Europeans Not Interested In 3G

This really isn’t that surprising, but a new study has found that Europeans don’t really care about 3G services. Even worse, the least amount of interest is in the UK, where Hutchison’s 3 has been bungling their 3G service offering the longest. We’ve said it before, and it looks like we may have to say it again: no one cares about “3G”. They want to know what the benefits are for them – and since most people still view their mobile phone as a phone, many of the benefits should be focused on that part of the offering. Instead, we get companies offering hideous (and hideously large) 3G phones with the promise of features that no one actually wants. 3G won’t go away – and it will catch on. However, carriers need to stop focusing on “3G” and start focusing on marketing what’s useful to their customers.

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