Has The Stern Effect Already Worn Off For Sirius?

from the sticking-to-FM dept

As people wonder where all the Howard Stern listeners that didn’t follow him to satellite radio have ended up, a radio research firm has done a little digging into why more haven’t followed him. A report says that Sirius’ new subscriber growth from Stern’s arrival has essentially stalled, with about 8% of his terrestrial audience, or 1.1 million, having subscribed to Sirius. Nearly a third of those that haven’t subscribed say they don’t miss the show enough to justify paying for it, while almost a quarter say equipment and service costs too much. $500 million to pull in 1.1 million subscribers is pretty steep, but it sounds like the real issue here isn’t just that perhaps Stern’s pull isn’t as strong as he or Sirius thought, but rather that Sirius isn’t doing a great job of marketing its service. When people say they don’t miss the show enough to subscribe, it almost sounds as if there’s a perception that the Stern show is all that’s on Sirius, or is the only thing that would interest them, meaning that the company could do a better job of making them aware of all the other content it offers. The idea that Stern alone would be enough to solidify Sirius’ business is pretty unrealistic, and unless the company can do a better job of supplanting his influence with more to add new subscribers, that huge contract could end up being little more than an albatross around their neck.

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Comments on “Has The Stern Effect Already Worn Off For Sirius?”

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Zarun says:

Re: Not worth it

I cant say I havent heard that a million times, oh and once again from someone who doesnt even listen.

When i used to go to work at 3am it was the one thing one that was worth listening to. despite a few things that I dont really like about the show, the back and forth between Howard, Artie & Robin would really make me laugh out loud. I have been fortunate enough to get to listen to Howard on Sirius, and his show is far better than it used to be. Howard often does 5+ hour shows with one 5 min comercial break hour or two.

To me this story sounds like one more attempt to make what Howard has done into a failure. Howad has said it he is happierthan he’s ever been, the listeners with come over when they are ready. In the mean time he will give the people who listen the best value for there money that he can.

Frankie G says:

Re: Not worth it

I think it is VERY much worth the price. I have listened to Stern from AM days and he is and the show has been the funniest ever.

I understand that many people do not like his style, but if you ever have yuo will REALLY LOVE it now!!

I almost crashed my car a few times recently from laughin so hard while driving.

Also I love my Sirius for all the other offering besides Howard it is a Win Win deal for Me!!

John says:

Re: Not worth it

It seems you have a dislike for things you don’t understand .. Many will continue to follow to satellite just like they did with cable tv – it’s an option to some better radio programing. Not everything revolves around Howard Stern. Let’s be honest there are other obtion than listening to terrestrial radio. So get with the program

Apennismightier says:

Re: Howard Stern...

Stern hit his peak long long ago. Every show is him trying to make something funny with a quick comment from Robin to validate it. Opie and Anthony took his fans, and entertained them more than he ever did.

How can you listen to Adam Corolla? His short lived horribly unfunny show on Comedy Central should have been proof enough that that man should never be given a job in entertainment again. Kimmel carried his ass on the man show, and his dull, morbid way of speaking and personality are nothing to be publicly proud of listening to.

He's right, Stern is over! says:

Re: Stern is over

It’s great how people can comment when they’ve never even heard the new shows on Sirius. How can you badmouth Stern and then say that you love that O&A garbage and not laugh in the same sentence? Those morons basically ripped off the whole Stern format and do it badly. Do yourself a favor and listen to some of the new stuff Stern is doing and then you can talk trash and go back to listening to your original and innovative programming.

Apennismightier says:

Re: Re: Stern is over

If you actually eve listened to Opie and Anthony, you would know that Stern ripped off of them and made sure there was a gag order on them so they couldn’t voice any of it. If you were the top dog at Infinity, I’m sure you’d make sure your fans thought you were the mastermind of all the jokes around the studio too.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Stern is over

Try and use your brain for a second and realize that I am not referring to all 25 years of Howards programming. When Opie and Anthony came on the scene, they had original ideas. Howard would rip off them. Opie and Anthony would then play Howard clips of the same material they did they day before and have both Howard and their fans calling up. The Howard fans would admit Howard became a hack in his old age.

It got to the point where a gag order was placed on O&A so that they couldn’t say his name, or refer to any material supposedly stolen from them. It’s idiots like you who were brainwashed by the few years of good radio Howard put out and became his tool and believed everything he said. I began to listen to Howard when the whole “stealing” controversy came out and as a previous Stern fan, he dropped the ball. Stern’s time is over, O&A are the future.

WasingMoneyIsEAsy says:

Stern Effect

I believe that the Stern Effect is when water washes over the back of the boat when you stop suddenly. All that money gone. But not unusual, just look at Google. What does Google do? Have you or anyone you know bought anything from an Internet ad? Is it worth more than all the assessed property in Santa Clara County California (Silicon Valley)?

Corporate doofuses!

Chester's liver says:

Re: Google?

1) I hope Stern drowns in a kiddie pool full of urine and used motor oil. He wasn’t worth listening to when he was free. Hoo Hoo Robin look at this strippers thong.. yeah thats what I want to hear at 6am.

2) O&A Party rock

3) Google makes a fortune on those first few links that come up where you type in a keyword. Also, all of those results get listed in the order that they are paid for unless one is extremely more relevant than the other. Thats why searching for porn on google only gets you the same site with 500 different addresses 🙁

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Google?

Ok Chester are you a weirdo or what? You keep contradicting yourself.

1. Who wants to hear about thongs at 6am?

then you say you love O&A(what do they talk about 3rd world countries at 6am?)

And you who else but someone who knows what first 500 porn sites would want to hear about thongs on the radio?

Biff says:

Stern is not over

Stern’s ‘Jump the Shark’ moment may have been going to satellite, I dunno, I still find him entertaining, I went ahead and got a subscription because of him. His career has been filled with non-stop “He’s all washed up” comments. After 20 years of being washed up I have to wonder who is actually washed up…

Brian says:

As bad for Stern as well?

I would add to Biff’s comment about ‘Jump the Shark’ that this has negative impact to Stern’s brand as well. Stern has long been viewed as a vocal and strong leader to a gigantic flock. He took credit for assisting to get Christine Todd Whitman elected in NJ — and many agreed with him. This respect, whether deserved or not, generated enormous interest from advertisers and eventually garnered him the Sirius contract. The inability to convert his terrestrial audience to Sirius subscribers will show that the emperor has no clothes.

Ed in Seattle says:

Stern understands this

I occassionally listened to Stern on normal radio. Then I got a new car that came with Sirius. I now listen to him ALL THE TIME. He really sounds much more comfortable where he is. Anyway, he understands that it will be a bit slower to get all his previous listeners to come along. But the seed is there. Eventually, when presented with a new car, or new electronic equipment, that has satelite radio, they will remember. I seriously think his best shows have been in the past few months on Sirius. I was going to check out Carolla the other day but all I heard was “we’ll be back after a short break…” Ugh.

Grumpy Old Man says:

never going back to regular radio

I had been looking at Sat Radio for a while (the grumpy one travels often on long road trips) when the announcement about Stern coming to Sirius was announced. I had listened to him years ago and let that be the deciding factor for me. The first week with George Takei (sp?) was pretty good, but after that the thrill was gone, he is not the Stern of old.

Having said that, I can not imagine going back to regular radio. Commercial free music everywhere I travel, great sports channels, and good talk too. I believe once you have tried Sirius you would have trouble going back too.

I do agree with Carlos though, they have spent way too much energy/resources on Stern. They could have taken what they are paying him and given away radios with paid service and got many more listeners.

Just the 2 cents of the Grump


b-hizzle says:

Not just Stern

I got Satellite radio for Stern, but after having it for 6 months I could never go back to crappy FM radio even if he left. Also that number of 1.1 million stern fans followed him is a little low. Sirius had 600,000 subscribers before stern’s announcement, and now has over 4 million. I’d say he had a bigger impact then some would want you to think.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Not just Stern

I agree. There’s much more content besides just Stern. I’m not one of those people who really enjoys listening to the same Matchbox 20 song or Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing” 300 times a day. If you’re one of those people, go ahead and stay with regular radio.

Don’t forget…the networks never thought cable TV would catch on (who would want to pay for TV?) Now, cable is everywhere and people don’t even balk at paying $49/mo. for shitty TV content.

Illegal Joe says:

Re: Not just Stern

XM had a larger increase of # of listeners since Stern’s announcement than Sirius so based on your arguements, one could also argue Stern drove away people from Sirius. The truth of the matter is that both XM and Sirius subs would have grown in the 18 months regardless of a Howard announcement. Based on Stern’s comments, he seems to think every new sub to Sirius since his announcement was entirely due to him. Thats quite an ego, but it is being deflated each and every day.

