Japan Lets Phisher Walk

from the sending-the-wrong-message? dept

Over in Japan, a phisher who was caught has been given a suspended sentence, basically letting him walk. The reasoning is that, while he phished plenty of info from Yahoo users with a fake website, he didn’t actually do anything with that info. While the complaint from some in the article is that this will encourage more phishing, that’s not necessarily true. Is there really that much incentive for people to phish knowing that they could go to prison if they actually did something with the data?

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Comments on “Japan Lets Phisher Walk”

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dorpus says:

Lower Standards of Punishment

In that country, the philosophy toward crime is based on the European model, which emphasizes leniency and re-integration into society. “Human rights” lawyers have been pushing for these lighter sentences. Criminals that would receive life sentences or even death penalties here spend only several months in prison. On the other hand, rising crime rates, increasing severity of crimes, and an increasing proportion of crime commited by non-Japanese criminals, is slowly shifting attitudes toward harsher sentences.

eskayp says:

No Subject Given

In the USA politicians get reelected in spite of having taken obscenely large donations
from special interests who later benefit from laws or regulations written to favor the politician’s donor.
And similar to the Japanese phisher, nobody goes to jail:
“Yes, everyone knows he took the bribe, but nobody can prove he acted on it.”
The phisher should immigrate and run for office, he already has the qualifications.

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