Blaming Tax Fraud On A Computer Virus

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Now that someone found with child porn on their computer has been cleared by saying that a Trojan horse virus put it there, it appears others are trying out that sort of defense. A man who was cleared on tax evasion charges claims that his returns were screwed up because a virus made his income calculations turn out to be incorrect. I have no idea how this guy got cleared for that sort of excuse, when he couldn’t actually show what the virus did. The article also quotes an anti-virus company exec who mentions that it’s “curious” that this is the only person who seemed to have been infected with such a virus. Of course, now that this defense was successful, I’m sure we’ll suddenly hear about plenty of others who were mysteriously “infected” with the exact same virus.

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Comments on “Blaming Tax Fraud On A Computer Virus”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Cheat on my wife?

No, honey, I didn’t cheat on you… it was the virus on the computer! It made up all those e-mails you found including the naked pictures of me and another woman – it’s a very sneaky virus.

Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t somehow steal my credit card number and use it to pay for hotel rooms and meals to further support this ‘phony affair’ it created…

I’ll bet the virus author even sneaks in here late at night and puts lipstick on my collar, that dirty rotten scoundrel!

Bastard SAM says:

Re: Cheat on my wife?

Yeah, but think of the possibilities:

The virus ate my homework
The virus ordered that pizza, but I’ll take it off your hands.
The virus nuked the election!
The virus was responsible for that terrorist bombing.
The virus stole my social security number and gave it to three dozen illegal aliens in the bay area!
The virus got into my head and made me kill that cop.
The virus forced me to write that virus.

And so on.
I say, this is great, and can prove a viable defense for ANYTHING.

A little anarchy is healthy.

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