!mp says:

ron and fez = not even worth it on public radio.

stern still puts on an entertaining show, despite it being mildly… “over-rated” and “sophmoric” (nice try there, buddy, a grammar-spelling double whammy, I wonder who is really stupider).

Carolla’s not bad. Isn’t true Ron and Fez got dumped recently by FreeFM and they rehired O&A? That must suck, since Ron and Fez started as O&A’s whack little brothers who sat around and talked about computers for an hour.

Die Hard says:

Does it add up?

The press is saying Stern brought 1.1 million listeners over to satalite in the 4 months he has been on.

1.1million x 13.99 = 15 mill +

After his cut it sounds like they knew what they were doing. 10mill to me in 4 months would be a decent business deal.

Lets just wait and see what happens a year or two from now.

SkiOne says:

Stern is lame

Sirrius had to be out of their minds to pay the kind of money they are paying.

More than that Sirrius is an inferior service.

I have XM and love it! O&A are funnier than Stern ever was. Moreover the XM service is great. The music, news, sports and comedy all are better than Sirrius.

I listened to the online versions of both and XM just blew Sirrius away!

nunya_bidness says:

I got Sirius a year before Howard came on and began listening to all the music and comedy daily. I never turn on regular radio any more, and now I listen to Howard every day, and Jim Breuer every afternoon(plug). I think it is only a matter of time, just like cable tv, bitch and moan we all have it. And Stern will never accept an offer from terrestial radio, that would be going backwards for him and his real fans.

Roy Miguens says:

conflict of interest anyone?

How can tech dirt, which is so good at pointing out the facts, and the obvious conflicts of interest, be so blind on this Stern propoganda by radio & records? B-hizzle has it right – 600k subscribers before Stern signs with Sirius, over 3 million in early 2006, and now over 4 million after 4 months of him actually being on the air.

The game is not over – which is what these articles never mention. Let’s see how many listeners there are by the end of the year.

Brad Eleven (profile) says:

Stern the Loss Leader

No way to know now whether Sirius knew what was coming, but the effect is obvious. People lured to Sirius by the promise of Stern surely listen to Sirius all day, i.e., not just in the morning.

I haven’t heard Howard on Sirius at all. I first heard him in hotel rooms, didn’t think it was that great, but some great moments. Then he showed up in the Houston metro market, and I heard him for about a year during a 31-mile commute that took 93 minutes. Suddenly I got it. Howard *rules* during drive-time–when you’re driving. It worked. It was funny, controversial, and suddenly I didn’t give a rip about the other idiots on the road, the endless construction …

Well, I don’t have that commute any more. Now I work in a semi-major metro market that includes Air America. Interesting, but it just doesn’t crack me up like Howard used to.

I think it could be that something is lost in the translation: Howard can’t complain about management any more. Not that he needs it, but I could always relate to someone telling my own story. Especially when I was driving to that building where those fools got paid more than me, wouldn’t listen to me, and then blamed me for their own mistakes.

Yeah. Don’t work there any more. Too much talking. But I’m a excellent driver. Uh-oh. Two minutes to Stern…

donkey says:

Its obvious that most people can’t respond to this subject objectivly because they are either stern fans or stern haters. The fact remains that Stern is the best in the business, and always has been. Even if you don’t like his show, you have to respect what he has done.

I am one of those many people who have purchased satellite and will never return to terrestrial radio. Whenever I switch to it occasionally, I can’t get a few minutes in with out going to commercial. At one point, all 6 of my FM presets were at commercial at the same time. Its so bothersome that it really makes you appreciate your satellite radio. Sports coverage is also awesome, and IMO Sirius has XM beat on that aspect, unless you want baseball.

And if you listen to Stern, his show is better than ever. I mean, who’s radio show wouldn’t be better uncensored? Not because you can curse non stop and talk about sex, but because you don’t have restrictions, you can speek your mind and not be uptight.

And all you O&A lovers don’t forget they got run off of XM.

Robin's Taint says:

Re: the moron 2 comments above me

qoute: “Its obvious that most people can’t respond to this subject objectivly because they are either stern fans or stern haters. The fact remains that Stern is the best in the business, and always has been.”

What kind of nonsensical paragraph is that. “nobody can be objective here.. because Stern is the best ever Hoo Hoo…”

Stern is NOT the best in the business. He changed radio back in 1984, nobody denies that, but only because he did outrageous stuff that nobody else had the balls to do. O&A took that format and turned it into COMEDY and made it the most hilarious thing ever. Strippers aren’t funny because their naked, and only a fat jerkoff like yourself would want to sit in their car getting aroused listening to a 60 year old man talk about a strippers ass.

Even his attempts to be funny are mediocre at best. Even in the 80’s, Jackie was the funniest part of that aweful show. Now, who would even bother listening none the less paying for it.

Howard, show us the funny. You have none sir.

Sirius Listener says:

Howard Stern

I feel that howard has lifted his game and anyone who is a fan and did not get sirius is missing out. Plus the other stations are great. And just to say yes they can curse now but number one they do not just curse just because they can and number two when they cursed on terestrial you still knew what they were saying. All in all Howard’s show is better than ever and anyone who disagrees dosent know what they are missing

Thanks Howard

Pope Ratzo says:

Stern’s show has been better than ever. I’m a satisfied subscriber to Sirius and can’t wait for the web stream to start next month.

Please bear in mind that this report is from a “radio research” organization. That means that they have a vested interested in reporting on some sort of failure by Stern.

Fact is, that the entire radio industry took a huge hit when Stern left the airwaves. The stations he was on have dropped an average of 8 (eight!) places in the rankings in their respective markets after he left. That includes not only mornings, when Stern was on, but THE ENTIRE DAY.

How many other artists could have gone from giving away his show to listeners to charging 13 bucks a month and still kept 3.5 listeners? It’s an amazing success.

Yes, the hard core of his fans has already moved to Sirius, but now, every time somebody buys a new car and they’re faced with putting in satellite radio, they will of course pick Sirius. I’m betting that by the end of this year they have 5+ million listeners, adding as many as a million a year.

You can bet that anybody who tries to spin this as being some sort of failure or “cooling” for Stern has an agenda. There’s no other way this breathtaking success could be perceived as anything else.

U_R_A_Tool says:

Howard who?

WOW I hope some of the Stern fans that have posted here already read some of the other comments.

Yes people Howard brought in about 1.1mil people…not 4. Look at the sub growth rate before his announcement as well as XM’s. Logic dictated 1.1mil is a fair if not generous number.

Someone forgot allot of math to add into the numbers they used to gauge Howard’s impact on Sirius.

$15mil-5mil for his pay -83mil for his stock-1mil for the promotion of him (was estimated higher but as I cant recall the exact number lets use 1)= $74mil Loss.

Name Withheld says:

The day Howard Stern announced his move to Sirius, they had 600,000 subscribers. Since his move, they have grown to 4.5 million. How can this possibly be reported as only 1.1 million of his fans following him?

You can bet that somewhere up the chain, this story came from someone in the radio industry. They’ve really taken it on the chin. A friend of mine who is a media buyer here in Chicago says that radio across the board has been hurting and ad rates have plummeted since Howard left the air.

Celes says:

Re: Re:

Well, now you’re saying that every new subscriber to Sirius subscribed because of Stern. That’s akin to saying that every pirated song equals a loss of revenue for the music industry. I’m sure there are people who subscribe to Sirius and don’t listen to Howard Stern, or at least for whom his show wasn’t a deciding factor in their subscribing.

Ed says:

Is that all there is?

I’ have been a Sirius suscriber and stockholder for two years and totally agree with the need for Sirius to market more broadly and agggresively. The news of his move to satellite overshadowed the real value of satellite radio programming. At no time when Stern was promoting his own move to Sirius did he ever mention any Sirius programming other then him. The Today show walked with Stern through the Sirius studio. There is great on-air talent at Sirius but not one of them ever made it on or off camera – it was all about Howard and a great opportunity was missed to expose all the content available on 160 channels. Stern has a narrow, and obviously, nor loyal, listenership. The demographics of his audience are totally out of synch with the segment that will pay $13 a month for commercial free music on a $50 receiver. This was a big $$$$ mistake for Sirius.

RMartin says:

Donkey's comment

I disagree that people can only love or hate Stern, as I AM one of the “middle of the road” Stern listeners.

I bought a Sirius receiver in January for a couple of reasons.

