Dialing Crime Stoppers, Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

from the we-need-drugs-and-fire-power dept

An absolutely hilarious look at some of the mixed-messages coming out surrounding the issue of camera phones. On the one hand, the camera phones are being banned left and right, while saying it’s a violation of privacy or a way for industrial spies or perverts to get pictures of what they’re after. On the other hand, the same phones are being praised for helping to stop crime, by letting little old ladies take pictures of criminals in action. The opinion piece takes this contrasting set of viewpoints on camera phones and turns them into a (yes, satirical) explanation for why, instead of running around with camera phones, we should all be doped up on amphetamines, carrying ever-more powerful handguns. To figure out how to get from one discussion to the other, you need to read the whole article, but I will share this one classic quote: “Few would-be burglars are likely to be dissuaded from breaking and entering because of the possibility of being seen by a little old lady holding a mobile. Many more would think twice, however, if said little old lady was likely to be twitchy and half-crazed by amphetamine psychosis and packing some serious nine-millimetre heat.”

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