Realizing There's Broadband In South Korea

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For quite a while, many in the broadband and wireless industries have known that the place to go look at the future of those technologies is South Korea (much more than Japan). It appears that the press is finally catching on. has a detailed profile of the broadband situation in Korea, and pointing out some of the lessons the US can learn from the situation there (basically: build a faster network and get out of the way — people will figure out how to use it, and use it well). Somewhat surprisingly, the article barely touches on what South Korea has been doing in the wireless space, but that’s just as (if not, more) interesting. Maybe next time, when has a collection of articles on wireless instead of broadband, they’ll hit that point as well.

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Comments on “Realizing There's Broadband In South Korea”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Model of Government Orchestration

They succeeded because the government carefully planned the sequence of events that would lead to healthy win-win competition, as opposed to the naive free-market, laissez-faire ideology espoused in the USA, which often results in destructive competition, leading to a lot of overly ambitious companies offering low-quality services, unable to afford improvements.

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