1. Best Buy was having a “Howard Stern” sale on Sirius radios just before his show premiered. I paid only $19.99 for the “Visor” receiver and thought it was a good buy.

2. I’m in South Carolina where the FM radio stations basically suck. Sirius offers a SERIOUS alternative with the music and comedy channels.

I’m not really a Stern fan, but not a “hater” either. I can get past the trash, but my main listener gripe (like he cares) is that now he’s heard all over the country, but he still acts like he only has listeners in Manhattan. He should be taking advantage of the wide coverage and doing more things to KEEP me interested in his daily patter. I know his ego is bigger than his paycheck, but if he (and Sirius) were smart, he’d KEEP trying to be as innovative as in the past. I’m obviously not a radio programmer, and I don’t know how he would accomplish that, but it’s NOT being done. On my morning commute, I usually sample his show, and if it doesn’t grab my attention immediately, I turn to CNN Headline News.

The audio from CNN, FOX, Blue Collar Comedy, and NASCAR (next year) will probably keep me paying my monthly fee even if Stern just goes away. It is nice to travel from Charlotte to Fort Worth and never lose the station…

math expert says:

Do the Math

Do the math, even assuming Howard get 2 million listeners per year for Sirius at $13 per listerning he will only be earning the company $26 million. He gets PAID $100 million per year. That’s $74million in losses.

Thats not even including the expenses of running the company, promoting him, and logistical costs like bandwith and relay stations

How long can Sirius who is already millions in the hole afford to hemorage $75million a year?

Real Math Expert says:

Re: Do the Math

Umm that is 13$ a month dumbass. Here is the real math:

13*12*2000000= 312,000,000

$312,000,000 – $100,000,000 = $212,000,000/year

As for who is better, I personally like Stern although some of O&A’s antics are quite humorous.

Anyone who has listened to Satellite radio can attest, it beats the pants off of Terrestial radio. XM/Sirius (choose your poison) > FM

A real math expert says:

Re: Do the Math

Please, don’t call yourself a math expert. 2 million listeners at $13 is $312 million for the year, not $26 million. You seem to think a year lasts 30 days. Better go back to the drawing board.

O&A would not exist if they didn’t mimic Howard.

Long live Sirius. I would pay for it even without HS. There are more commercials than music on regular FM.

Stern fan says:

Re: Do the Math

Obviously you can’t do math. Each listener pays $13.00 a month, not a year. So at 2 million subscribers he brings in $312 million dollars a year(2,000,000 x(13×12)=312,000,000, not 26$ million (2000000×13=26,000,000) not a bad investment if you ask me. And if he brought over 4 million as he claims, he is bringing in to Sirius $624 million dollars a year!

Howards contract $500 million dollars for 5 years.

Sirius revenue based on 2 million subscribers over 5 years= 1.56 billiion dollars.

Revenue based on 4 million subscribers over 5 years= 3.12 Billion dollars.

I don’t think that is a bad investment.

Howars Stern Priceless

Anonymous Coward says:

600K to 4 mil… ’nuff said.

I got Sirius for Stern and after 5 months I’m still having trouble getting around to all the other channels. I find myself listening to Howard 100 and 101 all day long (in the office and in my car).

O&A went back to terrestrial radio.. what a surprise, they were a failure on XM. If I was an O&A fan I’d be pissed that I couldn’t get more of their uncesored show anymore.

Stern’s best shows have happened since he’s been on Sirius, and it’s *not* largely due to the cursing. Their ability to pursue topics and bit ideas that were not possible on censored radio is what makes it so much better to listen to.

Anonymous Coward says:

The first experience with Stern I had was watching him on MTV’s VMA with fartman. I didn’t get the humor. I next saw him in his movie “Private Parts”. He seemed kinda cool and outrageous and I was interested in catching his show. When he got the deal to broadcast part of his show on E! that was the chance to finally see what his show was about. I wasn’t very impressed, but I guess it was ok.

About a year ago I was looking into satellite radio and went with XM (I liked the hardware and content) over Sirius. I love the fact that on satellite there is little advertising, listening to music you just can not hear on regular radio.

I checked out Opie & Anthony for a show or two and could not stand them. I found the humor crude it did not seem that interesting. I was content with the other channels (talk + music).

When Ron & Fez joined the channel about half a year ago, I dug their humor. They have a wry sarcastic feel about them that certainly isn’t for everyone.

After listening to Ron and Fez for a while I began catching bits and pieces of the highlights from the O&A show, and slowly became interested in the bits and characters and running gags they have. Soon I began listening to O&A every day, as I got used to the homor and pacing. Now I love listening to them. Funny as hell, if you can understand where the humor is coming from.

Stern and O&A put on great shows. There is a great rivalry that makes for some good radio. No matter who you think is better it just shows how much satellite (and alternate form of entertainments) are going to eventually force radio to change.

Oh, and the live simulcast of part of O&A’s show on regular radio expands the show’s market and reach, not to mention more advertising to XM, and satellite in general. XM wins by getting their brand and talent to more people. O&A win by expanding the show to more people. XM’s listeners win because they get a longer show (with no censoring of the simulcast, even when an FCC violation is broadcast.) It might be argued that the show is being “watered down” by being on regular radio, but to me it seems that the same humor is being broadcast, with the FCC hassle being handled by the radio stations, and not the O&A show. (The “daily dump report” on the xm only part of the show demonstartes this.)

Anyway, I hope Stern and O&A go for a long, long time. The more rivalry the better.

Anonymous Coward says:

Howard old?

I love the people who say Howard is “old” and “washed up”. Umm…don’t let O&A let you think they’re *that* much younger than Howard is. I admit that I like both outfits, but the argument that Howard is “old” is getting old itself. O&A are in their 40s, I believe 41 and 43, respectively. I wouldn’t say that they are the bastions of youth that many here would want you to believe.

Anonymous Coward says:

Let’s simplify by assuming these 4 million people all have 1 year subscription (you get 1 month free with that).

$13 * 11 months = $143/year

$143 * 4 mill = $572 mil

Add to that the profits they make from advertising and selling the equipment and you’ll see it’s not a bad business proposition.

Patrick says:

Re: 572 Million

They get negative dollars for equipment. Sirius and XM shell out millions in kickbacks just to get their equipment manufactured and distrubuted. If you were FORD would you pay to get Sirius units in your car? No. You would sit back and wait and see what Sirius and XM had to offer. XM had it a little easier because GM bailed them out years ago. Anyways, STERN is a long-term, big money investment and is paramount in making cash flow and profitably not something Sirius will see in the future. O & A are funny and I love them. Can you tell?

Illegal Joe says:

Re: Re:

Dude, your Howie math just doesn’t add up. You can’t assume that the 4 millions listeners are all tuned because of Howard in order to justify his salary. In your calculations, you are assuming all other programming on Sirius does is given to them for free ( NFL, NBA, NHL, Martha Stewart, etc ) and last but not least the licensing fees for their music library… plus last time I checked, I don’t think owning a few birds in the sky is a cheap.

Former Howard fan says:

rabid fans are funny

I think that both the Howard and Opie and Anthony fans are nuts.

I used to be a Howard fan years ago. Anyone that thinks he is as funny now as he was 20 years ago is crazy. He lost me 6 years ago, now I do not even listen to AM radio other than weather and traffic.

I do think U_R_A_Tools post holds true. He should have mentioned that at this time Howard is having minimal effect on new subs. If Sirius grows to 4.5mil this year it will only be a few 100k “Howard subs”.

I do think Opie and Anthony and XM are getting by far the better end of the deal as compared to Sirius/Howard.

Think about it…..XM still has a good million+ Opie and Anthony listeners out of the 6mil+ they have. Now you ADD TO THAT whatever they get from the CBS deal (has that been announced?) and add to that the higher profile causing more potential subs…..AND them mentioning they do XM also basically being a free daily advertisement.

In short Sirius is in alot of financial trouble. I heard a recording of Howard trying to spin the XM and Sirius financial statements. The realities are Sirius doubled revenue in the last year and quadrupled (thats make 4x bigger) losses….talk about going the wrong way.

markieMark (user link) says:

Re: rabid fans are funny-Go O&A Virus

RE: O&A: I predicted their return to satellite radio almost 2 years ago? here: http://slashdot.org/~MelKsuckz/journal/72533

I also predicted correctly, they would go first, and Stern would follow.

Look here for my thoughts on the has-been Stern.

(he hasn’t had a good show since 1994 and I stopped listening (and I heard him on AM, and even listened the day he was fired from WNBC-AM) when O&A came to NYC.

