio.

And if you get too many DSR Ha,Ha,Ha too bad you even get your items lowered on the search engine ranking system so you items may not even be seen anymore.

Yep, I’m a proud member of the negative feedback club and we do it just because it’s fun.

And oh did I mention I might even work for ebay and sell my services to them in order to keep the power sellers from hitting that 20% discount rate in the final value fees discount.

Now isn’t ebay great for protecting buyers from sellers ?
Or should they be protecting sellers from buyers like us ?

Now there’s a thought

Bring back the old feedback system that was real, and allow people to settle their disputes and add or remove feedback as needed. Or correct it as needed. Don’t make it permanent if people work things out the rating they leave should be changeable as the situation actually reflects

CLG says:

Negative feedback

Although I can appreciate the seller’s concern about negative feedback, if they are truly honest and professional about how they conduct their business, they should have very few negative comments. And a less then perfect score does not stop me from buying from a seller.

I have left negative feedback because I believe it is important for the next buyer to know about a seller’s history. The primary reason I have left negative feedback is when the item received has been inaccurately described or depicted. In these situations, before I leave negative feedback, I always notify the seller first and explain the problem. I also request my shipping fee back. If the seller refuses, which is often the case, I open a dispute and leave negative feedback. Importantly, I have always won the dispute because it has been obvious to E-bay that the item description was less than objective. However, inevitably, after I leave negative feedback, I receive nasty emails from the seller. This is unacceptable. So, I appreciate what E-bay has done.

Just an analogy – – when I buy on-line from a company, if there is a problem with the purchase which requires a return, the company typically assumes the cost of shipping BOTH WAYS. I think the same policy should apply to E-bay. The bottome line is that Ebay is a business, and as such, there needs to be accountability and it should be without fear of retribution.

Buyer Victim says:

As an intermittent seller on eBay, this “new” system came as a shock to me when two of my four buyers didn’t pay and didn’t respond to my communications. I was surprised at their lack of response because they both had 100% positive ratings. I filed the complaint with eBay and then wanted to warn other sellers that these two buyers were not trustworthy. That’s when I discovered that negative feedback wasn’t even an option! I felt duped! What a score for irresponsible buyers everywhere! They must be thrilled that eBay is siding with them and making it easier for them to screw over reputable sellers. Sellers should be able to leave negative feedback about buyers that don’t pay so other sellers won’t fall victim to their traps. It looks like buyers all have 100% feedback which is untrue! It’s just that sellers CAN’T leave negative feedback…and that’s just deceitful.

michael keller (profile) says:


I have never been lucky enough to hide my head in the sand or own a pair of rose colored glasses so I could look down fom my ivory tower. No, I was too busy trying to make enough to survrve. One of my ventures as a flea market outside my home on a major highway. I learned quickly 9 out of ten people will steal if given the opppertunity, no matter their socioeconomic background. The feedback system is shit and promotes dishonest behavior from those already predesposed

whatever... (user link) says:


When these boneheads put this into effect it never occurred to them that buyers can now shamelessly bash a seller without any consequences. I still sell on ebay and yes I use the unpaid item assistant, I give buyers 3 days to make payment or a case is opened against them, at least when they put this new tool into place it blocks buyers from leaving bad feedback in retaliation to not paying for the items they won and in a lot of cases they never pay!

They need to take it a step further, I believe that if the item is not paid for by the time the case is closed, the buyer should automatically get a nice big red neg in bold saying “ITEM WAS NOT PAID FOR”, this will make them think twice about bidding on things and have no intention of paying for it because other sellers will not do business with them if they see a buyer with a bunch of those, that is only fair IMHO, too many tire kickers and NPB make ebay a bad place to sell and they aren’t making it any better by putting even more stupid rules into effect.

anon (profile) says:

Ebay can eliminate the buyer feedback side altogether if they just require payment/valid credit card/paypal funds or not allow their bid at all. If the buyer is committed and obligated to buy it, why not have them REQUIRE payment at the time of purchase/bid? Once paid, they’ve done their part. Amazon NEVER has buyer problems because if they don’t pay, then there is never any sale. If they don’t pay there isn’t any transaction. Sellers should band together to move elsewhere or sell on Amazon. Ebay doesn’t care about you even though YOU are their source of income.

joydivider says:

Ebay feedback system

The feedback system doesnt really work and never really has.

