eBay Sellers Must Accept Returns In Germany

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According to a German court, eBay isn’t actually an auction site, and thus, sellers are not exempt from a law requiring them to take back any products they sell with no questions asked. Most people don’t expect this to have much of an impact, but some are worried that it will be quite a nuisance for sellers. Still, it seems like a fairly small percentage of people buying a product on eBay are going to want to go through the process of returning it, anyway.

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Comments on “eBay Sellers Must Accept Returns In Germany”

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RJD says:


Simply means that sellers will begin refusing bids from that part of the country. Already a number of sellers only except bids from in country bidders. Laws like this will force sellers to limit their offerings and in turn screw buyers out of the chance to purchase something they desire. This is called protecting the consumer. And out of the other side of your mouth it’s called screwing the customer.

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