Howeird link: http://markbnj.blogspot.com/2006/04/radioking-of-all-has-beens-howierd.html

my O&A returns LINK


ANd I still say: they’d make a bigger fortune and get even more listeners when they charge $1.00 more/month for the studio web-cam, then their xm costs.

Oh, and I predicted and told people publically, as well as started boycotting howard, when he started claiming He was first, and O&A didnt know anything.

And to explain the age thing:

Howard has been on the radio in nyc since 82, and nationwide since about 93.

So he’s been on the radio for almost 26 years.

His first 15 years were FANTASTIC.

Say, the miss howard stern pay-per view (1993?)

but the problem is when he got his divorce, he lost the aspect of his personality that made him “caring”, as well as allison’s almost daily (weekly) calls into the show.

New listeners wont understand this. They never heard the original man who was fined and fined by the FCC>

O&A for goodness sakes was on the THIRD annual “sex for sam” (sam adams) contest, when they were fired for encouraging listeners to have sex at St.Pat’s.

The ONLY difference is that instead of going to commercial, tTHEY STAYED LIVE while it was going on, BECAUSE they had the balls to.

AND it paid off in spades.

INFINITY/CBS paid their contract for 2.5 years JUST to muzzle them, AND BEGGED them to come back to “free” rradio again.

AND this time they said sure, but we’re not giving up XM.

Howard will NEVER ever come back to free radio. No one will want him, he is history. SORRY

markieMark (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:Howard Prediction

OK. My prediction:

Howard will NEVER EVER EVER be on “free” radio again.

His CURRENT SIRUS contract will NOT be renewed for the same $$$ amount.

I am betting that he will “Officially” announce he’s “tired” of radio again, at end of this (3 year?) contract with SIRUS.

There is NO way ANYONE would give HIM a simulcast contract.

AND I still might wind up buying XM for the O&A broadcast, because I only catch 45mins day now.

I am waiting for O&A to have a LIVE STREAMING studio-cam that can serve mabye 100-1000 listener/XM subscribers. Yeah, I’d pay extra $5.00 month for a LIVE studio webcam for the O&A Virus…on top of the regular XM fee

What about you?

Apennismightier says:

Re: Re: Won't do Sirius because of Stern

How exactly are O&A morons? They had an awesome contest, got in trouble for it, which made the fans love it even more because of how outrageous it is. And then got paid to do nothing for a year and signed a huge contract with XM and has a bigger following than Stern. Real morons…

O&A didn’t tell those people to have sex in the church either, you schmuck. The people decided where they had sex, and O&A obviously took the heat. It was the perfect opening for Howard to try and convert their fans too. But he still couldn’t.

Don’t give me the crap about Stern fans not wanting Sirius because there isn’t enough on there besides Stern. All the O&A fans jumped on the XM bandwagon regardless of XMs programming. If Stern was as funny and good as you say, they would’ve followed.

Apennismightier says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Won't do Sirius because of Stern

They didn’t. I dont ever recall them saying go have sex in a church. They said have sex in public. The people involved in the contest were in all probability idiots, and decided to do something stupid like have sex in a church.

As for the idiot who said that Howard is saying he got offered trhe same deal as OnA to go on regular radio, you’re compeltely wrong. CBS is sueing Howard and Clearchannel kicked him off before he even went to Sirius. Now there’s no one left to offer that deal.

Get your facts straight.

Mr. Undey says:

Re: Re: Re:5 Won't do Sirius becaus

Why would I read an article when I hear Howard talking about it on Sirius.

I trust what he says because he’s always been honest about what has been going on with his life in the past.

I don’t care what an article says… Howard is saying the articles are wrong. I belive him. That doesn’t make me a tool.

Eryck says:

Think about this

Right now Stern fans are primarly based in NY very large commuter city and Sirius (or XM) doesn’t have the technology to service them yet however it is on the way. In June when they begin brodcasting Stern on Sirius via the internet you will see an explosion of Stern fans buying Sirius service.

O&A better count there blessings Stern did not take the offer to go back to regular radio because they will find themselves on the unemployent line once again

The Revolution has just begun my friends!!!

Apennismightier says:

Re: Think about this

Are you retarded? They don’t have the technology to service NY? They have portable receivers out everywhere. People listen to them all the time. Opie and Anthony are being rebroadcasted on free radio along with XM. Stern is the one who’s gonna be out on the street while Robin gets her own boring short lived radio show.

What was I thinking? says:

Re: Re: Think about this

I apologize for ever disagreeing with you. Your 100% right! Attention: I WAS WRONG! Stern is washed up and O&A are the best. O&A have very original ideas and the fact that they had to go back to regular radio doesn’t mean that no one is listening and that XM is losing money and listeners. Instead of banging my head into a wall like I was going to do, I’m going to listen to O&A everyday! The 2 times that I had to listen to O & A in the afternoon because nothing else was on, I didn’t hear ripped off bits or anything like that.

This guy knows his stuff. Einstein Squared!!!! says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Think about this

Again your right! I’m not disagreeing with you at all. I heard that both O&A and those radio stations were both drowning and desperate, I must have been misinformed. SORRY FOR THE MIX UP! I love paying for O&A on XM and then have them turn around and give the show I’m paying for away for free. Brilliant public relations move! I heard the Oprah show is gonna be great too! XM has a bright future with all this talent. Anyone love Don and Mike? They rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Don and Mike and O & A can get a superstar show together so I can cut down the time I waste in day in half. I’m a genius!!!!!

nunya_bidness says:

Re: Re: Think about this

I believe the technology Eryck was refering to was an internet subscription scheme that was to Howards liking. He didn’t want rampant sharing to lower the value of his show or something like that. When that is available he will be on the web as part of, or in addition to, a sirius subscription. Maybe the post lacked clarity but did not warrant the “retarded” comment, you should chill out…Or someone will verbally abuse your ass all over the net!

Mr. Undey says:

Do the Math??

You must be a retarded Math Expert…

$13 per MONTH multiplied by 2 million listeners is $26 million per MONTH…. which is more than $100 million per quarter. (In case you still don’t get it… thats more than $400 million per year.

Holy Christ, what a dumb-ass.

Anyway, the article stinks… as others have stated, Sirius has gained 3.4 million subscribers since they announced Howard Stern was coming over. He only needed to bring something like 1.5 million subscribers over to pay for his $500 million deal.

He’s paid for himself and Sirius is so happy with the results that they have offered to extend his contract for another 5 years and another $500 million. That’s a 10 year 1 billion dollar offer. Howard has declined the offer at this time just has he has declined 3 separate offers from Terrestrial Radio Companies to copy the O & A thing. Unfortunately, O & A had to take the Terrestrial offer because according to the statistics, they were only able to attract 35,000 listeners to XM. We know this because XM charged $1 extra to get their show. So, XM generated a whopping 35K per month where as Howard has generated more like $45 million in MONTHLY revenues at Sirius.

Nobody has ever done something like this…. so, like him or not… he’s a revenue generating powerhouse…. and now he’s happy because he doesn’t have the FCC breathing down his neck… so, he’s probably not going anywhere any time soon.

U_R_A_Tool says:

Eryck is an idiot

Howard never had an offer. He is full of it. Who is going to offer him a big deal? Citadel (sp)? Yeah the guy hates him…played OnA when he was on vacation…and has been on the phone with OnA while they were on the air 2x in the last few weeks trying to get a deal done to have them on the air.

CBS? ummmm no chance says the 500mil lawsuit.

Clearchannel? Remember when they dumped him and he sued them for breach of contract while he insulted them and cursed the heads and there families?

After that who is left that could offer a big deal? NO ONE.

OnA have already won….you just don’t know it yet.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Eryck is an idiot

The TOOL said:

> Howard never had an offer. He is full of it. Who is going to offer him a big deal?

You’re a dumbass:



Also- re-broadcasting O&A’s XM broadcast on terrestrial radio is a big fuck you to XM’s subscribers. Why do you think they did that by the way? Becuase they were so successful on XM alone?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Eryck is an idiot

Read my previous post about rebroadcasting O&A you idiot. When you pay for XM, you aren’t only paying for O&A you get all their channels which are actually better than Sirius anyway.

O&A are being used to save those stations. When you buy XM for them, you get all the uncensored material, which is what you’re buying it for to begin with if you’re only concerned with O&A. You really think they’re rebroadcasting the entire thing uncensored? These people don’t even have to prove you’re an idiot. You’ve done a pretty good job yourself.

anonymous coward says:

it looks like their customer acquisition cost for the Stern listeners was about $500 ($500mill/1.1 mill listeners).

