The Big Companies That Advertise Through Spyware

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For all of the complaints about how software products like Gator and WhenU get installed on computers (usually by having the permission hidden in the very very fine print while installing another application), there hasn’t been too much attention given to the companies who advertise via such spyware applications and keep them in business. The Wall Street Journal is now pointing out that plenty of large companies seem to have no problem advertising through spyware. What’s interesting is that this list includes Verizon, who claims they haven’t received a single complaint. Verizon, of course, also supplies DSL, and if the reactions from plenty of other broadband providers is any indication, they must receive a ton of customer support calls from people trying to get such spyware off their computers. So, it’s yet another case of companies trying to walk the fine line of telling their customers one thing publicly while supporting the spyware companies out the backdoor.

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Comments on “The Big Companies That Advertise Through Spyware”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Hey Mike,

How about a link back to the story you posted a while back about how Verizon has bilked Pennsylvania residents out of tons of money by promising high speed internet access to all homes ?

Verizon hasn’t had a single complaint because they are an unethical company and wouldn’t admit to it if they did in the first place.



thanks says:

get the word out - adware advertisers are bad

Companies that use adware/spyware are just as bad as the adware/spyware companies themselves. Just as companies that use spam for marketing purposes are bad. And in both cases the propaganda and public misconception is that only shady companies use these services. But as we all know, the big companies use spam and spyware to market their services too. Which is why the problem is so big – there is big money involved.

The more publicity this gets the better. (Bad) Publicity showing these big companies using these shady practices is what will stop/solve these problems more effectively than legislation.

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