Forgers Using PC Printers To Make Currency

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For years, cheap counterfeiters have been just using commercially available printers to make copies of currency that can get by in a pinch – in places with bad lighting like clubs and bars. However, this topic is getting more attention now that a company that (of course) makes “security printing solutions” is warning the world about the problem of digital counterfeiting – for which they’ve come up with the term “digifeiting”. They’re suggesting that printer manufacturers be forced to include software that would recognize such counterfeit attempts and stop it. No word on whether or not this company is ready to supply the printer makers with this software themselves…

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Comments on “Forgers Using PC Printers To Make Currency”

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nil-ram says:

Re: Time for a new law?

Terrible problem, really. Terrible, terrible. Fortunately, we’ll license the solution to you for a small fee. Nominal, really. Small price to pay for your peace of mind and safety. It might get worse, though. Best to get the maintenance subscription, too. Small, small fee for continued protection. Really.

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