Companies Trying To Piggyback On The Internet Fear Of The Summer

from the no-surprise-there... dept

Earlier this summer I pointed out that the big “fear” story being used to fill summer papers (more so in the UK, it appears, than here in the US) was about older men “grooming” young girls via internet chat rooms. Yes, it’s a problem – but in story after story, they made it sound as though every young girl was being “groomed” by thousands of sick, perverted men on the internet. I guess it’s no surprise that companies are now stepping up to help “solve” the problem – such as this company that has taken an ordinary internet spying program and repositioned it as “anti-grooming” software. That’s right, their solution is to simply spy on your kids to protect them, rather than being a real parent and teaching them right from wrong and how to watch out for themselves online.

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