Its based on a trust between two community minded, kind and courteous individuals.

However there seem to be an ever increasing number of bad mannered irresponsible people who are signing up and bidding for a laugh. Unlike a shopkeeper we have no idea what a buyer is really like as there will never be any warning feedback against them. A shopkeeper wouldnt allow his banned customers to post a comment on the door!!

I only sell a few things per year and still get many of my auctions attacked by people just out to spoil them.
People with zero feedback who call themselves auction wrecker or 666 stormbringer with zero feedback and 500 bids.
Ebay hardly do anything to really protect sellers.

Also someone with say thirty feedback may have purchased only one item this year and have been nothing but trouble. Its impossible to tell from a star rating on a bidding list

I was given my first negative by someone who didnt even pay and spoilt the sale by being abusive. He didnt care as he knows its one way traffic.

So you cant have feedback that is controlled by only one party. There are plenty of bad buyers and non payers out there.

Martilyo (user link) says:

Once bitten....

“Shipping cost was a bit high” That does not sound too “positive” to me… I agree partly with the seller. If you want to complain about the shipping after the fact, then simply don’t bid. Find another seller. Don’t agree to buy something and then complain about something in which you already had knowledge of. As far as the seller leaving you negative feed back, it sounds like the seller was a jerk. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I only have sold a couple things on eBay and someone just bought a very nice camera from me and now he wants to negotiate shipping terms. Negative Ghost Rider… either pay what the auction states or don’t and I will simply re-list the camera. Lesson learned? People can be jerks…

James Murray says:

this topic of course

Many buyers give me a hard time. “If you don’t give me a refund (I’ve already paid) I will leave bad feedback. I want something for nothing.”

And of course eBay is the epitomy of “getting something for nothing“, as they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for sellers. It’s very expensive selling on eBay, and the platform is comepletely usless and doesn’t work half the time. Sellers are the customers of eBay. We pay eBay hundreds of pounds a month. And we get treated like dirt. It’s a complete bloody disgrace and eBay should be damned ashamed of themselves.

Matt says:

Ebay Feedback

I’m a seller on Ebay and I can tell you first hand that there are buyers on Ebay who will go out of their way to find some minuscule problem with an item so they can extort money from sellers with negative feedback,let’s face it there are a lot of scumbags out there and they are the ones that drive up prices for the honest people,there absolutely needs to be a way to keep these scumbags in check!!!!!

Garrett says:

Ebay Feedback

I see where buyers are coming from having been a buyer myself for years.

At the same time the system for sellers not being able to leave negative feedback is stupid. I have two folks that are Non-Paying Bidders right now, got one more day before I can file an alert on both of them. I can’t let other sellers know about these problem bidders cause I can only leave positive feedback. I even have sent two invoices, too both bidders, and a message. They’ve choose to ignore the invoices and messages I sent.

It’s just plain stupid on ebay to restrict the sellers in this way.

Gennaterra says:

Bully buyers turning Ebay into Walmart

I’m done selling on Ebay. A lot of buyers are turning into bullies demanding anything and everything to small sellers who cannot acomodate to their special needs. Ebay says you can choose NOT to accept refunds, you post your item as clearly as possible and still a buyer can get his way by simply stating “Not as described” and ruin your seller rating. Ebay collects your money and kicks you to the curb. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! NO more transactions through ebay in 2012. there are plenty of other sites who needs my business.

xdustinx says:

