Wireless Broadband: It's Not Just For Out In The Country

from the lots-of-people-in-cities dept

It seems like just about every “wireless broadband ISP” story focuses on how some small company took over a corn silo and is providing wireless broadband to a bunch of folks in a rural community far from anywhere that a big broadband provider would consider worth bothering with. However, NextWeb is making a go of it by providing wireless broadband in more urban areas, as they seem to realize that there are a lot of people and companies in urban areas, so that means you can get a lot more customers in a small footprint. The article focuses on how they’re solving the big “problems” commonly associated with wireless broadband – but two of those problems tend to really only be issues for those trying to provide residential service, and NextWeb is focused on the business market. The final issue, of course, is placement of base stations, and they solved that by signing a deal with Kaiser Permanente, who seems to own every other bit of spare land in California.

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