Camera Phone Photos Not So Bad Afterall

from the there-goes-that-complaint dept

At the top of the list of complaints among reporters and analysts who simply don’t get the concept of camera phones is almost always the tired line that “the photo quality sucks.” It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the technology is improving rapidly, and it won’t take long for that complaint to fade away. A new study suggests that day may even be closer than many expected. The study compared photos from camera phones with regular cameras and found that, surprisingly, the camera phones could hold their own when it came to photo quality. The study was fairly thorough in testing a variety of situations and cameras in order to come up with a detailed set of results. The end result was that even the low-end camera phones often displayed quality that wasn’t too far off from cheap disposable film cameras. However, once they started going to higher end camera phones, the quality quickly surpassed the one-time use cameras, suggesting it won’t be long until disposable cameras are a thing of the past as well.

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Comments on “Camera Phone Photos Not So Bad Afterall”

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