Bluetooth Lite To Compete With Zigbee?

Because we just can’t seem to have enough wireless standards battling each other so the press has their daily fill of “this vs. that” articles, now Ericsson is pushing the idea of a “Bluetooth lite” spec to compete against a similar spec nicknamed Zigbee. We’ve discussed Zigbee before as a super low power, low cost, low bandwidth standard being pushed for home automation offerings. It’s unclear how much traction something like Zigbee is likely to get, and with Bluetooth’s slower than (some) expected adoption, it’s no surprise that backers are looking for additional areas to expand into. The Zigbee supporters, though, aren’t happy, and say that this is going to cause confusion, and will push the standard down the wrong path. They say that the Bluetooth lite proposal is making a number of mistakes that they’ve already countered with the Zigbee spec.

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