Spammer Wins Restraining Order Against SpamCop

from the ugh dept

A couple weeks back we wrote about how Scott Richter, who runs the well known spam operation OptInRealBig was suing SpamCop for damaging his reputation. Now, a court has issued a temporary restraining order against SpamCop saying they cannot send complaints about OptInRealBig to other ISPs and says they cannot make anonymous complaints. The restraining order is only good until May 20th, when SpamCop will respond in court – so it’s not a huge deal since it’s for so short a time period. However, the anonymity question is a bit one, since many people use SpamCop to report spam assume they are reporting spam anonymously. Again, like other cases, I wonder why SpamCop/IronPort could possibly be at fault. They’re only making it easier to report potential spam. The people actually doing the reporting are the ones who are actually accusing OptIn of anything – which is probably why OptIn wants them revealed as well.

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