Feedback system needs to be overhauled again

I occasionally sell my personal things, as well as my family members and other friends who have stuff they don’t use anymore and want to sell, and it’s not something as a business. I remember years ago the first few times I sold stuff on eBay, there wasn’t much of a penchant for buyer abuse. I get the reason for needing to overhaul it when it was done, but it’s turned into something that sellers have almost zero rights on eBay, and buyers are exclusively protected while sellers can get pissed on by them. About 15% of every thing I end up selling doesn’t get paid for and I have to re-list it, leading into wasted time and money on my part. Does the buyer get punished? Well, you can report them for non-payment, but it just leaves a strike on them until they eventually get suspended for doing it too many times. But there is no counter on their public profile stating how many times they’ve done this, and you can’t leave negative feedback otherwise. Now, you can leave positive feedback with negative remarks, but they can just get it removed for feedback abuse. And then there’s extortion and retaliatory attacks from sketchy buyers. I just recently had a buyer who bid on an item and had the high bid for 2 whole days and never got outbid. 2 hours after the auction ends, the buyer tells me they “accidentally” bid on it (even though they bid on it 3 separate times) and can’t afford to pay for it. (Come to find out they ended up buying a different sellers item that was just slightly different than mine – investigating their feedback history, including feedback they leave to other sellers, can be helpful) I explained that they bid on it 3 times so there was no way they “accidentally” bought it, and that it’s not fair that they can’t pay my auction when they bought the same item from someone else and that they had time to retract the bid, or contact me to remove their bid, but chose not to – my auctions always state, “Don’t Bid If You Don’t 100% Intend On Paying” and stated that they would have to pay, as such. 4 days later the buyer pretended like they didn’t get my e-mail, and told me again they couldn’t pay, so I explained everything all over again, no response for 2 days, so I was worried they weren’t going to pay, and went to report non-payment. Right after then the buyer paid, and then left me negative feedback, called me an unfriendly seller, and worst service ever. They then proceeded to tell me that they’d be sure to let all my buyers know about me in my feedback – essentially rubbing my nose in not letting them screw me over and making them pay for what they won, and then told me, “don’t contact me again from here on out, and just ship the item”. I can’t leave them negative feedback for the behavior they engaged in, and when I filed a complaint to eBay for manipulating feedback, they didn’t do anything about it. I was judged not on the accuracy of my item, my shipping, anything else, I was judged for telling a buyer they had to pay when they decided last minute they didn’t want to. At current I have 3 items I’ve listed that have ended over a week ago that have not been paid, and all I can do is report non-payment to eBay, and that’ll be that. Win for buyers, lose for sellers – and sellers are the ones who put in the time, the money, and pay eBay’s fees that keep them in business at all.

Janie says:

negative feedback to the buyer

Totally agree, not sure how crazy Ebay can just allow buyer to ruin and screwing up the seller without even verify and confirm how much buyer is taking advantages on the seller and taking advantages on ebay. recently I have an evil buyer who just purchased $15.00 item and claimed damaged and refuse to return unless I provide prepaid shipping label, I did not know how to so mentioned about she can get the prepaid shipping label by opening up a dispute from Ebay, how stupid I was because then this evil mentioned “feedback”, I felt as “extortion”, terrified, refunded full payment without deduct anything, guess what, after 5 days, I got the most nasty negative feedback and comment seller does not allow to return and seller never refund payment, that also attract another 2 copycat left me another 2 negative feedback when I done nothing wrong and Ebay refuse to do anything to protect me besides asking me to move on my life. Ebay is not a place for seller, move out from Ebay, move to Amazon.com, I contribute Ebay fee over $2k per month and now it’s what Ebay rewarded me !!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

Kenny says:

Bullshit email from eBay in regards to feedback

There’s no way you can get F***ing ebay to respond favorably for us sellers. This is what I got from a low-wage ebay customer service rep, a bullshit letter:

Dear ####,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the neutral feedback that you
received from sua.2008.

I understand that it can be frustrating to get anything but positive
Feedback. Since neutral feedback can only be revised by the buyer, I’d
like to offer you some ideas on ways you can address your buyer’s
concerns and pursue possible revision of this Feedback. Below are some
tips we’ve found to be effective in many cases.

