David Coursey Still Doesn't Get Camera Phones

Because, apparently showing off just how much he didn’t get camera phones once wasn’t enough, David Coursey is back again making himself look silly. Back in November he wrote up an article trashing camera phones because they weren’t as good as real cameras. Now he’s back again, trashing camera phones all over again. The argument is really weak. First he brings up the privacy issue with a joke about holding up your phone in a crowd of people and watching adulterers turn away (ha ha), but then he says he’s not really concerned about the privacy issue. Then, he brings up the issue that bugged him so much in November: the quality isn’t very good. Of course, after he finishes that argument, he says that maybe quality isn’t that big of a deal. He doesn’t even mention the fact that quality is increasing rapidly, and won’t be much of an issue at all in the relatively near future. Finally, his argument seems to rely on the fact that he, personally, gets bored of camera phones and can’t come up with a reason to take pictures. In other words, camera phones are bad, because David Coursey can’t think of a way to use one. I’m not sure that’s as much of an indictment against camera phones as it is against David Coursey.

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