Warner Bros. Neglects To Hype Other Internet Plan Involving Adware

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Warner Bros got a lot of attention this week for announcing a distribution deal with BitTorrent, even though the actual terms of the deal were hardly inspiring. However, the BitTorrent deal wasn’t their only foray into new distribution methods, though one can hardly fault them for wanting to keep that a secret. The company is also partnering (via Broadband Reports) with adware firm 180solutions. Basically, a user can watch some soap operas for free, in exchange for letting 180solutions place their software on their computer and serve ads throughout the day. Some, of course, may decide that the tradeoff is worth it, but the company has a reputation for being misleading about what their software does, among other familiar complaints about adware companies. This deal is also rare in that there’s often a long chain of partners and affiliates between the advertiser and the adware companies, which allows all parties involved to claim innocence. In light of these two deals, what are consumers likely to do? Will they opt for adware, pop-ups, non-burnable files, high prices, and no interoperability among devices or free, easy, pirated files?

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Comments on “Warner Bros. Neglects To Hype Other Internet Plan Involving Adware”

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wolff000 says:

Re: Re:

If they gave me the chance to do that just for installing thier bug ridden, system slowing , memory eating garbage I would install it. I have more than one machine and I can sacrifice one for that. back to the story though. this could work as lots and lots of people dion’t know how bad 180 or would be willing to deal with the crap for the freebie. i however will continue to be a pirate. AAARRGGHHH! Yo ho ho and a terabyte of movies!

Julie says:

Re: No question about the outcome

hell if they’re that desperate maybe they could just watch Soap Network at night to see their soaps. I mean they likely have broadband if they are gonna download soaps and if they have broadband chances are they have cable or sattellite or can afford one of them. Anything is better than this spyware bullshianitz.

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