— Acknowledge your buyer’s concern. A buyer who has received an item
that’s broken or that they aren’t satisfied with (whether or not the
situation is in your control) is going to be frustrated. It’s important
to acknowledge this frustration when you respond to your buyer.

Even a statement like, “I understand how frustrating it can be to
receive a product you’re unsatisfied with and I’d like to work with you
to help come to an agreement” can really help.

— Make your buyer feel valuable. Let your buyer know that you
appreciate the Feedback as a way to help improve your business.

For example, if it’s appropriate, consider a response like, “Thanks for
letting me know about the unclear parts of my item description. I’m
taking steps to make sure this confusion doesn’t happen again.”

— Offer your buyer an incentive to buy from you again. Thank your
customers for helping you improve your business and offer them a thank
you for their time.

For example, you could acknowledge that while this transaction didn’t go
smoothly, you’d be happy to offer them free shipping on their next
purchase from you.

–Make sure your buyer’s concerns are resolved before asking about
Feedback revision. Once you’re sure the buyer is satisfied with the
resolution, you can ask if they would consider revising their Feedback.

You can mention that Feedback is very important to your business,
because the buyer might not realize the impact it can have. However, if
the buyer declines, please respect their decision.

I hope this information is helpful. I wish you the best of luck in
resolving your buyer’s concerns.

Thank you for being a valuable member of the eBay community. Have a
wonderful time shopping and selling on eBay!

Arlene C.

eBay Customer Support

Again, bunch of bullshit from eBay. Screw you and your ways, I’m leaving.

Kenny says:

Bullshit email from eBay in regards to feedback

There’s no way you can get F***ing ebay to respond favorably for us sellers. This is what I got from a low-wage ebay customer service rep, a bullshit letter:

Dear ####,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the neutral feedback that you
received from sua.2008.

I understand that it can be frustrating to get anything but positive
Feedback. Since neutral feedback can only be revised by the buyer, I’d
like to offer you some ideas on ways you can address your buyer’s
concerns and pursue possible revision of this Feedback. Below are some
tips we’ve found to be effective in many cases.

— Acknowledge your buyer’s concern. A buyer who has received an item
that’s broken or that they aren’t satisfied with (whether or not the
situation is in your control) is going to be frustrated. It’s important
to acknowledge this frustration when you respond to your buyer.

Even a statement like, “I understand how frustrating it can be to
receive a product you’re unsatisfied with and I’d like to work with you
to help come to an agreement” can really help.

— Make your buyer feel valuable. Let your buyer know that you
appreciate the Feedback as a way to help improve your business.

For example, if it’s appropriate, consider a response like, “Thanks for
letting me know about the unclear parts of my item description. I’m
taking steps to make sure this confusion doesn’t happen again.”

— Offer your buyer an incentive to buy from you again. Thank your
customers for helping you improve your business and offer them a thank
you for their time.

For example, you could acknowledge that while this transaction didn’t go
smoothly, you’d be happy to offer them free shipping on their next
purchase from you.

–Make sure your buyer’s concerns are resolved before asking about
Feedback revision. Once you’re sure the buyer is satisfied with the
resolution, you can ask if they would consider revising their Feedback.

You can mention that Feedback is very important to your business,
because the buyer might not realize the impact it can have. However, if
the buyer declines, please respect their decision.

I hope this information is helpful. I wish you the best of luck in
resolving your buyer’s concerns.

Thank you for being a valuable member of the eBay community. Have a
wonderful time shopping and selling on eBay!

Arlene C.

eBay Customer Support

Again, bunch of bullshit from eBay. Screw you and your ways, I’m leaving.

dave says:

sellers leave it after payment

If you’re a seller, the idea is that you’re supposed to leave feedback after a cleared payment. That way, the legit buyers will feel no pressure to leave milquetoast feedback for you. Since a lot of sellers openly hold feedback hostage until after you leave yours, it’s kinda not working.

It’s basically like when a government doesn’t enforce a law that would be effective if taken seriously.

