More WiMAX Backlash

from the about-time dept

Despite all the hype surrounding WiMAX, it looks like a few companies are finally realizing that, just like plenty of other wireless technologies before it, too much hype is going to be damaging. Cisco is now trying to tone down the WiMAX hype, noting that it’s fine for backhaul, but don’t expect to be WiMAXing from your laptop any time in the near future, if ever. This is, of course, what many people in the industry have been saying for a while, but some companies (hello, Intel) and the press have completely fallen in love with the technology. The press is especially guilty (though, the WiMAX backers have done little to stop the hype), as they can’t help but paint pictures of ubiquitous high speed broadband connections, based on a technology that still doesn’t really exist — even if some people like to pretend it does.

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