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How Not To Steal A Mobile Phone

from the not-so-smart dept

As the article here points out, it may make sense to “case the joint” before deciding to rob a mobile phone store, but it probably doesn’t make much sense when doing so to apply for a mobile phone service subscription using your real name and ID. Also, when filling out the application, you might not want to include your address, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license and “a good signature.” Then again, the guy apparently got away — and we’re certainly not in the business of robbing mobile phone stores, so what do we know? Update: Slightly different, but, perhaps equally moronic: Picturephoning.com notices a story of two men who were being questioned by police over a shooting. Both men were busy denying any knowledge of an AK-47 used in the shooting — when one of their mobile phones rang. The police trying to question them went to silence the phone where he noticed the wallpaper on the phone showed one of the men… holding the AK-47.

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