AOL Loses 2 Million Customers In The Last Year

from the on-the-way-down... dept

Remember throughout the late 90s when AOL would announce every few months about each million new customers they had signed up? Those days are clearly over, and they’re not quite so chatty about each million they lose on the way down. The latest earnings report from Time Warner shows that the company has lost 2 million customers in the last year. That’s not a trickle. That’s a lot of customers jumping ship. Perhaps they’re noticing that most dialup offerings are about half the price these days, and even broadband is cheaper than dialup AOL. AOL, of course, still seems in denial about all of this. Last year they kept talking about their plans to get people to sign up for broadband, but earlier this year they were suddenly talking about getting more dialup customers. Sounds like neither plan is working.

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