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The Algonquin Hotel in New York is famous for hosting the “Algonquin Round Table” of brilliant and witty writers nearly a century ago. That same hotel has decided that in continuing to cater to writers, it should offer free WiFi in the lobby, but has come up with a decent set of etiquette guidelines that just about anyone using a public hotspot might want to consider: (1) “Please mute the volume on your computers so as not to distract other guests.” (2) “Do not access any sites that might be generally deemed to be offensive or that might embarrass or offend another guest should they accidentally see your screen.” (3) “Please be sensitive to the fact that other guests might consider what is on their computer screens to be private information.” While these may seem obvious to many of us, it does seem like there are still quite a few folks who haven’t quite caught on to these simple ideas that make sure WiFi use doesn’t interfere with others around you.

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