Americans Giving Up Sex for Interneting? Not Quite as Bad As It Sounds…

from the isn't-that-what-the-internet-is-for dept

New technologies, from email to Blackberries, are often blamed for everything from failed marriages to bad sex lives. A recent study claims that a large percentage of Americans are spending less time having sex due to the amount time they spend on the Internet. However, reading past the publicity grabbing headline, the truth may be less alarming. Sure, Americans are reducing the amount of face-to-face time they spend with their friends, but they are replacing it (and other non-interactive activities like newspaper reading and television watching) with time on the Internet. They may spend less time face-to-face, but the net amount of time spent interacting with other people is increased. The statement made by the director of the study that “I don’t suppose their partners are too pleased about it” is short sighted — the assumption that only one of the partners is online is a bit antiquated. Perhaps both partners are actually quite enjoying their time online, and perhaps that time is even spent online with each other.

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Comments on “Americans Giving Up Sex for Interneting? Not Quite as Bad As It Sounds…”

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The Man says:

How Sad

people finding the internet so interesting that they spend time together on the internet. What a sad depressing world that would be. I do not know any well adjusted, successful, good looking people who spend a lot of time on the internet except for work, occassional shopping and of course a little bit of porn now and then.

lizard (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 How Sad

sure, sherry is gross. but sipping it at country clubs is pretentious. and pretentious is way worse than gross.

and the internet actually expands sexual possibilities, if you know how to use it right. the interweb is a great place for fantasy & reality to intersect in ways that were just not possible back in the pre-internet era. trust me, i know this personally.

JimO says:


consider the spike in dating due to the internet, the social networking previously never available, the personal link created by instant communication from practically anywhere in the world…

anyone not understanding the huge impact of the internet on the human race is a luddite, and fortunately will be replaced by more intelligent people within a few generations… which is not fast enough for my taste.

PS says:

I have a hard time believing that one can enjoy spending time on the internet with one’s spouse. I have been with my girlfriend for more than a year now, and while I enjoy talking to her on the phone and AIM or Myspace, being with her is infinitely more enjoyable. It makes her more real to me. She is a warm, living body, not a cold glass computer screen.

Gamer says:


Just because a couple says they play WoW online doesnt mean they are in seperate rooms not talking to each, many actually have computers side by side and are talking during the time they are playing, in my opinion this is better than watching TV simplely because the couple is talking. If you ever play WoW you will find hundreds of couples that actually do this since it gives them time that they can talk, and something to do together.

DA says:

Internet has benefits

My spouse it often away on extended business trips. To make up for the time we can’t physically spend together we play WOW. Coupling the game with a VOIP solution gives us a wonderful way to interact and minimize the distance and ease the transitions to when he is home or gone. The interaction in game has improved our communication and our ablity to act as a team/unit rather more so than sitting on our couch watching TV, going to a movie, going out to eat or virtually any of the “normal” forms of spending time together. (Internet power) (user link) says:

Americans Giving Up Sex for Interneting?

I don’t believe this. It defies commmon sense. Internet and modern communication technologies have tremendously increased the communication capability of Americas. And when people communicate often, then meeting becomes common. The chances of having sex also increases. I can place an ad at two or three dating sites and instantly be able to meet at least 10 dates in a month. From the 10 dates, I should be able to find at least one person to develop a serious relationship with. So, my point is that internet has greatly empowered our communication capacity and relationships

Adrian (user link) says:

Let's Get serious

It is stupid to give up sex because of Interneting. I would always rather have sex with the woman I love instead of browsing some Internet sites. Quality first and the quality time spent with my girlfriend is much better. On the other hand, if Internet is used in cases like number 29 above, I totally agree that it is a great solution to get technology to help. I know how you feel, I also am in a similar situation

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