Motorola Pulling Out Of Symbian – Selling Shares To Nokia, Psion

We’ve been questioning Motorola’s wireless OS choices for some time – talking about how their strategy is confusing. Every time, we’ve mentioned how they say they’re focusing on Linux, but they’re working with Microsoft to use their OS and they’re a founding member of Symbian – though, it seems they’ve had little to do with them ever since. That useless Symbian connection is finally going away. Motorola is now in talks to sell their Symbian shares to Nokia and Psion. They say they’re still going to support Symbian on some of their phones (making this mess even more confusing). So, the question remains: why is Motorola doing all of this? They haven’t sent out a clear message at all on their smartphone strategy. One might interpret it as them saying that they’ll support any platform – but, more realistically, it seems to say that they’re confused and constantly changing their mind.

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