The Decline And Fall Of AT&T Wireless

If you’ve followed the AT&T Wireless story screaming “no, no, no, don’t do that!” all the way down for the past few years, then not much in this (very long) profile of the fall of AT&T Wireless will surprise you. However, armed with some quotes from our own Derek Kerton, it’s a pretty good review of how a bunch of shortsighted management decisions from an executive team that clearly didn’t want to waste any time actually understanding their business, killed what had been one of the best brands in the business in a fairly short period of time. John Zeglis in particular is singled out as bad leader, and there is a hint of disapproval at the lofty payout Zeglis awarded himself and his fellow execs after running the company into the ground. The AT&T Wireless saga will make a fascinating business school case study one day.

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