Today, It's DoubleClick's Turn To Take A Zombie-Induced Rest

from the sleep-tight dept

Questioning the overall ability of major sites to withstand a concerted attack yet? Following yesterday’s story about Google being knocked offline, today it’s DoubleClick who was the victim of a distributed denial of service attack from zombie machines. The attack knocked the company offline, impacting many of their customers, who probably aren’t particularly happy. A number of major sites running DoubleClick ads ended up loading very slowly as they couldn’t call home to get their ads. As the article notes, this, and the attack on Akamai last month, (much more so than yesterday’s tangential denial of service attack at the hands of a search engine loving virus) are starting to demonstrate some key trouble points on the internet.

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Comments on “Today, It's DoubleClick's Turn To Take A Zombie-Induced Rest”

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dorpus says:

Reality Time

Neither the Hippie Open Source approach or the corporate Walled Garden approach to the internet has worked well. Maybe it’s time to view the internet the same way we view our highways or radio waves, as having larger social responsbilities that need to be regulated? The early days of automobiles saw reckless drivers killing themselves and everyone around them, while the early days of radio saw pirate operators blasting other stations off the air. People decided they didn’t want that life.

Useless Lester says:

You get what you deserve

If you built your website to load the banner ads first, and then display the rest of the page after the ads have loaded, then you get what you deserve.

People are too greedy.

I run a few modestly popular websites. I pay for it all out of my own pocket. I provide a free service to the world. I make my money at my day job.

If you don’t like that model, get off the internet!!

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