Scott says:


That is why ebay has the star-rating system for a seller’s “shipping speed”, “shipping costs”, “item as described” and “communication”. If other buyers see that a seller is a slow shipping, charges too much for shipping, etc. then that will be reflected there.

It is ridiculous that if a seller runs into a buyer that is going out of their way to be difficult and making unreasonable demands, that the only thing the seller can do is leave a positive feedback!!! I know for a fact that some buyers try to nitpick items they receive, just so they can get some money back AND keep the item, and some leave a negative feedback despite the seller being cooperative, with no fear of repercussion! It isn’t just sellers that can be problematic.

Justine says:

Not A Happy Seller

This is not good. I just had a buyer win an item 11 days ago and never pay or communicate, even after invoices and an unpaid item case. Now I can’t even leave negative feedback for them? Bogus!

Also, they are holding my funds now even though other buyers have received their items and left feedback. I am NOT a new seller! I have been with Ebay over 9 years with 100% positive feedback and 155 transactions. This is not right.

George Cavanaugh (user link) says:

ebay sucks at customer relations

This page is dedicated to proving that the negative feedback I was left is a outright lie. The buyer was only unhappy because the item did not arrive in time to take it on his snowboarding trip….Even though he knew the terms of the auction when he bid AND the item was shipped within the stated handling time. I have contacted this seller. I have also contacted Ebay. Ebay refuses to do anything about this slander. They said it is a matter of opinion, even though the buyer posted provable un-truths. In my OPINION if anything can be learned from this it is that Ebay needs to change their policies on seller protection and feedback guidelines. They don’t even live up to their “negative feedback policy overview” which in the first sentence states: eBay’s Feedback Forum is intended to be an open, honest place to share your experiences with other eBay members. Hmmmmmmm…….. Beware…the adolescent tendencies of the buyer who left this feedback will only be encouraged by Ebay itself!

muchofreeo says:

ebay feedback!

1. If there are problems or Questions, Contact the seller before Neg Feedback or opening a case against them. Low Feedback means problems. They don’t understand feedback. I just sold 10 Decals and included 5 for free and a silver charm. Buyer feedback went like this ” Didn’t like the color of the extra decals, and I didn’t order this Silver Thingy”
My first Neg in 10 years! What an ass! Not 1 word about what he paid for. Feedback is for 1 year, and all I can do is give him Positive feedback or report buyer that goes NOWHERE. Somebody open an Honest online auction service. We all need it bad. Ebay and Paypal is BS !!!!!!

Allan Aitchison says:

Take little or no notice of the positive rating system

The feed back and points in reality provides little or NO protection. Now my problem was in regard to a defaulting seller who never responded at all .. July 31 2013 I was awarded refund after setting up dispute two months earlier and having the matter resolved in my favour with full refund by PayPal . Now the interesting bit the seller had their rating lowered during the dispute , this matter was also mentioned by myself in comments , but for anyone else that purchases at the site now– it shows the seller rating as 100% more importantly my truthfull comment is NOW removed — one word SHOKY —don’t trust anything. Could this be why most sellers also have their 100% rating intact?

Ti Kelel says:

Very disappointed

Had a buyer leave negative feedback after nit picking an item description. As a new seller, this has hurt my feedback tremendously, I refunded the buyer as a courtesy, told him to keep the product and explained it was an honest mistake in item description and the product was legit and provided proof it was so. Buyer refused to revise feedback and kept $100 worth of merchandize. How is this a level playing field? I hope an ebey competitor comes along and absolutely destroys ebay. Pretty sure that will be soon and ebay will be the next myspace.