With an annual subscription price of $140, the Stern listeners will have to stay subscribed for 3.5 YEARS just to break even. I really doubt the Sirius churn rate is low enough for average customer lifespan to exceed three years.

On the other hand, his conversion rate (8%) is an interesting number to have when looking at the “cost” of piracy. When a free service is moved to a pay model (the Stern customer base), fewer than 1 in 10 will actually purchase the product which means that taking just 10% of the RIAA/MPAA “cost of piracy” numbers might give you a REAL estimate.

freakengine says:

Stern's Late Night Comments Didn't Help

Stern was on Late Night and started calling his former listener base “cheapskates” for not following him to satellite. I wrote him a nice letter telling him that we didn’t abandon him, HE abandoned US, and that he could shove his comments… well, I’ll save that for another forum.

The point is, when you begin to berate your former customers in a vain attempt to retain them, you start to resemble the RIAA. Howard might as well sue me, because that’s the only way he’ll ever see dollar one from my pocket. Oh, and did I mention that I actually LIKE the guy?!

Notmentallyhandicappedlikethisguy says:

Re: Stern's Late Night Comments Didn't Help

DO YOU KNOW WHAT A JOKE IS? Read between the lines idiot, it was a joke. I’m sure you actually heard him say it and you didn’t read it misquoted in some article somewhere. Everyone knows you can sense the tone in someone’s vioce when you read print. In case your retarded, that was SARCASIM!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Stern's Late Night Comments Didn't Help

> Stern was on Late Night and started calling his former listener base

> “cheapskates” for not following him to satellite. I wrote him a nice

> letter telling him that we didn’t abandon him, HE abandoned US, and

> that he could shove his comments… well, I’ll save that for another forum.

Save it forever. You’re an idiot. That’s not what Stern said, the quote is taken out of context. Stern said that as a joke to make a point, you need the FULL TEXT of what he said to understand the point he was making. Don’t be a typical news sheep. The news fucks it up more than you obviously think.


Anonymous Coward says:

I don’t see anyone banging down the door of O&A and offering them huge contracts like Stern.

Fact: Stern is the highest paid entertainer.. EVER!

Fact: O&A came to XM and failed!

Fact: XM anxious to make *some* money off of them joined together with CBS whose ratings were *tanking* since Stern left and decided to salvage whatever miserable scraps were left of both of their businesses.

Dennis says:


While digital radio, as a concept, is exponentially better than ‘commercial’ radio, it’s still dead in the water.

‘Smart’ internet radio, like Pandora, and Last.fm, (c’mon folks, tell me about more) are indubitably the future. In fact, every media will assume this form, hopefully sooner rather than later.

HEY! GOOGLE! Why don’t you guys just do this right like you’re doing everything else.

I said it first. Software Based Radio!!!!!!!!!!

I’m waiting…….I don’t see a product announcement on DIGG yet……..

timmykidd2104 says:

O&A subscriber numbers

OK people. When Howard signed with Sirius Satellite Radio, they had 600,000 subscribers. Now they have 4 million. That means that Howard brought 3.4 million subscribers, correct?


When O&A signed with XM Satellite radio, they had 2.1 million subscribers. Now they have just shy of 7 million. So O&A brought over 4.9 million listeners. Also correct?

Of course not. Howard brought just around 1.1 million as this and many other articles have said. Sirius has other programming that people have joined to hear. As much as it may shock you that people got sirius for something other than howard, it’s true. Just as much as it shocks me that people with XM listen to anything but channel 202.

timmykidd2104 says:

Re: Re: O&A subscriber numbers

HOLY CHRIST!!! You’re telling me to stop making up numbers? You’re saying that in October 2004, when Howard announced that he was going to Sirius, XM already had 6 million? Do you know any facts at all sir? And I know that Stern says that there were 35K people who signed up for the O&A show. Where is any proof of that?

Apennismightier says:

I want to record this and post a link to a public MP3 site so all you idiots can hear this. They are not being negative or attacking Howard. They are stating facts. But I’m sure Stern fans are going to think they are lying anyway. All I ask is that you listen and hear how far gone you’ve all been mislead by Howard.

Anonymous Coward says:

That’s another thing that shows how lame O&A are.. they just can’t get off Howard’s jock. That’s why they keep talking about him, while he doesn’t give them a second of his time.

They’re trying to bank on being Howard haters when he’s clearly responsible for whatever (albeit tiny compared to him) success they’ve enjoyed.

Apennismightier says:

Re: Re:

They can’t stop talking about him because Howard fans like you can’t stop bitching about it. All O&A is trying to do is get you fu**s to stop bitching and crying so they can move on. Plus us O&A listeners like hearing how stupid you all are and even moreso how stupid Howard is. Howard is a cancer and he will wither and die soon enough.

Apennismightier says:

Re: Re:

Exactly how are O&A in his shadow when they have more listeners, got a better contract, and are now syndicated on both satellite and public radio?

All you so called Stern fans jumped ship because you don’t want to pay for Sirius. If you were real fans, you would have gone. O&A are the future. Conform or die with Howard and stop listening to radio altogether. Oh well…

Anonymous Coward says:

have more listeners?? Stern creamed them in every market they’ve ever competed in

better contract?? Highest paid entertainer in history

satellite and public radio?? big FU to their fans who bought XM and now have to listen to a watered-down version of the show

I did move to Sirius because of Howard.

Apennismightier says:


I want to post the MP3 but I bet some Stern fans will try and oust me and get me in trouble for distributing copyrighted material. Basically O&A talked about how the CEO of Sirius had Howard retract his statement about the AP story and how it wont help their stock by saying he is going back to public radio. He lied to his listeners to try and one-up O&A.

Howard originally said “Wouldn’t it be great if I went back to regular radio and kicked O&A asses?”

It then became overblown in this huge lie all you tools have now bought into.

Howard has YET to name the 3 companies who gave him these offers.

Laughing says:


You people make me laugh, to think there’s this much cult-like devotion for an entertainer, just as funny is to see the people who hate him so much that they feel they must write about him. All of you go ahead and bahh like sheep, you morons, next you go rabid talking about the best numbskull on your team that can throw a rubber ball through a metal ring….

Anonymous Coward says:

The fact that you believe that tripe shows your extremely limited mental capacity.

Howard wanted to put the statement out yesterday so he had Gary calling all the news agencies. They were originally going to get CBS news, but ended up going with AP.

He was tired of the news media saying that he was considering going back because he didn’t want his fans to think that he would screw them over by ditching them for boring, censored radio.

gimmeafnbreak says:

So, let me get this straight. A guy is given a $500,000 contract. That day his new employer had 600,000 listeners. Today his new employer has 4.2Million listeners, all without GM car dealers “throwing it in”. And he’s failing to attract listeners?

O&A have only allegedly competed with Stern since they got to XM, where they managed to sign up 36,000 listeners for their “premium” service.

Oh, and Stern is the only one of the above mentioned players that is still uncensored – which is what he claimed is all he’s wanted anyway.

Yea, Stern’s failure. I’ll take his black cloud any day!

Anonymous Coward says:

Is it unheard of for someone not to reveal possible job/contract offers that have been rejected?

I’m sure he has a good reason for not exposing the parties involved. Why would he make it up? What does he gain from putting out a false story like this? He doesn’t need to try to one-up O&A because he doesn’t obsess over them like they obviously do over him.

Forge (user link) says:

Howard is great? At what?

I used to listen to Howard, many many many moons ago. Finally one morning his scathing abuse became too much. For many years more, my mornings were very quiet and/or filled with music from my iPod. Uncensored! No commercials! I choose the playlists! Only 0.00$ a month plus hardware!

Now that Howard is finally gone (stay gone), I turned the radio on a few times in the morning. I found that 94.1 FreeFM here in Philly now has David Lee Roth, of all people, doing a morning radio show. What’s more strange? The man is almost excessively POLITE! The horror! Yet even while polite, he manages to be really interesting and more than just a tad sexual with many of his guests.

Who’da thunk it? You don’t have to be crude to be interesting!

David Lee Roth 1.

Howard / O&A 0.

U_R_A_Tool says:


During his push to promote his move to Sirius Howard admitted he had Mel put gag orders on Opie and Anthony. For 3 years he denied that he would ever censor anyone, in interviews and on his show. He even went so far as to say “Censorship is ok when its not happening to me” on Hannity.

If you are a fan of his fine…..be a fan but don’t be so blind as to not see Howard is a hypocrite and lies to his fans.

The BIG OFFERS for FM radio were a lie. Maybe a half truth and the offers came from a small company, but none of the companies that could offer anything significant to him could/would.

