Marketing In The Digital Age

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Business Week is running a collection of articles looking at how technology is changing the marketing profession. This includes articles on marketers are drooling over the potential for mobile spam, how voice recognition systems and CRM systems can help personalize the customer experience, and how advertisers are now pushing hard to tie themselves up with video games (something we were just discussing). With the (slight) exception of one article about how spam and phishing are damaging the email marketing industry the set of articles doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the downsides of marketers using all these technologies – such as the ease with which lazy marketers misuse these technologies to sell bad products, rather than to try to figure out what the customer wants (and how to give it to them). The article also seem to brush over the privacy concerns that many of these methods do raise. It’s definitely an interesting collection of stories, but there were so many more interesting directions Business Week could have gone with them and it’s too bad they didn’t. The rise of new marketing techniques is an area worth exploring, but it needs a more balanced approach.

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Comments on “Marketing In The Digital Age”

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Russell (user link) says:

Mobile/cellphone marketing

The Business Week article is reat on the theory of Mobile Marketing and points out the obvious downsides (spam especially)as well as upsides.

If you’re interested in the practice, as well as the theory, I’ve published a free white paper on the subject.

It’s based on 1500 location based campaigns I ran for the likes of Burger King and Reebok in the UK for a (now defunct) start up. We recruited 85,000 consumers, so it was a meaningful experiment and we learned a hell of a lot.

Drop me an email if anyone would like a free copy. Warning: it’s 50 pages!


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