How To Fix Bluetooth

ZDNet is running two opinion pieces about what’s wrong with Bluetooth, and how it can be fixed. Both agree that using Bluetooth is currently too complex and often doesn’t work at all. The first column’s suggestion was that someone should create a standard API so that a Java Virtual Machine could access any Bluetooth device. This way, there would be a standard interface for dealing with Bluetooth, no matter what machine you were using. David Coursey tosses that suggestion right out the window and decides that we’re better off just letting Microsoft create a standard application for controlling Bluetooth devices and going with that (ignoring the number of devices or computers that might not be running a Microsoft OS, I guess). To some extent, the solutions are really the same – creating an easy way to manage Bluetooth connections. That’s an idea that makes enough sense that it’s going to show up sooner or later, whether it’s done by Microsoft, an official Java group, or someone entirely independent.

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