U_R_A_Tool says:

“by gimmeafnbreak on May 11th, 2006 @ 12:50pm

So, let me get this straight. A guy is given a $500,000 contract. That day his new employer had 600,000 listeners. Today his new employer has 4.2Million listeners, all without GM car dealers “throwing it in”. And he’s failing to attract listeners?

O&A have only allegedly competed with Stern since they got to XM, where they managed to sign up 36,000 listeners for their “premium” service.

Oh, and Stern is the only one of the above mentioned players that is still uncensored – which is what he claimed is all he’s wanted anyway.

Yea, Stern’s failure. I’ll take his black cloud any day!”

BZZZZT try again. Without a year on FM promoting it, a multi million add budget and 2+ years stuck off the air, OnA had 36K paying subs the day they went on the air. They knew they were starting from a tough position and did an amazing job building over 200K subs to the premium channel before it went to all of XM. WhenAll of XM could hear it the numbers went through the roof.

Howard didn’t bring the company from 600k to 4.2. He himself has admitted in interviews that he is just a small portion of the growth. How pissed is he going to be when Opra has a bigger audience on XM than he does on Sirius?

maatty says:

Stern is great and so is Sirius

Howard Stern was always entertaining on terrestrial radio. You could tell when listening to him in the last couple years that he had had enough with all the commercials and censoring of his show. I do agree that his show needed to be censored being that it was on “free FM”, but listening to him now is like a whole new show. I admit I got Sirius for listening to Howard, but there are many other great shows and channels on Sirius, i.e. comedy channels, great music channels, and sports.

To say that his popularity has stalled is a joke. The fact that even 1 million(I believe that this number is actually a lot higher…subscriptions to Sirius have jumped over 4 million since the anouncement of Howard joining Sirius) of his listeners followed him to a pay service is amazing. And how many people followed Opie and Anthony to XM? Not even close to that many. Which is why they are back on terrestrial radio. Clear Channel could have gotten somebody else to fill in after they uncerimoniously fired David Lee Roth, but they were scrambling to find someone to compete with Stern, which is another thing they failed at. For Stern fans, his move to satellite was the best thing he could have done for himself and the listeners. The show has reached new heights and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

And if you never liked Stern to begin with, why didn’t you just change the channel?

markieMark (user link) says:

Re: Stern is great and so is Sirius -not compared

.. said…

To say that his popularity has stalled is a joke.

The fact that even 1 million(I believe that this number is actually a lot higher…subscriptions to Sirius have jumped over 4 million since the anouncement of Howard joining Sirius) of his listeners followed him to a pay service is amazing.

And how many people followed Opie and Anthony to XM?

Not even close to that many. Which is why they are back on terrestrial radio.

—>nope, still on XM AND on free radio… and back on HOWARDS old NETWORK in ssame SPOT.

and… they still get both worlds

Clear Channel

–>you mean CBS, right? THEY fired DLRoth (he sucked!)

could have gotten somebody else to fill in after they uncerimoniously fired David Lee Roth, but they were scrambling to find someone to compete with Stern, which is another thing they failed at.

—> AND 5 years too late, they FINALLY paid the price for F#$%^&* with OandA. It was 5 yrs ago, when MelK put the gag order, that their fate was sealed!!!

and now cbs, WITHOUT Melk has righted the wrong, annointed them the king, and I wish I had a free XM so I could hear them do the daily studio walk!

For Stern fans, his move to satellite was the best thing he could have done for himself and the listeners.

—Yes, He’s been in self imposed RERUNS for at LEAST 10 years now!

Bet it isnt as good as the old days in the early 80’s when he REALLY was CUTTING EDGE!!!!

Go and enjoy the king of no media, remmeber I say he’ll retire within 2 years.

Why lie Coward? says:


“by Anonymous Coward on May 11th, 2006 @ 1:03pm

Howard is a big self-promoter. Now he’s in support of the FCC fining and censoring all these radio acts because all it will do is drive more people to satellite radio. And now-a-days, about 4 out of 5 times they’re picking Sirius. This is backed up by the fact that Sirius has out-paced XM in new subs.”

Last quater Sirius outpaced XM by about 6%. Where do you get this 4/5 BS from….Howard?

When you add to that Sirius counts a car that is put on the lot with Sirius in it as a sub and XM doesnt count them untill they activate the account when the car is sold its a wash.

Look for next quater to be back to usual…..XM outpacing Sirius, the Howard push is over.

Anonymous Coward says:

“HA! XM spent an obscene amount of money for Opra (NON-EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!!) to be on 30 MINUTES PER WEEK! Even Opra fans aren’t dumb enough to fall for such a shoddy deal.”

$55mil for the biggest name in TV today to promote a station on XM.

Oh and PLEASE you must be stupid to think that the idiots that watch that show will not buy XM in astonishing numbers because she is on it.

Knuttsachel says:

Howard Stern Rocks!

I have XM in my Acura TL. I am hooked on sateilite radio. I love the fact that I can listen to the same channel and go anywhere. I listened to Sirius one day at Best Buy and I thought the music library was much better than XM. After months of debating on whether or not to get Sirius, I got one. I listen to it more than XM.

Every chance i got I listened to howard Stern on the radio. I did not get Sirius just for Howard. Even though that was how i convinced my wife I needed an extra gadget in the car! Everyone is so quick to talk trash about Howard Stern but he is IMO the best in the business. Now I can listen to him anytime of the day. Howard Stern is awesome!

Mr. Undey says:

Re: Re:

How does it show any desperation?

“Hell I have yet to see any Howard fan here, with all the lies they post to put down XM and Opie and Anthony, make a logical argument backed by any actual facts.

They cant even rebuff when BS statements by Howard or themselves are called to the carpet.”

What are you smoking over there?

Mr. Undey says:

O&A Slackers

K, so I downloaded an O&A episode today, just to hear it….

I gotta say… so far, I’m just annoyed at all the commercials. It’s the XM version of the show… but every 5 min it seems like I gotta listen to a bunch of crap.

Maybe I’m crazy I don’t know… but it sounds just like any other FM show.

They are entertaining, when they’re working… but c’mon… If I’m paying for XM, why would I want to hear a bunch of XM commercials?

I’m a Sirius subscriber… and they don’t seem to kill us with all the self promotion.

Howard Fan says:

I love Howard

If you liked his show before, you will like it even more on Sirius. He is on even longer and the number of commercials are incredibly less. There were days on testical radio where I would hear nothing but commercials on the way to work. Not only that, but the commercials that they do today are hillarious because they are allowed to adlib.

With the S50 I never miss a minute of the show (which takes a lot of time to listen to since he is on so long now). Thank gawd he takes every other Friday off.

Bring It On says:


People railing against Stern, please answer the following

1) To anyone who fills in the line O&A Party Rock amidst their commentary, let me ask these questions … do they have principles?

yeah, i suppose if a company fired me, I’d be willing to go back to work for them

2) Also … do they care about their product?

Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t be concerned about my fan base getting an exclusive show at x dollars a month and then offering a watered down version on terrestrial radio. I guess I would be truly getting face value of Sex and the City by watching the TBS version

3) have you listened to Stern on Sirius?

he’s doing his best shows in many years.

4) do you pay for cable or satellite TV?

do some research … mid 1970’s. See how TV execs and industry experts railed against Ted Turner and HBO. Once HBO began beaming into cable companies and people were willing to pay extra for it, cable took off. In 1980, 22.6 percent of U.S. television households subscribed. In 1990, 59 percent did. Someone has to lead the way. It took cable nearly 20 years to take hold, so why do we expect satellite radio to take four months?

Illegal Joe says:

Can someone plase point out to me where they came up with the 36,000 subs for O&A whent hey were on premium? As far as I know, XM has never released such numbers.

O&A were such failures that CBS hired them to save their business from the abortion called David Lee Roth…

After 2 weeks on CBS radio, O&A were such failures that the head of CBS radio stated on their show that he is going to expand them to other markets.

O&A were such failures that when DirectTV decided to remove them from it’s music channels, there was such an outcry from DirectTV subscribers that they had them back on the service within 2 weeks.

I could only wish to be a failure of this magnitude in my life.

Negaveck says:

Re Illegal Joe

First off how do you get off claiming XM had more subs and then try getting into “real numbers”

Since 1/9/06 Sirius has had 3 subs for every one to XM.

XM is bigger than Sirius yes, both companies have yet to break into the black however Sirius has been getting closer to the margin while XM seems to have stalled. Why else would there be an investigation into XM’s recruitment practices. They are trying to drive up stocks with imagianary numbers by “giving away the service” for next to nothing for new subs.

