A Quantum Computing News Roundup

from the keep-on-waiting dept

Roland Piquepaille writes “Several interesting articles about the field of quantum computing appeared this week. In “Quantum deep,” ZDNet Australia asks: “How does quantum information processing work? Will we have to change our entire approach to software and hardware design? And how soon is it coming?” A brief answer: not this decade. Meanwhile, in “A Quantum Leap in Cryptography,” BusinessWeek Online says that “visionaries are using photons to develop data-security systems that may prove the ultimate defense against eavesdropping hackers.” Finally, in “Sandia researchers use quantum dots as a new approach to solid-state lighting,” we learn that “in the future, the use of quantum dots as light-emitting phosphors may represent a major application of nanotechnology.” Check my news roundup for excerpts of the three stories which carry a common message: quantum information processing belongs to the future, not to the present. You also can see a photograph of Lauren Rohwer, principal investigator of the Sandia team, displaying “the two solid-state light-emitting devices using quantum dots her team has developed.” “ Of course, none of this should be a surprise to anyone. There are a lot of people who are of the opinion that quantum computing is a technology of the future… and it always will be.

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