Anti-Spyware Bill Gets One Step Closer

from the down-with-spyware dept

Despite strong lobbying efforts from a number of large tech companies, a House panel has approved an anti-spyware bill that would require any software to clearly tell the user that it includes traffic tracking components. It would also prohibit keystroke logging, browser/computer hijacking and ads that can’t be closed. While this (of course) won’t stop the worst spyware offenders who don’t really care about the law, it should slow down the proliferation of annoying and sneaky adware that’s almost as bad. It’s still unclear which part of the law tech companies are upset with at this point. It does seem to be clearly written to only focus on “bad” spyware.

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Comments on “Anti-Spyware Bill Gets One Step Closer”

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1 Comment
DV Henkel-Wallace says:

Who cares

What I want is a law that prevents software installers from spraying schrapnel through the filesystem (DLLs in the system libraries, gratuitous subdirectories in my home directory (always re-created on launch if you nuke ’em)) and “helpfully” changing system settings, installing things in system trays etc. THAT would be a useful installer law!

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