Verizon Rolls The Dice With EV-DO In Sin City

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Following AT&T Wireless’ weak UMTS 3G high speed wireless data rollout last week that seemed entirely designed to get DoCoMo off their back, rather than to actually sign up any customers, Verizon Wireless has responded by beginning the expansion of their own 3G EV-DO rollout. While the service has been available for some time in Washington DC and San Diego, the next target on the list is everyone’s favorite gambling town, Las Vegas. While they don’t say where the next rollouts will be, expect them to start showing up a bit faster now that (a) there’s a bit of competition out there and (b) they’ve had some time to get things going on a more national basis. Amusingly, the announcement highlights the fact that the high speed EV-DO offering easily switches back to 2.5G 1xRTT technology in areas not covered by EV-DO. This is exactly what the AT&T Wireless system does not do, skipping over EDGE to go all the way back down to slow (and not particularly steady) GPRS connections.

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Comments on “Verizon Rolls The Dice With EV-DO In Sin City”

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robert kim - verizon evdo agent (user link) says:

Evdo is Rolling Out Nationwide Summer '04 has a List of newly Launched EVDO live cities. The service is advertised to give your laptop only 300-500 but my clients routinely report 800-1200kbps. They are using Macintosh, Windows and Linux Boxes.

for techsupport contacts numbers directly to verizon engineering see

robert kim – verizon agent 619 972 4800

Your favorite dictator, the sickle and hammer regi says:

3G in SinCity

Share with us where you get your information. I’m challenging the fact that 3G (Ev-Do) really is available in the city you have announced. After which I will dispute any facts you present in your case with actual data speed reports coming from SinCity.

Here is a prediction you may also be interested in… coming from my own Hidden sources. 3Gv2 upgrades have been completed and are a success following the launch of Verizon’s Ev-Do wireless network. Performances are expected to actually reach the speeds promised by 3G technology and in most cases actually surpass theoretical limits! Believe it or not.

Can’t wait to have 2.4mpbs on my laptop. How about you?

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