Chicago Surveillance Cameras On The Lookout For Suspicious Behavior

from the don't-act-weird dept

Remember that island in Maine that had security cameras and sensors designed to kick you off the island if you acted strange? Well, now take that concept and move it to a big city like Chicago. That’s right, Chicago is putting surveillance cameras all over the city that are supposed to recognize potentially bad actions. Remember, we still haven’t been able to create speeding cameras that work right, and now we’re going to trust these cameras to catch people acting strangely? Still, these days, it’s become clear that surveillance cameras aren’t going away, and with so many out there, this is being pitched as a reasonable solution to the problem of monitoring all those cameras (apparently Jay Walker’s wireless neighborhood watch idea isn’t catching on). If that’s the case, though, who’s watching the watchers to make sure this technology isn’t being abused?

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