Cablevision Will Let You Watch Movies The Day Of Their Release, If You Buy The DVD

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We were surprised that even Apple was forced by the movie industry to delay the release of online movie downloads until a month after the DVD release. This seemed totally pointless and self-defeating by the movie industry (though, hardly the first time that’s happened). However, it looks like Cablevision has discovered an interesting workaround to this “window” between releases: it’s launching a video-on-demand (VOD) system that will let you watch movies the day they’re released on DVD. The trick? You need to actually buy the DVD first, via Cablevision. Then, while you’re waiting for the physical DVD to arrive in the mail, you’re free to watch the movie via the VOD offering. Of course, this sounds something like what the original used to do, allowing people to access MP3s of CDs they just bought, while they wait for the CD to arrive. And, as I’m sure many of you remember, the entertainment industry sued and actually won that lawsuit. While there was some questionable reasoning in the decision, was unable to appeal, due to some quirks of the legal system. Has it really taken 8-years for the entertainment industry to start to come around to this idea? Perhaps not. Apparently, only a very few titles are available on Cablevision’s new service.

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Comments on “Cablevision Will Let You Watch Movies The Day Of Their Release, If You Buy The DVD”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: would let you listen to a CD you already have, provided it was in their database, no? Remember: you had to ‘beam’ your CD to see if they recognize it, so you had to have the physical CD already. That’s what I seem to remember.

There were two parts to One was the “beam it” offering that you describe, but the other was like this: buy a CD and get immediate access to the content as mp3s.

Ima Fish (profile) says:

Stupid and pointless idea

I don’t get it. If you’re going to buy it on the day of the release, what advantage do you have to watch it via Comcast? Buy it, take it home, then watch it. How simple is that?!

Heck, simply rent the movie from Netflix. They send out new releases on Monday, you’d get it the next day, and then you could watch it that night for a heck of a lot less.

Ronnie Roberts says:

If this wikipedia entry can be trusted...

… Judge Jed S. Rakoff, in the case UMG v., ruled in favor of the record labels against and the service on the copyright law provision of “making mechanical copies for commercial use without permission from the copyright owner.” Rather than fight on appeal, settled with the major labels for more than $200 million and the service was discontinued. This decision turned out to be the beginning of the end of the original as the firm, unaware of the impending dot-com bust, no longer had sufficient funds to weather the technology downturn. To add to their woes music publishers, spurred by the success of the record label suits, also sued with their own claims of payment due.

It appears they simply ran out of money. (user link) says:

Cablevision Will Let You Watch Movies The Day Of T

In comparison to Verizon and the other Cable companies, I must say that Cablevision is one of the greatest and beloved companies in New York City with awesome customer service. I highly recommend any offers and products by them. When I had some little problem with my phone and Verizon kicked me out into the cold, it was Cablevision who invited me into their services, fed me, gave me some warm milk to drink and then offered me internet connection, cable TV and phone services, thereby saving me $200 monthly that I had squandered using Verizon for 10 yrs.

Etch says:

I like that idea

I actually like that idea! I can purchase a movie, watch it immediately if I want to, or I can wait for the DVD version and watch it on my upconverting DVD player in HD!!

I can honestly see myself paying for that service! The problem I had with paying for online content was the lack of physical media, and the problem with buying content on physical media online is that it took forever to get to my doorstep, but that is a very nice option for all the people who still need to feel something physical that they can hold in their hands.

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