Suggestion: When Hacking Grades, Just Hack Your Own

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It’s just a suggestion, but if you’re going to hack into your school’s computer and change your grades to straight A’s, it’s probably a good idea not to changes all 19,000 students in the district into straight A students as well. It might, for instance, tip off school administrators that something was wrong, and that perhaps (just maybe) someone had, you know, tampered with the system. Meanwhile, you have to wonder about the student’s “hacker cred.” Points in favor: he got into the school system and could change grades. Points against: He didn’t realize that he was changing everyone’s grades.

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Comments on “Suggestion: When Hacking Grades, Just Hack Your Own”

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Seun Osewa (user link) says:

A feature in the school's software

From the article:
“It seemed like a good idea; break into the school?s network and change your grade to an A. However, due to a feature in the school?s record keeping software, he actually managed to turn everyone else?s grade into an A.”

He did not deliberately change the entire district’s grades to A’s, neither did he make a trivial mistake. In happened “due to a feature in the school’s record-keeping software”.

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ajilo maye says:

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Anonymous Coward says:

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