Sharon fahy says:


If we had the feedback of a buyer who doesn’t pay , then of course we wouldn’t sell to them and block there bids, buyers or now thinking they can do what they want, ie not pay , sabotage auctions I’ve had 7 non payments in 3 days alone, and also when they win a bid they then question your postage costs, which is wrong, I miss good genuine ebayers on both sides, but now it seems to be one sided for the buyers WRONG ……

genv2014 says:

ebay protect seller never-msrp from negative review

The seller never-msrp punished me that I returned your item: he waited about month before order back delivery from FedEx and all this time the item was stored in FedEx; and he ordered back delivery with very high price. All these extras seller never-msrp extracted from refunded money. All this problems I wrote in my negative review, but eBay deleted it. I am sure, that eBay did this thing before for this seller and that eBay protected some sellers from negative reviews and distorts real picture.

The Locust says:

No Seller Protection

E-bay is a load of Crap. They take our ability to let other sellers know about a problematic buyer who doesnt pay or takes your item says they didnt get it and leave negative feedback and want a refund. Then we the sellers get stuck with a crap rating and we cant leave neagative feedback in return. Yeah E-bay has gone to HE*& in my book, it is my hope that another better option for selling my stuff will pop up and we can all move over there and get rid of this dinosaur of a crap selling site. No seller protection, no penalties for buyers who dont pay and over priced fees. Thanks E-bay..but no thanks.

j says:

be careful from seller ronaldbower2012 !!!!!!

i ordered brand new timberland boots at August. i receive poor quality. after i talk to this seller we agreed that i will send the shoes back, and get refund. the seller promise that when the shipment arrives he will contact me. after one and 1/2 month i asked whats going on, and he said it arrived and forgot to tell me. since than i chased him for 2 months, at start he ignored all my messages, and when i threatened him i’ll leave bad feedback he gave excuses that he need my email and other problems with paypal (i got refund before from another seller so its not true) . i sent the mail, and gave him solution for paypal. since than- he ignored me again. and didnt answer my messages.

Bottom line- ronaldbower2012 kept the shoes and my money (120 gbp!!).. he took advantage of the fact that it has been more than 60 days and ebay cant help, and i cant open a case. he tricked me.he is not honest. since august i chased him, until today…. be careful from this seller..

i have everything documented.

Anonymous Coward says:

Ebay is going to shit. sell there crap in bundles, however, you have to select each item and pay individually.. Small business in america has a comeback strategy, as a lot of the on line businesses are getting greedy….

Where results contain multi-variation listings, the item counts on the page are inclusive of all matching variations that are available.

Mike Finch says:


I think the system is ridiculous. I rarely leave negative feedback as a buyer, but on a few occasions I’ve had difficulties, one was when the seller seriously lied about the description of the goods he’d sold, all he’d say was I don’t accept returns, ignored my emails so I complained through paypal, now because he’s been forced, the issue has been resolved and he wants me to rewrite the feedback and got ebay involved. I’ve got better things to do, frankly.

ebay sucks (user link) says:


eBay can suck my white ass. The CEO can kiss my NATURAL WHITE ASS. I will leave a negative if I have to on Buyers or Sellers. If they BAN me then I will personally close my account and they will loose millions of dollars in which they already have done so.

I am tired of getting ripped off on eBay with many sellers and buyers. There are MILLIONS of Buyers that screw sellers and MILLIONS of Sellers that screw Buyers. What does eBay do about this situation? NOTHING they do not care. Many Buyers state there is something wrong with the product they purchased but that is not true since they do not return the product and get their money back and get a free item. This has happen to me many times. I Have lost thousands of dollars and PayPal stated the buyer has sent the product back but it may of gotten lost in the mail.. I said they did not even mail it because I look the person up on Facebook and they stated they rip sellers off. and sent them proof of this.

I am tired of PayPal. They are NOT number 1 in transactions there are other companies that is much better. eBay has gone down the hill over the last few years there are better auction sites now.

Robert Stevens (user link) says:

ebay banning negative reviews.

I feel that as a customer on e.bay and having negative experiences is a risk that everyone takes when trading online.
personally would not be inclined to leave a negative review unless it is warranted.
Giving to fair trading on e.bay dealing with people we don,t know is risky so i tend to deal with people i have had good trading relationships with.

