Just What Are Carriers Doing With Federal Recovery Fees?

from the good-question dept

Last year we wrote about the increasing practice of stealth inflation on telecom bills, where the telecom company would hide rate increases by adding official looking fees such as the “federal recovery fee” that look as though they’re required by the government, when the truth is anything but that. Now, found over at Broadband Reports, comes the news that a consumer advocacy group is asking the FCC to take a more active role in regulating those fees. For example, they point out that nearly a billion dollars has been collected in fees related to number portability, but there’s no data on what that’s being used for, or even how many people have benefited from number portability. The group isn’t objecting to the fees completely, but believes that the wireless carriers should be more open about what they’re collecting these fees for, and how the money is actually being put to use.

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