Casinos Go Even More High Tech

from the watching-your-every-move dept

Casinos are known for being on the cutting edge when it comes to adopting technology — even if it often requires a bit of regulatory approval. It’s been a few years since most casinos moved to slot machines that run off of swipe cards to better track gamblers, but the casinos want go further. A few years ago we wrote about the way that Harrah’s tries to use swipe cards for all of their games, but apparently even that isn’t enough. People at the tables still like to use chips. So, Caesars is testing out a system that puts sensors in cards and chips to track that info in real time, and be better prepared to comp certain guests as they gamble. You have to imagine it’s also useful for catching the occasional cheater as well, but that side of it is left out of the story. The tables with these sensors aren’t exactly cheap, but Caesars says they make back the money in six months. Of course, for all the tech they use to maximize their return, they’re still not particularly interested in letting you use technology yourself to maximize your return…

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