Dara Parsi says:

ebay did not let me leave negative feedback

I ordered a part from ebay I did not receive the part, and no tracking was available, I contacted seller three times but there was no response from him ,called ebay ,they gave him 3 days to respond there was no response then they gave me seller’s phone number and opened a claim , I called him but he was not taking messages I went ahead and ordered another part from another ebay seller,the part came in in three days.
ebay did not pay my money when I left a negative feed back it blocked it from being posted.

Doug Hickman says:

buyer always wins

A customer purchased a “high value” item from my eBay page ($750.00 or more). It was shipped with insurance for the declared value of the purchase price. Item allegedly arrived damaged. Buyer received the item at a FedEx facility, removed it from the shipping carton and discarded the carton. He placed the large, 50lb item in his car and drove 45 miles to his home. He removed the item from the internal packing and messaged me to inform me that the item was damaged. I apologized for the inconvenience and proceeded to submit the shipping insurance claim using the documentation/images of the damaged item provided by the buyer. Obviously, I am at the mercy of the buyer providing the required information for the claim submission, or the lack thereof in this case. Insurance claims for shipping always require pictures of the outer package, the inner packing materials and of course the damaged item. Buyer claimed to notice slight damage to the outer shipping carton while he was at the FedEx facility where it was received, indicating that it had been dropped. However, he said nothing to facility personnel, and discarded the box. And later apologized for not noting the damage while he was there (if in fact there was damage). So, no outer carton pictures were provided. Consequently, the FedEx claim was denied for lack of evidence of a damaged shipping carton. So now, guess what? Yep! The seller has two options. Pay for the repairs to the item, (which declared insurance coverage would have sufficed), or accept a return and refund the buyer for the full purchase amount, along with return shipping as per all the information above. ($1100.00 USD total) Item was declared “Not As Described”, as the item arrived damaged, at no fault of mine. The buyer had a fiduciary responsibility and HE failed, not me! The fault here lies on the buyer for not disclosing adequate information to produce a positive outcome to the insurance claim. Numerous messages were sent back and forth to eBay customer service stating that the buyer’s negligence to produce adequate information resulted in the insurance claim denial. I thought, “Yeah man, I got this thing beat!” NOT! I submitted two written signed statements from the postal business center on their letterhead, where the item was shipped from. One stating that the package met required specifications for shipping, the other stating basically that the buyer did everything wrong and the seller did everything right. There was absolutely no swaying the decision of customer service to rule in my favor, even when creating reasonable doubt that the item was damaged prior to receipt (during shipping) as the buyer did not report any damage to the carton to FedEx, while he was still at the facility, which he had every opportunity to do so. The buyer failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the damage in fact did occur during shipping, hence the claim denial. I was ultimately held liable for the cost of repairs to the item which amounted to $800.00 USD. I guess I got lucky, as the buyer agreed to accept a partial refund for the cost of the repairs, The return shipping would have been $100.00 and refund of the $999.00 purchase price
Representation on the seller’s side of eBay’s bargaining table is non-existent in all “Request To Return” cases. The seller is always the bad guy no matter what and has absolutely no say in the ruling. NONE! ALL seller testimony was blatantly disregarded. If a case is opened against a seller by a buyer, don’t waste your time fighting it. It won’t do you any good. YOU WILL NOT WIN!
In a recent email I asked eBay’s customer service, “You obviously have the buyer protection program. Where do your seller protections lie?” She said, “The seller protection is the shipping insurance that you purchase.” Well, what good is that if the buyer doesn’t provide adequate information to produce a positive outcome to a claim? And neglects to report shipping damage to a facility where he received the item? I exercised that protection. I was told by customer service that eBay has limited resources to provide a ruling on a case and shipping insurance was not one of those resources. WHAT? Their main limited resource is their narrow little minds!
As a result of this experience, I am no longer an eBay user, and neither is my wife, as she had a similar “not as described” experience. So, if you decide to become an eBay seller, this is what you can expect. Absolutely ZERO seller representation under the buyer protection program. Make your decision wisely. You have been warned!!!!!!!!

