No Evidence That Online Gambling Creates More Problem Gamblers

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While the US continues its attempts to wipe out all forms of online gambling (other than those forms of gambling that politicians partake in, such as horse racing and lotteries), a new study is suggesting that, contrary to politician grandstanding, online gambling does not lead to more problem gamblers. The study takes place in the UK, where they measured the different types of gambling that people engage in and determined the number of problem gamblers out there. What they found is that, even though it’s a lot easier to gamble these days, the number of problem gamblers seems to have remained mostly constant (representing less than 1% of all gamblers). This shouldn’t really be all that surprising. Problem gamblers are problem gamblers whether or not they have internet access to gambling sites. Either way, this should raise some questions about the idea that preventing online gambling somehow protects gambling addicts.

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Comments on “No Evidence That Online Gambling Creates More Problem Gamblers”

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Overcast says:

Doesn’t matter…

If gambling – online or not, ‘creates more problem gamblers’ then the lottery is as much of a problem as anything.

It’s one way or the other, I really tire of the Government’s double standards. I refuse to play lottery at all because of that. Well – that and I think for the most part it’s a waste of money. I’d really rather just play Roulette, lol

TheDock22 says:


I think the government needs to quite dictating morals to our society and start cashing in on people’s little vices. If someone wants to gamble their life away, let them. If it is online, tax the heck out of people. If it is in a casino, still tax them but not as much.

That will curb the number of online gamblers and I bet the government would make tons of money to use for schools and roads (which have been ignored for far too long now).

norman619 (profile) says:

The Nanny State

When will we let people be resp for their own actions? It’s rediculous that the gov tries to protect people from their own weaknesses at our expence. Gambling isn’t the problem. The problem is the people who are too weak to control themselves. If they gamble away their life savings that is their problem. Maybe that is what they need to happen before tehy wake up.

William says:

This just in

There is also no proof that smoking causes cancer. There is no proof of global warming. It is next to impossible to prove anything useful using statistics. It could all just be one big coincidence. Anyway gambling is bad it destroys people lives and I don’t think it’s a bad think that you have to go to Vegas to do it.

If you play the lottery you are throwing away 70 cants on the dollar. Odds of winning are much much better in a casino leave it to private industry to do things better than the government.

Jack says:


My take – online gambling is actually a safer way to gamble in the grand scheme of things.

I know, I know, I’m crazy…but here’s why.

You can’t bet online with money that is not in your account. It’s that simple. You don’t have to worry about Guido showing up at your door with a baseball bat because you called up your bookie and made a “sure-winner” bet while drinking with your buddies at the bar the night before.

I’m tired of the angle that this stuff is banned for our own good. (so betting on horses is any different??) It’s a money thing, pure and simple.

Jenny Wicker says:

I agree with Jack in here. It’s really safer! I mean, you can truly hide your identity (except your IP though) in most of the online casino sites. and I believe that gambling problem is the result of the wrong mindset of a player. Gambling is harmless for good time sake! I’ve never ever been in any gambling problem of any sort in my 21 nova online gambling life! In times like this we need more open minds to understand most of us rather than not caring at all.

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