Newsflash: Electronic Voting Machines Not Tested Thoroughly

from the now-what dept

If you ever wondered how pathetic e-voting technology gets approved for use despite having fatal design flaws, wonder no longer. It appears that the laboratory tasked with testing most of the nation’s electronic voting systems has, shockingly, done a miserable job at it — resulting in Uncle Sam barring them from further machine approval until they clean up their act. Not only was Ciber Inc. not following proper quality-control procedures, the company couldn’t actually document that it was conducting all the required tests. Worse, the company was banned from further testing last summer, but we’re only finding out about their incompetence after the elections. The government seems to have deemed the lab dysfunctional and stopped there — raising questions about what exactly the government plans to do about machines already approved and in circulation. There’s a continuing theme of Uncle Sam realizing these systems suck years after we’ve begun using them to elect politicians, but then stalling in bureaucratic gridlock any time there’s an effort to actually do something about it. But hey, don’t worry — take solace in the fact it could be worse.

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Comments on “Newsflash: Electronic Voting Machines Not Tested Thoroughly”

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misanthropic humanist says:

uses of electricity

I think this done thoroughly on Slashdot yesterday, that’s why it’s not hot Karl. Turns out to be a bit of a non-story because the issue is over approving the machines, not testing them. The testing is about electrical isolation, flash tests, safety stuff for physical robustness etc, nothing to do with their utility as voting machines (which we all know is bent as a $9 note and full of backdoors).

Don’t worry about the shrub Scythe. He will go quietly with a whimper. 5 years later he’ll be on vacation and either turn up in a swimming pool or be swooped by an arrest team, taken to the ICC for trial for warcrimes and dealt with properly. Irony is, if the climate is right and he goes back to Texas he might even get the death penalty.

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