CommunicAsia Top 3 – Bluetooth

The final area of interest for me at the CommunicAsia show was all about Bluetooth. It’s no secret that I’m a BlueTooth (BT) believer. But at the show, the wealth of new BT products might make a believer out of anyone. There were incredible numbers of different headsets, of course, and scads of BT-enabled phones. But there were interesting new devices, such as one from GN Netcom (owned by Jabra). A GN product plugged into a home RJ-11 jack, and the phone was plugged into it. It then functioned as a BT base for a wireless headset in the home or office, but the neat thing is that the earpiece could intelligently roam from the home base to the mobile phone, depending on what is in proximity. I like the ability to use the headset both mobile and in a fixed location.

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