In A Murder Case, Is Internet Addiction Really The Main Issue?

from the focusing-on-the-wrong-thing,-perhaps? dept

There’s a horrible story out of Singapore where a man murdered his wife, chopped her up into pieces and got rid of them in various pieces of luggage. It’s all quite awful, but the odd part is that the headline of the article is: Angry His Wife’s An Internet Addict. That’s it. Nothing about the murder itself. Or the chopping her up afterwards. Or getting rid of the body. Not even anything about the fact that she tried to stab him first or other issues the couple had. You would think that any one of these issues might be more important than the fact that she spent a lot of time on the computer. Apparently not.

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Comments on “In A Murder Case, Is Internet Addiction Really The Main Issue?”

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dorpus says:

In more Asian news

A Thai man (53) was digging a 3-meter-deep ditch, when the ditch collapsed and he was buried alive. A nearby worker brought a bulldozer to dig him out, but the bulldozer accidentally cut his head off. The bulldozer driver fled.

Do things like this happen in America too, but we just don’t hear about it? Goes against the grain of our Good Samaritan culture. A very Asian story. 😛

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