Nuzzo Samson says:

Banned From eBay

I was banned by eBay for no apparent reason. They gave me no chance to appeal not to mention their support sucks. Had no way of paying mortgage and nearly foreclosed on my home. I had to get help from Auction Essistance in helping me get back on using stealth. It has been a pain in the butt since eBay is still giving me crap.

Wonky Honky says:

In my experience, and I know many sellers have had the opposite experience(but I sell and buy pretty frequently for a casual ebayer); the sellers are the ones more likely to screw me over. I’ve had items never sent, electronics and games packaged so badly they arrived disfunctional assuming they hadn’t always been that way, people even changing listing descriptions or trying to force me to buy an item despite clear bidding manipulation on the bid history. Cannot stress how important it is to stand your ground as a buyer, how easy sellers can hurt you too using unscrupulous practices.

Teresa says:

joshua, astonishing

Joshua, You are correct! The ONLY thing a buyer should be rated on is whether or not they paid and how fast they paid. That’s it! I’m dealing with a seller as we speak who listed an item and in the description it says “ready to ship in the morning”. I paid upwards of $400 for the item immediately upon winning the bid and I have received no communication regarding shipping. I contacted seller yesterday (4 days in) and he said he had been out of town and would ship “tonight” (yesterday). So far, the item has not been marked as shipped and I don’t have a tracking number. I want to leave a negative feedback for this seller’s poor communication and he deserves it. I deserve a positive feedback because I have done everything I was supposed to do as a buyer.

Jez Collinson says:

RE: I have a restriction on my account – 233 SR# 1-132327258286

Hello Jez,

My name is Nida, one of the specialist from eBay Trust and Safety and I’m writing you with regard to your previous communication with our chat representative. I understand you’d like to appeal with the restriction to be remove from your account “phonetech247”, so let me look into this for you.

Jess, upon checking your account once again and I would like to remind you that the Selling Restriction on your account is permanent and final. We won’t be able to help you to appeal this decision going forward.

Our decision is based on evidence from our records. We’re not comfortable with your selling practices or business model, and we feel they don’t help to promote a positive buying and selling environment.

Even though you can’t sell on our website, you can still use your account to buy or bid on items. For more information on the basics of buying, please visit:


Please remember that you can’t use other accounts or register new accounts to sell on eBay. If you do, your accounts could be limited, restricted, or suspended.

This is the last answer we can give you in relation to the account restriction. We are happy to assist you with any other query. However, if your query is in relation to this restriction in the next correspondence, it will remain unanswered.

Thank you again for taking the time to clarify this issue with us. We appreciate your cooperation.

Kind regards,
Nida V.
eBay Trust & Safety

trollificus (profile) says:

oi vey

I worked for eBay, started not long after this change had been made. It clearly took about a nanosecond for the worst among the buyers to figure out scam procedures to take advantage of it. Keep in mind that your seller account was severely compromised by receiving as many as TWO whole negatives. I was constantly getting calls from people who were being scammed, and tasked with communicating eBay’s official policy of "Tough shit." as nicely as possible.

In my mind, I always visualized a top management meeting in which Donahue was pontificating on some "grand principles" level and said something like "Without buyers, there’s no money. Without money, there’s no business. We need to be buyer-focused." Which is the kind of bland tautology you get from these 7-figure geniuses. But as the vague idea pachinkoed down through upper management, all trying to show they were doing SOMETHING for their own six-figure salaries, it became a brutal anti-seller policy.

As long as the bad actors chose their targets wisely (avoiding our big money sellers), there was fuckall we could do for them. And of course, you’d get disabled people making their living off eBay getting in-yo-face ripped off, long-time, perfect-rating sellers ruined by scammers, etc., It got depressing.

And this was back when the eBay working environment was still trying to push the trappings of a "innovative, fun, tech startup" that valued its’ employees. Ugh. I learned: put enough zeroes behind a companies valuation and you get bog-standard corporate management, otherwise known as ‘Save on the lube."

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