As for OnA

I was listening to WAAF the first time these 2 got a show. I listened to their first radio show together as they were asking the audience to go easy on them. I think they are funny. I also think Howard Stern is funny. I agree that rivalry is good for both sides (think baseball – Red Sox / Yankees). I also think something else. Clearchannel (the majority owner of XM) is going to do what they always do – bow down to the FCC and propose a “voluntary” censorship on Sat. rad. This will open the door and the FCC will walk right in (the recent fiasco on NY 105.1 isn’t going to help them much either). Eventually CC is going to fire OnA. It’s just a matter of time, and then we will see Howard bring them to Sirius (think BTLS). This will be the best fallout as the listeners will get the best of both worlds on one service.

Clearchannel and FTC violations will be the eventuall downfall of XM and as its said in Highlander “In the end there can be only one”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re Illegal Joe

In the first quarter of this year, Sirius reported only 100,000 more subs than XM did. I hardly would say that is a 3 to 1 pace.

XM is the only one of the two companies that has stated (and is expected by the analysts) to be breaking even in profitability by the end of the year. ( Mind you both companies have a huge hole of debt to climb out of )

Clear channel does have a minority holding with XM but is not the majority owner. If they were, it would not make sense for XM to syndicate O&A to Clear Channel’s main competitor in the radio business, CBS Radio.

As far as voluntary censorship goes, yes O&A have been censored in a way. ( ie. no more Assualts on the Media ) but Stern has admitted to dumping out his Satellite show as well. Not to mention the various reports that came out within the first 2 weeks of his Sirius show that stated Stern has guidelines that he must adhere to. That type of censorship can also be considered job security. So in that sense, both shows are censored.

Illegal Joe says:

Re: Re Illegal Joe

Ok, I have done my homework
You said:

First off how do you get off claiming XM had more subs and then try getting into “real numbers”

When the Stern announcement happened, Sirius had roughly 600,000 listeners, at the end of 2005 Sirius had roughly 3.3 millions subs. That is a net increase of 2.7 million subs in this time frame. In the same timeframe, XM went from 2.7 million to 5.9 million. This is a 3.2 million increase in subs. This is what I said initially. XM had gained more subs than Sirius in this timeframe.

You said:

Since 1/9/06 Sirius has had 3 subs for every one to XM

Q1 2006 results state XM new subs are 568,902, Sirius had 761,187. 43% vs 57%. How in the world ( other than using Howie math) is this 3 to 1?????? ( for those who only use Howie math, the real answer would be 25% vs 75% )

You said:

XM is bigger than Sirius yes, both companies have yet to break into the black however Sirius has been getting closer to the margin while XM seems to have stalled

Once again Q1 2006 results tell a different story, XM had a net loss of $149.2 million, Sirius reported a net loss of $452 million. Once again Howie math is clouding your mind. When it’s a loss.. it is better to have a smaller number, not a larger one. Profitability is acheived when there is no net loss.. not a larger net loss!!!

You said:

Clearchannel (the majority owner of XM) is going to do what they always do – bow down to the FCC and propose a “voluntary” censorship on Sat. rad.

But when I look in the investor relations faq of XM’s website, it lists it’s strategic investors as General Motors Corp., American Honda Motor Corp., DIRECTV, Eastbourne Capital, Hearst Corporation and Baystar Capital. Unless Clear Channel is a subsiduary of one of these companies, I would not say they are the majority shareholder in XM. Plus you did not answer my question, if they were, why would the allow XM to syndicate O&A to their competitor in terrestrial radio?

Speaking of answered questions, you also did not reveal where this 36,000 subscribers paid the premium for O&A initially. I have done my homework to back my points up. Please do the same.

Negaveck says:

The origional (Biased) article

to quote the article

“A report says that Sirius’ new subscriber growth from Stern’s arrival has essentially stalled, with about 8% of his terrestrial audience, or 1.1 million, having subscribed to Sirius. Nearly a third of those that haven’t subscribed say they don’t miss the show enough to justify paying for it, while almost a quarter say equipment and service costs too much”

Note the usage of the phrase “Nearly a third of those that haven’t subscribed”

That tells me that they got info from the rest of his listeners. But they didn’t. In the orbitcast article linked in this one they reveal that Bridge Ratings inerviewed 3200 “stern listeners”. According to their numbers Sterns audience was 13million. So – they interviewed .02% of his audience and this site presents it as everyone. WOW

Also it’s alread been debunked that Bridge Ratings is biased towards finding Stern fans


I find it very funny to hear that 1.1 million people representing 8.4% of the total is a small number but 3200 representing .02% is not only an accurate base to get opinion from but is wholly representative of the total to the point where they are presented as the total

Give me a break

Negaveck says:

RE: Show me the money

As far as anyone knows this is how it works

In Howards contract there are specific goals – Get this many subs and you can excercise stock options early etc.

I do recall him talking about if a particular goal is reached his company getting a percent of the ad revenue

And anonymous coward im starting to believe your name. The censorship on OnA is in reguards to the first 3 hours of the show. Yes Stern dumped once however, that has nothing to do with censorship. One of his people (Sal) was recounting a sick story and what got dumped was a name. Dumping to avoid one of your employees getting into legal trouble is not censorship. If Clearchannel had dumped DJ Star the other day that IMO would not have been censorship. There is a line between something being offensive and illegal. Dumping something as it might be deemed offensive is censorship and like it or not thats what CBS will do if need be to OnA.

And as for Sterns “Guidelines” they are twofold. One – He knows that a company like Sirius is not going to want certain things happening inside their building, but he added that they can do anything (legal) off property to get away with that = not censored. Two – he was self imposing a rule reguarding excessive use of swears ie. swearing for the sake of swearing is not funny nor entertaining. So on that one I would have to say no stopping YOURSELF from doing something not entertaining when you are trying to be entertaining is not censorship, its good common sense

Negaveck says:


ok you gave me some homework and I’ve done some of it (procrastinator).

here it is

“But when I look in the investor relations faq of XM’s website, it lists it’s strategic investors as General Motors Corp., American Honda Motor Corp., DIRECTV, Eastbourne Capital, Hearst Corporation and Baystar Capital”

ok two links from XM’s website


this shows way back in 1999 CC investing big time in XM although I have heard that their direct investment has dropped somewhat


this would appear to be strategic partners in their investment pages and woo hoo it lists 3


B-Clear Channel

C-General Motors

looks like CC might be a partner after all

Also one more from their site


From 3 months ago, look down 1 page and you’ll see this quote

“All seven regional news and talk channels provided by Clear Channel Communications will comprise a new category on the channel guide called “Regional News, Talk & Music Channels.” ”

Thats right they get their own category (because they have as much commercials as regular radio)


“if they were, why would the allow XM to syndicate O&A to their competitor in terrestrial radio?”

Well I’m not to sure about the relationship between CBS and CC but since Stern was sydicated on CC stations in the past, and DJ Star (the one who just got fired and hopefully gets thrown in jail) while under contract with CC was syndicated to a CBS station in texas – My guess is this happens all the time. CC might not want OnA on regular radio but from XM’s standpoint its great. Also think of this – XM and CC owned regular radio stations are technically rivals. But owning the competition is CC’s MO

and as for the 36k number that is what i have heard reported (in reference to the channel 202 subs attributed to them) but have not been able to find solid proof. However, it would appear that the 36k figure is actually to high


This news report includes (toward the bottom) a quote – “”We went from having a show that was syndicated in 17 major markets to having a few thousand listeners. But we believed in the show,” says Opie. ”

so I guess it should have been more like a few thousand 😉

ps I’ll be back with more answers when I have time

the Tucson Jew says:

Howard Stern has AIDS...die Howard

howard is an old hack who claims that he invented everything…he even claimed that he invented the AIDS on his show once. and he also claims that he brought all of the new subscribers…WHAT A LYING SACK OF CUNT…i wouldn’t listen to him for free, much less pay 17.99 a month for two stupid Howard 100 channels…he is a dipshit

Willy Nilly says:

Sirius get the retard award

Stern/Sirius fans keep bragging that they had a larger percentage of subs gained since Stern announced going to sirius. XM added more subs than Sirius since the announcement, that means XM wins. Sirius gets the most improved award that ussually goes to the retarded kid who sits in the corner picking his nose till it bleeds. When Sirius has more subs, less cost per sub, and better radios

Gaby Waby says:

Stern Rules???

I signed up for sirius because of Stern and Stern only! I was pleasntly suprised to find the Sirus offers a wide variety of music channels and Raw Dog is always funny as hell. I listen to stern whenever I’m alone in the car, with three kids under 5 I find myself listening to the kids stuff channel more than Stern.

