VA Ditches Half A Billion Dollar Useless Computing System

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Last week, we noted some of the problems the Federal Technology Service was having getting their very expensive computer system to actually work (it had something to do with not actually training people to use it) that was causing all sorts of delays and problems (including crying employees). Not surprisingly, this isn’t the only example of completely wasteful spending on large computing systems from government agencies. The Department of Veterans Affairs has now announced plans to ditch their $472 million computer system that was designed to be used in VA hospitals across the country. Luckily, it appears that they have not yet spent all of that money, as this particular installment was just a test at one location in Florida. Now, however, the hospital is switching back to their old computer system. Problems with the system meant a shortage of surgical supplies and delayed operations (ouch). Once again, a lack of real training seems to be part of the problem. Even worse, there are reports that BearingPoint, who build the system received an extra $200,000 for finishing the project “on time.” Of course, in order to finish it on time, they skipped that whole pesky training part. Just one example of poorly designed “incentives” for projects.

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