US Marketers Drooling Over 3G Possibilities

And here comes the spam… NTT DoCoMo “wowed” some US reporters who focus on marketing by giving them a spin in their NYC showroom and letting them play with the 3G toys. They properly surmised that the world is a different place when you have all that bandwidth (and the ability to do things like video), but immediately began trying to come up with ways for marketers to use it to their advantage. Of course, almost all of the suggestions she comes up with aren’t mobile phone specific. She says you could download the latest movie trailer and forward it to whoever you were trying to pick out a movie with. Yes, but I can do that on the web now – and often do. What’s so special about being able to do it on my phone? While I agree that there are huge opportunities for things like 3G, they have to come out of applications that are unique to mobile phones.

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