GPRS Is A Threat To WiFI?

Well, now we’re heading in a different direction. Here at Techdirt we’re beginning to get tired of pointing out the mis-conceptions in every single “WiFi is a threat to 3G” article that pops up. However, now someone is suggesting that the threats go in the other direction. They’re saying that GPRS is a threat to WiFi. The argument here is that GPRS allows roaming, which WiFi doesn’t. Our response is “yeah, so?”. Once again, these are two different technologies for two different purposes. Comparing them is a pretty useless excercise. Clearly, GPRS technology is good for some things, such as checking email while on the go. Clearly, WiFi technology is good for some things, such as getting high speed full-on internet access for your laptop in certain specific locations. Look at that! They each have their own special advantages. Both are going to change and grow over time, and there may be a point down the road where they “compete”, but it’s not now. This particular article also makes the mistake of assuming that while GPRS systems will get better, WiFi won’t. That’s a popular tactic in these debates: pick your favorite horse and point out that it’s young and only going to improve, while ignoring that the other technology also is likely to change and improve.

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