Stern is still Good, but Sirus is an awesome product that I will not part with anytime soon.

Danhogan says:

Satrad will be free one day

I car pool so I’m forced to listen to Stern because my riding partner has Sirius. Sorry to say, I’m just not sold on shelling out $200 for a unit and then $13.00 a month just to listen to a radio when I’m only going to and from work. It seems like such a waste. Unless your a salesman on the road, the only time you’re going to tune in is when you’re traveling. I don’t travel much so that means I’d only be listening ot Sirius at most about 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t listen at work and I have other activities in the evenings and weekends so it’s sensless.

Secondly, Stern just isn’t that funny anymore. I kind of wonder if he “jumped the shark” sort of speak when he switched to satrad. From what I’m reading, most of his former fans, they feel the same way. He’s lost that “something”.

Sirius and XM are kind of following AOL’s model. Be patient and one of them will be offering Satelitte radio free albeit with advertising. THAT’S OKAY WITH ME! I’ll wait it out.

Matt says:

People make a big deal about Opie and Anthony’s show being watered down for CBS Radio. I love the CBS show. Probably because I don’t listen live and never have to listen to a commercial because of Audible.com. If I did listen live I admit I’d be complaining constantly about the commercials. I can’t sit through 20 minutes of bullshit. I am an XM subscriber for Ron and Fez and enjoy XM Home Plate.

I’ve thought about getting Sirius but not for Stern. (mainly for NFL talk) I’ve heard Stern when he was on FM. His show is stale. It’s the same thing over and over again. Who wants to hear porn stars everyday? (honestly one day is too much) Everyday he always had something to complain about as well. What does he do on Sirius? Is it the same crap? If it is I don’t know how he got 20 subscribers.

Dajan Harris says:


The problem with Sirius is its marketing department sucks! They have a $500 million dollars man on their payroll and don’t know to tell the world about him. Word of mouth will go so far but advertisement will go further!! Stern have been on Sirius now for about, a year,, and I haven’t seen or heard one commercial about Sirius lineup. When Stern was on free radio you hear commercials on TV and radio about what channels you can find him on. Now! What? It’s time for Sirius to change its marketing department…


nxs says:

O&A from now on...

I have two cars, one with Sirus and one with XM. I’ve had the chance to take both on long hauls so I’ve listened to both Howard and O&A. After listening to both shows for extended periods of time, I don’t think there is really any debate. I was a loyal Howard fan going into this but when we began listening to O&A, my loyalties changed. There is just something about O&A that seems real, while Howard is trying to be a persona of his past. Howard’s show has become stale to me even with the $500m retirement to satellite and O&A seems to me to be the real future. I still tune in to Howard when I have no choice, but given the choice, its O&A from now on.

Siden Skans says:

Howard Stern Sucks (funny guy to pathetic has-been

This guy needed to remake himself 15 years ago. He was funny back then, and he was at the top of his career as a radio shock jock. But, Stern managed to eek out a few more years before it bacame painfully obvious to most of his audience that he was out of touch and no longer re-inventing FM radio. He couldn’t handle himself on politics, which he has avoided. In essense, listening to Stern is sort of like reading People Magazine. Hopped-up stories about meaningless people and Hollywood media events. No one cares about these things any longer.

When Artie was there, the skits were funny and fairly well executed. We could admire Stern for the creativity that he and his crew put into the show behind the sceens back then. And, now it is all to clear that Stern is washed-up, not financially, but as a media dynamo, his days are over. Cirus is a failure, and Stern has branded himself to that failure.

Arguably the biggest mistake Stern made was ditching his longtime wife Deborah. She was an integral part of who he was, and helped him to make the show realistic and funny to the common guy. After the divorce, the show and Stern took a nose dive. Portraying himself as “bigger than life”, he really came off as a lonely spoiled rich guy who had everything, but sold it all for fake boobs and more money.

Some fans argue that leaving network radio was his biggest mistake; I dissagree. Stern already knew that his days were numbered in this industry, or at least he should have. He capitalized on his exit making millions of dollars, eventhough his fans and Cirus investors turned out to be the big loosers. Well, at least Stern still has his money…….

Until his new wife figures out how to take it from him.

Where will Howard Stern be in 10 years?

mjh says:

Howard Stern Sucks (funny guy to pathetic has-

You have to be kidding. Cirus is spelled cirius, his ex-wife is not named Deborah, and I would be thrilled to have a million plus listeners willing to follow me. In 10 years he will be retired and rich beyond our wildest dreams…
Here is a new word for you to learn how to spell…

Barney Rumble says:

I agree, Howard Stern does suck

Give me a break, boys and girls! This guy ain’t got a lick of new material. All he’s got is strippers on his show. Ha ha, real funny. If I want to see nekid whores I’ll just go down to the local juke joint and see ’em.

He used to have all kinds of funny racist stuff on his show. I even liked the retarded fella who interviewed all them stupid movie actors. Now, that was funny, even for a Yankee like Stern.

Who in tarnation even pays fer Radio? Now, that’s just plain dumb.



How can all of you people judge the quality of Howards show if you have never heard him on Sirius? This is the best show on any radio format along with bubba the love sponge. People saying what they feel and when they want without the thought of retribution from sponsors, corporate nicom-poops!!! People telling the truth is hard to swallow from most mindless drones as such as yourselves FREE YOUR MIND…

Ricardovitz says:

Y'all dern't know nothing.....

That dumb boy’s Howard Stern’s wife’s named Alison. Still, that dern’t make no nevermind – Stern ain’t doin nothin these days ‘cept fer massaging his enlarged prostate and ‘plainin bout old man back pains and what not.

Jest an ‘ole washed up Hollywood Joo. Dime a dozen these days.

Ricardovitz says:

Runnin fer Australian "Aussie" Prime Minister....

Well, ya’ll know I dern’t like that Howard Stern none. He ern’t funny. Ain’t got nothin to say. Reminds me of smelly duck butter.

Anywhoo – I’m a runnin fer Prime Minister of Austrailia. In 2010, or there abouts. What am I fer??? Well, here’s my platform:

1. Restore firearms rights to all Australians
2. Ship Muslims to Africa, or somewhere there abouts and get them out of beautiful Australia
3. Git them lazy good fer nothin dead beat tenants payin thar rent or put ’em on work farms.
4. Git white folks being proud of thar white heritage once again.
5. Ship all them slant-eyed’s to Indonesia or thereabouts – dern’t need their commie ways ’round here.
6. And, last but not least, BRING DIXIE TO AUSTRALIA – form a confederacy of southern nations, including: Georgia, Alabama, NC, SC, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Australia.

Got any questions – just ask. Got any smarty-smart comments ’bout a bunch of nevermind, keep ’em to yourself.

Ricardovitz says:

I done listened to that Stern boy on pay-radio...

When I got me my Jeep they throwed in some free pay radio. I reckon it wern’t all bad, one station had some real nice banjo tunes. Than I came ‘cross that Stern boy, and I reconed I’d listen to his jibber jabber fer a spell:

“Jibber-jabber…take off yer dress….jibber jabber…nice fake titties…jibber jabber…pay radio is great….jibber jabber I’m thar king of all Media…jibber jabber what you think of her titties Robin….Jibber jabber….”

When my pay radio done run out on me, I missed thar banjo tunes, but Stern ain’t but a lot of nothin ’bout nothin.

Ricardovitz says:

Hey, Stern - you still fer gun bans???

I done heard that Howard Stern dern’t like guns none. Dern’t like me and my kind havin a AK47, er a M16, er a Ma Duce, er 10mm super capacity hand gun.

But, he think he aught ta have one. That thar’s a typical liberal Democrat commie, thar boys and girls. Yessiree, gun-banning, freedom-hatin, tax-whorin, Obamacareite good fer nothin!

Yall think I’m wrong then say so….but I warn ya – I ain’t takin no jibber jabber from you contraiarians lyin down.

Ricardovitz says:

Clayton boy say Stern is a Devil-Helpin whore....

I told this here ‘ol boy in town that you tain’t no Devil-Whore….not even thar Devil hisself. See, if’n Howard Stern be a Devil-helpin whore, all them good folks ‘d git mezmorized inta buyin Sirius er XM er whatever it called now. No one ’round here anywhoo give no nevermind ’bout pay-radio. Hardly no one even know who Howard Stern is.

I jest xplain to ’em that Stern is a old Jew from New York City who likes lookin at nekid ladies, devil-lesbians, ‘n complainin about all that stuff old Jews is always complainin ’bout.

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